Islam’s rules for having SEX WITH ANIMALS

Muslims can’t deny it, it’s in their holy books.

But the rules about sex with animals apply to males only. In most Muslim countries, a woman must be executed for fornicating with any animal, even if it’s a pet. 

Here are passages from the Islamic holy books about having sex with animals.



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  1. Is it only Mus-slum males that may have sex with animals? Why not the women as well?

    Very sexist, I’d say!

    • Yes!! And baboons, bears, let’s see, throw in tigers and lions, there are lots of animals I would say would be appropriate for Muslims to try to have sex with.

  2. Great quantity and quality of responses here!

    Actually, is it not better that they have sex with animals than with Gentile women and girls? That way, there are fewer offspring produced! (Of course that could constitute extreme cruelty to animals)

  3. What a bunch of evil, filthy monsters Moslems are. Every male should be fully castrated and then given a lobotomy or just executed. Cannibalism is also okay in Islam. Moslems are truly the scum of the earth.

  4. I understand now.

    All the dirty, perverted, insane people are Muslim so it gives them justification to carry out these disgusting acts.

    This is why these white Europeans and Americans convert to muslim because they are fucker up too.

    If you wanna be a Muslim you can either rape a child, woman or a fucking dog.

    Dirty religion for dirty people!

  5. @paco the brits came to india as traders. Their interests turned political, gradually for obvious reasons. Yes, they were Christians.
    The whole point of this freakin’ thread is to point out that your holy book seems to condone vile actions and that the justifications are in it. …..
    And I am yet to come across any forced conversions by the Brits when they ruled over India. Also, the ill-treatment of their subjects had more to do with racial discrimination rather than subjugation of a religious community.

  6. We don’t have animalsex in Islam , and I know my religion better than you
    If we were had animalsex I would tell you 😀 .. And it is expected to see such lies in your website ! Such a website which based on hatred not objectivity …

    Again , for those who seeks the truth ,, Islam does not accept any abnormal form of sexuality such as ( animalsex , homosexuality , being a gay or lesbo ) ,

    The only accepted form of sexuality is marriage between a man and a woman ( after puberty ) to make a healthy family , . by the way , Islam rules don’t even accept sex without being married ..

    Yes , in Islam man has the right to have more than one wife , but otherwise the woman has the right to choose her husband and her life .. , and you have to respect that even you are not a Muslim , every religion has its rules ..

    By the way , Muslims not often have pets like you in Europe or other western country ,, so which country is more likely to have sex with pets ! 😀

    Don’t bring such stupid lies next time 😀

      • that’s great that Allah condones that.out biblical god has teaching for that as well..there called abominations our god is a just god. i believe the koran to be a fraud of a maniac murdering pedophile now in hell for eternity.

    • YOU, “Samar”, are the LIAR here!!!!!

      Ms. BNI has truly learned so very, very much about your utterly-NAUSEATING, ultra-TOTALITARIAN politico-socio-economic SYSTEM that merely has a “religious” VENEER as to truly do a monumental service to ALL Mankind!!!!! She truly should be congratulated by all thinking people the world over!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM – and also MARXISM, NAZISM and FASCISM!!!! Go swallow that, you Moslem DEVILS – you truly are the offspring of SATAN himself, who has all too successfully disguised himself as “allah”…

    • Samar- it is true and Imams and the Koran say so. You are either ignorant of your own religion or lying. I have a Muslim FB friend who sends me photos of Muslims having sex with animals. He is trying to impress me about how great Islam is. Just an example of how depraved and perverted many Muslims are. He is proud of it.

      • We are having a discussion on a fb religious discussion group about this very subject. Please send me these photos so i may make a point in our group talk. Send any info you may have to me by messenger on FB. Look me up
        Lesley Crabtree. Thank you so much.

      • just really disgusting practice ,,yuuk and Muslims use the comparison of Sodom being destroyed because of homo sexuality ,, but sex with animals is ok

        • Why not? At least there’s no danger of reproduction that way! (at least not until evolution takes its course after a few million more years!)

          I dread to see what will evolve then!

    • “Muslims not often have pets like you in Europe or other western country” …

      Samar…you are an idiot! when you say muslims are you talking about mustlins in Egypt, Tunisia Morocco Pakistan USA, Finland Spain Germany etc? How did you know these muslims do not have pets? Mulsims in Middle East love cats, falcons, camels and horses ….open your brain.

      • Here are a few clarifying details:


        Goat300 on Bestiality:

        ‘Is there a proper Muslim way to have sex with animals? Indeed, there is! Guidelines for sex with animals can be found in the writings of Ayatollah Khomeini. Two excerpts from his writings serve to clarify the matter.

        “A man can have sex with sheep, cows and camels and so on. However, he should kill the animal after he has his orgasm. He should not sell the meat to the people in his own village; however, selling the meat to the next door village should be fine.” Don’t the buyers deserve a discount of some kind?

        Khomeini’s “Tahrirolvasyleh” fourth volume, Darol Elm, Gom, Iran, 1990

        “If one commits the act of sodomy with a cow, a ewe, or a camel, their urine and their excrement become impure, and even their milk may no longer be consumed. The animal must then be killed and as quickly as possible and burned.” What if it was really good and invites another lap or two? Must animals always be one-night stands?’

        The Little Green Book, Sayings of Ayatollah Khomeini, Political, Philosophical, Social and Religious, ISBN number 0-553-14032-9, page 47 — Look it up. This is for real!

        Muslim village elders in Sudan were recently more lenient in the matter of bestiality. The BBC story — politically correct in its omission of any reference to Islam — can be found here.

        0r 2:
        Ann Barnhardt – Bestiality and Necrophilia in Islamic cultures

        Now, I hope you will see now how perverted pislam is.
        Read more and know this cult better before trying to apologize for it.
        Pislam is compromised, along with its profit m00-HAM-mad [a thief, a rapist, a liar and a deceiver].

    • Samar you are a horribly shitty excuse for a human being just like anyone else who follows that awful excuse for a religion you rape children murder by the thousand fornicate with animals and whatever else you feel like yet Muslim women can do nothing your religion is the most hypocritical religion on earth it gives you a excuse to commit atrocities on a massive level may you burn in hell

    • Bullshit! It’s all in your so called holy book quarn all anyone has to do is read it LOL! 😅 your so called prophet muhammed was a raging pervert it’s all there for all to read! Also In your so called religion it’s OK to lie for islam and you have already done that people should know everything you say is probably a lie. I have read your quran and I am letting everyone know the truth! And it won’t stop with me soon everyone well know all about your kind. knowledge is power and the truth is the truth!

  7. Are you interpreting your own view of Islam & the Koran to say Men > Women by highlighting inter-species sex? Not a bad website, looks a little hateful though ✌

    • Now i know you guys are trying hard to bring “peace to humans” by having sex with animals…..ahhhh now i know why every muslim will have a goat at his house….lol….when “wives or nearby young girls or young boys are not there”….they can have sex with goats….

      • And for an encore they’ll probably rape a tree. I hadn’t heard about this sex with animals thing before But it comes as no surprise. when considering islam nothing surprises me. They are capable, and do carry out the most degenerated, perverted, sick actions that a human being, indeed animals would perform; ah let me correct that; animals do not stoop to the filthy low depths that muslims do. I apologize to all animals for placing you in the same category as the sickos.

    • It’s in your Little Green Book. Plus, if you don’t know how to go to the toilet, the ayatollah Khomenei (in 1979, not in 600) explain it in 12 easy steps.

      • Why do they have sex with animals
        Sick bastards
        Little girls and boys to
        Sick. Inbreeding. Pedophiles
        Are there woman NOT woman enough for them ????????
        Clits cut off. Only they want to enjoy any pleasures
        As the woman lays there like A fool
        Enjoying NOTHING there man does cause they
        Were circumcised
        To many years of inbreeding
        Created Muslim RETARDS !!!! ( men ) being the Worse.
        Woman are treated like The Deserts Dirt.
        So men turn to Animals. Whom the men RESPECT MORE
        Then their Own Wives.

  8. It’s bad enough treating girls & women as the property of a man, to do with as he likes, but I think even the thought of sex with animals is probably the most disgusting thing I have ever heard in my life. It goes to show what type of mentality these lowlifes have. They are nothing more than MURDERING CRIMINALS. I would not even consider them of being a member of the human race.

  9. There will come a day where the truth will prevail and you will stand before the whatever you wrote here and the text will also stand after you oh mankind please watch out your tongues. Peace be upon you all.

    • Shut up, you idiot! Everyone knows the truth except our politicians. Islam is destroying mankind since 14 centuries back, and we at BNI proudly resist your fascist Islam.

    • leave it to the pedrass” peda”ophile prop up phet to give the” go” ” ahead” (no pun intended)invent new std ‘s b4 antibiotic’s r invented.It’s ok b cuz i hav done it,rule’s.

    • We DO know the truth!! We’ve read your filthy books. We are not stupid. Islam is a terrible sickness that must be stopped. It is disgusting. Muhammad was disgusting and those who venerate him and want to be just like him are disgusting.

      • Be careful. you “offend ” them and they will do a “charlie hebdo” massacre just cuz you hurt their feelings. Such a peaceful political idiology.

        • The secret is that they were going to do a Charlie Hebdo styke attack anyway regardless if they were “provoked” or not. There is NO WAY to “appease” Islam. And when you pay the Jizyah – like so many Progressives want and love to do, you just make THEM stronger and yourself weaker.

          End ALL Muslim welfare. End ALL Muslim aid. Find alternative energy solutions (like a new scientific “space race” and a new NASA) and DEPRIVE them of All money, technology, and power.

          Those things go to the Christians and Jews only (just like their charity goes only to them – and mostly to their war efforts). We’ll see how long Islam lasts then. Will it be weeks? Will it be months? Will it be days?

    • That applies to YOU Walid bin Affan! How can any decent human being (you obviously aren’t one) follow a ‘religion’ that says it’s okay to rape women, kill anybody that doesn’t ‘believe’ in your ugly, fascist controlling system, that mutilates the genitals of young women, permits grown men to have sex with children (and force them into marriage), burns people alive in cages, crashes hijacked planes into buildings, allows sex with animals, murders their own daughters ijn the name of ‘honor’ – the list goes on and on. ISLAM is pure evil. Listen to your conscience you devil slave. We DO NOT want you in our western countries and will fight you till you are ALL stamped out like a nest of filthy ants. Don’t you get the message? YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE!!! May the law of Karma bring devastation upon your kind.

      • Sir, you have never actually met a Muslim person in your life have you? Ever attended prayer at Mosque? You really know pretty much nothing about Islam from what your post reads. You know plenty about stereotypes, rhetoric and propaganda but little about Islam. It’s people like you our country needs to be rid of. People so blinded by their bias, by the dogma they devour and regurgitate lapping back up while dancing behind a little prince piper. You’ll follow anyone who yells JESUS loud enough no matter how dark their heart. You blindly follow a devil caught red handed flying mining equipment to the Congo to mine blood diamonds while condemning all of Islam for the work of some thousands; now that the U.S. has spread the terror so thoroughly, of extremists. We should be able to round all people like you up right along with all the terrorists and just toss you off the face of the earth. So the rest of us can live in peace. The CBN network is as Christian as the swill at the bottom of a dumpster. Helping others in order to bilk weak minded lonely people out of their money is not a Christian thing to do. Spreading Propaganda against Muslims is not a Christian thing to do. Wake up.
        Before you say anything I’m not a Muslim.
        I believe in a Creator.
        I no longer identify as a Christian because I wouldn’t want to be thought of the way intelligent people think of people such as yourself. Dark hearted, hateful, hypocritical, twisted the sort of person the yelled, “Kill him” when Pilot asked, “What do we do with this Jesus.” That’s you Gene, shout it proud kill em’ kill em’ kill em’. Live in peace Sir.

        • 1drkangl, Of course you can’t identify yourself as a Christian because you are a muslim. Never comment here again or I will ban you. In fact, I am going to report you to the FBI as a potential muslim terrorist making threats on this blog. CBN is a great network.

        • 1drkangl : theres is no such thing as a moderate ,,by sharia law ,,if a person cannot be in combat against the infidel during Jihad ,they must assist in any way possible , pretty straight forward. and all youre pretty painting over is not going to change their directives ,ALL Non Muslims are Infidels .

    • If the passage does not exist, then say so. If the passage is so badly translated, then give us the correct translation. If it is out of context then give us the context. If it is correct, admin it.

    • Maybe the people in those cultures still have too much homo erectus genes and not enough homo sapiens. They are sex fiend animals. Nothing is safe around them. They are not intelligent enough to occupy their minds with enough other thoughts other than sex and murdering. They are backwards and archaic in most of their thought processes.

    • It is disgusting practices like this that start cross species diseases that wipe out countries (like ebola)… with luck, seeing as the disgusting practice is limited to followers of islam it will be the downfall of the islamic unman-evil

  10. The article is about muslims having sex with animals. I am a witness to two muslims from Monmouth ILLinois college having butt-sex in 2008 with the breed of Jacob’s billy goats. Then they cut their heads off, sewed up their anuses with their semen inside and did consume them, guts and all after roasting them on a spit during Ramadan. I did not watch them eat shit, but the property owner said they did. In 2014 the muslims were caught sodomizing cows. Yes, the literal green-weenie.

    • You can thank the Ayatola for making it legal in many arabic countries and if someone waa caught having sex wit their prize animal the “offender” has to pay the owner a dowry and the animal has to be part of his harem but does not count as one of his “alloted” wives,then he can butcher it and sell the meat to a neighbouring town but not in his own neighborhood.

    • Wow. What a horrible sight that must have been
      Sewing up anus and eating the animal.
      I bet 99.9% of the population wants them wiped off the planet.
      They offer NOTHING To a any society. They just take take take
      On welfare from the moment they step on American Soil.
      They must all just love their commander & chief = Obama
      He is their puppet master Ban ISLAM.
      Allah Akbar = hahaha. You all say that in hate towards all
      Who are not ISLAM.

    • How did they ever get to Monmouth IL? It’s certainly well off the beaten track?

      Was that one of Uncle Sam’s dumping grounds for “refugees”?

  11. Is anyone aware that all our religions are twisted from a bit up to the maximum ? i don’t trust any religion preaching war against the other, Our texts have been modified, manipulated by human beings, our predecessors seeking power and domination. I believe in almighty GOD but i m cautious, suspicious and i distrust “our” religions when it comes to “humans”. Are we perhaps one God’s mistake ?.
    Why are we so much craving violence ? why so many fights so many struggles and so many poor civilians dying all over this poor planet ?. I have served my country, i have lost my family because of fanatism. Talmud is violent ( read it ), Christianity has killed many innocent non ccatholcis people ( jews over Europe during the middle age “inquisition” ), Islam has killed for its expansion…can you testify there is actually one religion over the other. What i can tell, speaking about a broad spectrum of experiences during my life as a servant of the flag, no man is above the other, no child deserve to get beaten to blood, no woman deserves disrespect. I am always astonished when i witness this so called humanity bestial side ( and i am insulting beasts saying that, animals created by our almighty LORD ).
    Are we really better than our neighbour, whatever is his skin color, his religious belief ? why our God has put on the earth so many different people ? human beings are responsible with all the waste and massacres, ecological disasters, we have failed our Almighty Father, our God…what have we done ? May He who knows each one of us, bestow his merciful judgement upon us. Amen

    • Dear Andrew,
      first of all many thanks for serving the country and sorry for your family.
      But, my 2d point will emphasize that yes the writtings have been modified but one could have been more than the others. Yes it is recognized that the prophet of islam was a pedophil ( he must be roasting in hell by the way ), etc…you are right when you did point out that problems come from men and not from God. Ok, there are paedophils in roman catholic church ! yes there are also the same deviant disturbed disgusting people in every country, including the promised land ( there have been many stroies with rabbinical paedophil as well) , same for muslim countries. What shall we do, sweep away all humans because of some rotten fruits ?. Build a new ark to save the righteous people and leave the others sink ?. I don’t have any proved answer for now. The world is how it is, yes it’s our plain fault if it slipped down in horror, we can just try to keep our own country clean before cleaning other people’s. Once again i am deeply sorry for your loss. Jesus, the son of our almighty Lord must be watching over your family Andrew in a better world with no violence.
      Be blessed and leve in peace.

      • Why is it that people like you only site the Catholic pedophiles? Pedophiles are in every culture and every religion. About the same percentage of degenerate pedophiles throughout all demographics.

    • You fucking MORON,don’t u kno we wer brought here and left as trash,by a far more civilized race of beings b cuz the the planet they wer living on had exhausted all of it’s natural resourses.Just as we r doing again to planet Earth,the only thing being all of shit you just said about God & religion keep’s us from groing into a race that will ultimtly not be able to ever leave this planet…:)

    • But it wasn’t in the Bible to murder non-Catholics or Christians. Those murders were perpetrated by people not following Jesus and His example. But to follow Muhammad’s example is to murder, commit genocide, steal, rape, mutilate, take advantage of anyone who doesn’t venerate Muhammad. But you are right about how people should never even mention God when they are hating or destroying other people.

  12. If you don’t know it, don’t talk about it! Whatever you have posted is a complete lie! Prove ur right.

    • Thank you, someone, for providing the world with yet another stellar example of mohmammadan “logic.” The evidence provided from BNI is from your own unholy texts and fatwas from your bearded half-wits yet you have the egregious audacity to demand that BNI provs her evidence “right.”

      I two short grammatically-challenged sentences you have displayed the inherent stupidity that has, does and always will plague the ummah.

      She has provided her evidence it is upon you to prove her evidence infactual.

      However, you and I both know you cannot so like a typical mohammadan blathering idiot you display your own logical and evidentual shortcomings in a display of pathetic and all too common mohammadan hubris.

      Sucks to be a mohammadan!

    • A lie ? Really ? Ah well then, so all those nice little “home movies” for all to see about you asswipes having it every which way with various quadrupedi are hoaxes? As well as it being spelled out in that rag and its accompanying rags you vermin live your lives by?

      Well SomethingInRags, the ladies said it best : go on, you prove them wrong. That ought to be worth a laugh, for us that is.

  13. It is sickening when you utter the word peace and Muhammad (I spit on him). Here is why. He is an accredited child molester. He fantasized with sexual feelings towards a one year old girl. He married a six year old and consummated her when she reached 9. Oh my Allah, is that the origin of the word, “69” as in 69, you know what came from. So hereinafter refer him as inventor of 69 instead of peace. Peace and muhammad(I spit on him) are like cat and mouse.
    His enemies call him honest, dude what are you talking about are you fantasizing about 72 virgins in heaven?
    This dude so called muhammad had his man hood in the mouth of Abubakers male child. He lusted after his step sons wife. Suddenly comes a revelation and he asks his step son to divorce her only to marry her. Wow, that is honesty at its best, yeah?
    You question amrter than a swine? Let me tell you my dear, swine is way too smarter than those that practice Islam. Swine is holy.
    From now on when you utter the word muhammad (I spt on him)this is what should come to your mind.

  14. I hate this. I don’t like Islam, but Christianity and Judaism are stupid too. This whole website is just completely ridiculous. Don’t pretend that any one of you is smarter than any other one, because you’re all wrong and you’re all disgusting. Do the world a favour and disappear.

    Feel free to talk when you’ve figured out why everyone hates you.

    • You r absolutely right anyone who judge another for their beliefs and behaviors without first judging themselves of their feeling, hatred, and beliefs and religious practices are themselves worse than those they judge. God needs no man to defend him or Christianity I speak as one, do yourselves a favor and READ and Understand the Bible which you pretend you follow, God is a God of Love of All he judges a man Heart of one thing an that EVERYONE walk the walk and not just Talk the Talk. IF you can’t LOVE your neighbor (Who or Whatever THEY ARE) as yourself then you don’t claim God or Christianity as your belief its SATAN whom you are associated with. Judgment belongs to GOD and if you serve or PRAY to HIM you will know that. Otherwise you are a part of the problem of hatred and violence in this world which prove nothing but a continual progression of mankind decline what good comes from it, what kind of progress comes from hate, anger, violence…I’ll wait

      • “Heather”: you claim to be a Christian. Do you realise that God isn’t MERELY a God of “love” but also a God of JUSTICE?!??? You think all of us Christians should submit and let our mortal enemies kill every last single one of us??? Why did Jesus Allow His Disciples to arm themselves (please see the Gospel of St. Luke 22:35-38)??

        I think you’re just a typical “kumbaya” FALSE Christian who neither truly knows your Bible nor your supposed faith!!! By defending ourselves, we’re not judging, we’re doing the right thing for our relatives, friends, dependants, &c. THAT is true Christian love!!!

      • You don’t even know the Bible you profess to be standing up for!

        In the first place Christianity was and is the post 135 CE,2nd-4th century apostasy from the Jewish faith of Ribi Yehoshua and his Netzarim followers(which grew out of an amalgamation of Greco-Roman-Babylonian pagan ideas and Hellenized Judaism,and evolved into the hellenist-roman counterfeit man-g_d image religion),who survived until 333 CE,when Constantine (Daniel 7:25)finally and completely eradicated them all.

        In the second place,the verse you seem to be referring to is taken out of its original Jewish context.Proper judgement was to be referred to the Beit Din and,or Beit Din Gadol(court and high court) and judgement was made according to Torah law.G-D is in heaven,mankind is on Earth,therefore we must deal with it…!

        Mankind was put on this Earth to subdue it and rule it wisely,which includes not letting a bunch of cheap-rate middle eastern camel turd selling thugs and their ass kissing industry supporters take over!

        In the third place,the world’s governments are conditioning people to believe that:

        1) free Speech=Hate Speech
        2)Speaking out about anything and/or calling something wrong is “judging” and being “not loving.”
        3)Islam is a religion of peace

        “Stand for nothing-fall for everything!”

        Face it,Heather,you’ve bought “the new world order” mindset “hook,line and sinker!”

        Wake up!Islam hates you!

        • Actually the big changeover occurred in CE 313 , not CE 333, after Constantine had his great hallucination!

    • HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!! So you think that you’re not retarded?

      I on the contrary put it out to you that you’re just a typical Marxist who thinks everybody who’s not like you and your ilk is automatically a “red-neck, retarded, fundamentalist, racist bigot”!!!!

      Oh yes, we know you and your kind. CURSE your IDOLS Marx, Engels, Ljéñin, Stáljin, Mao, Pol Pot and all your other fellow-Commies who’ve so shamelessly not only decided upon the wholesale destruction of Western, Judæo-Christian civilisation but have also partnered with Moslems for the sake of that supremely-STUPID GOAL!!!!

      We know that our numbers are rising, and that those who want to be snobbish, condescending and contemptuous of real people like ourselves are being less and less disliked, God Be Praised!!!!

      I gladly thank Almighty God for such strong, devoted and dedicated people like Ms. BNI who have recognised the utterly-VILE, Satanically-EVIL truth about both Marxism and Mohammedanism (Islam) and who have been pressing on in the teeth of such good-for-nothings as yourself!!!!

      Islam is guilty over its 1,400-year existence of murdering 275,000,000 people – a statistic only matched by Communism (120,000,000 over 96 years, 1917-2014) and Nazism (52,000,000 in 12 years – 40,000,000 via World War II, 12,000,000 unrelated as murdering dissidents, Gypsies, Jews {6 million!!!} and others). Thus, the left-wingers (for Nazism is just as socialist in the end as Marxism!!) are responsible over 96 years for the deaths of 172,000,000 people!!!

      Take your taqiyya and your kitman (including your anti-Semitism and anti-Christianity) ELSEWHERE – perhaps “the Daily Kos”!!!! You’ll NOT deceive us…

        • mohammadans are Christians?

          Christians that deny not only the crucifixion of Jesus but also his divine nature?

          Stupidiity like yours makes me want to smack the crap out of every smug, limp-wristed liberal male I have the displeasure of crossing paths with.

        • Are you being sarcastic or you genuinely mean it????

          Assuming the latter: go get your hands on the Bible AND the Qur’ân and get studying them AT ONCE!!!!! Don’t try to answer either me or anybody else until you’ve read BOTH the Qur’ân AND the New Testament IN FULL!!!!! [I know well that Mohammed for a while tried to woo Jews and Christians to join him in his new “religion” and savagely turned upon them when they refused – though he still remained even more implacably hostile for everything and everybody else!!!!]

      • Hey ignorant dhimmi Michael who fancies himself a “genius” (ha!) and “ruler” (double HA !), go find yourself another avatar better suited to your stupidity instead of sullying our de Funès in such a fashion.

        Paedo-momo may have nicked also from Christianity to come up with that crappy fable of his, doesn’t make that vermin Christians anymore than a cow born makes it a horse.

        Go back to your lèche-babouches for which you’re better suited, “Michael”.

      • NetGremlins are at it again eating stuff: Cow born in a stable’s how it should read. Anyway, that Michael’s so away with the fairies wouldn’t even get the analogy…

    • Don’t you understand that Islam is trying to take over the world? They want to take away all of your rights right now. They are on the move. They are after you and me. They are even after each other. They are chaos unleashed in the world and truly think it is there duty to bring on WWIII. So you can stick your head in the sand if you want to. So sorry the truth scares you but grow up and open your eyes.

    • TO: “Someone Who Isn’t Retarded”

      My what a turkey, this women must be talking about herself but she is too stupid to see it.

      She says that Christianity and Judaism are and I quote: “stupid too”.

      Sound like a hater to me, see suffers from the same judgmental character that she attacks.

      Well moron the Jews have won 23% of the Nobel prize yet they are 0.02 percent of the population. And this has occurred in part because of the culture of Judaism. Jesus never killed anyone where Mohamed was a killer and a thief. A hard core fact. Christianity gave rise to the WEST and progress and science, what did Islam provide?

      What a dope but she is too “RETARDED” to see it.

      Hey moron there have been 25,000 terror attacks by Islam since 9/11, how many have there been by the other faiths?

      Democracy is strong in christian states, yet nearly every Muslim state is fascist, muslim states rate at the bottom of civil rights and freedom indexes, where christian states are at the top.

      I could go on and on, but these facts would be lost on such a retard.

      Now in response to this moron: 1drkangl

      I have met a Muslim, I was working with him at the time 9/11 and just before that event I had a civil discussion with him about Islam.

      He told me how he believed in stoning to death of women for adultery, the amputation of limbs for thief and when 9/11 did occur he blamed it on the Jews. That they had arranged it.

      The second Muslim I met was a taxi driver and I had discussion about the Middle-East, and he blamed ALL their troubles on the French, British, Americans and Jews. No they were not blame for any of it.

      And that is the typical Muslim mentality supported by the polls and nature of their countries.

    • Someone who IS retarded: The Mohammad worshipers want to rape and murder you too. Christianity and Judaism religious tenets do not command followers to steal from, enslave, rape and murder non-believers to advance their “religion”, but according to their own “holy books”, the tenets of Islam do.


    Don’t insult the pig!
    Pigs have dignity, their are cute and smart.
    Mohammad does not fit into any of these descriptions.

    • As if you are much smarter that a swine. Muhammad peace be upon him was an amazing and kind person. His enemies called him honest. Yuo cant get better than taht.

      • HA HA HA HA HA!!!!! “His enemies called him ‘honest'”??? That bit of taqiyya TRULY takes the cake!!!!

        Mohammed was a genocide (remember Khaybar, where he annihilated an entire Jewish town???), murderer, pædophile (remember Aisha, who he “married” when she was age 6, with consummation at age 9???), thief, liar (even his best friends couldn’t trust him!!!), rapist, caninophobe (dogs are Man’s BEST FRIEND), porcinophobe (also a vital friend to Mankind!!!), necrophiliac and bestialist!!! [Look at what the Qur’ân, Sira and Hadith all claim for him and against women and non-Moslems in addition to dogs, pigs and apes!!!]

        How much LOWER can anybody get???

        • Muslims hate dogs because dogs don’t understand Muhammad and mis-interpret their ass up face down act of ball less submission as often as 5 times per day.

          Bow wow hadji. Bow wow.

      • Dear Muslim Brother; Sure there are a few nice passages about Mo but if you read the whole Qu’ran, Haddiths and Suras, you will see what a madman he was. Read all of it, you idiot. He commanded his people to venerate him, commit genocide, murders, rapes, thefts, mutilations, oppression of others who did not venerate him. He was schizophrenic, narcissistic, masochistic and perverted beyond comprehension. What is wrong with you? Why would you defend Muhammad? The sick acts that he did and hate that he generated cancels out any good or nice parts of him and the cult he invented. How can people be so stupid to keep defending him? I just don’t get it. Anyone who fully reads all of the Islamic texts and still believes in Islam is just twisted and sick or possessed. Even Muhammad and Aisha admitted he was bewitched from time to time. No kidding.

      • Well,muslim brother, what better recommendation could you have than from Mohammed’ s enemies.Seventh century middle eastern folk, were they not? O.K.
        Why do you keep saying” blessings be upon him “? Do you suffer from O.C.D.?

  16. There is no peace in Islam. Look how mohammad established it. The Jesus in the Quran is different than the Jesus in the Bible. Christians and Muslims do not worship the same god.

    • I could not agree with you more, the elohim of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is not the god of the koran. YHWH is the true and living God, there is no peace perpetuated by the koran only the guise there of. I suggest Dr Walter Veith’s DVD “the islamic connection” thanks…..great website first time visiting.

  17. that is wrong ayatolla he is shea and the shea was istablished by the jews
    the real islam is a peacefull religion and its yhe wright religion

    • How can you possibly say that? Don’t you realize that we know the books of Islam. We have read them and will not be duped into thinking it is a peaceful religion. Anyone who actually thinks so has not read the books. Maybe you should read them in full. Why defend Muhammad just because some nice things were written. Look at all the horrible stuff in there. Did Jesus command people to be slaughtered if they did not believe in Him? NO. Nor did He have sex with children, animals and dead people like Muhammad did.

    • The Shia and Sunni split was from an early dispute over who should be the heir to leadership of the Ummah brought about because No had no sons to inherit his robber barony. And why should we Christians, Jews, and others have to instruct Moslems of their own history? Because Islamic scholars don’t want their power over many to be diluted by their subjects being “too” educated. They prefer ignorance in their followers because ignorance makes them easier to handle, easier to deceive.

  18. hey every one I am so glad to watch that youtube , by the way I am Muslim ,I might be not welcoming here , but I just want to let you know that
    I haven’t have a sex with animals yet , I think that youtube will show me some new
    rules in having sex with animals but i couldnot find that . any way just to mention these facts

    1- that verse that youtube mentioned is not a verse . it is word means that you are
    free to divorce or to marry what every you want , by the way it is also a women right in Islam to get divorced any marry whatever she wants

    2- when you deal with Alquran ( the holy book for Muslims ) you need to consider the context to get the exact meaning and if you refer to the previous verse , you will see for sure the words ( wifes ) so the verse basically is taking to the right of getting marry of get divorced .

    3- the book of Hadith ( the prophets wisdom ) in Islam are so many but not all of it are including the right saying . so we as muslims only consider to huge books

    ( Albuhary , and Muslim ) the one which he mention is not a considered one
    but I will reply on it any way

    4-he said who can a women asks a man something like that , first off all she asks him since she has no husband . and she asks him about does a women in Islam can express her desire to marry a aman , so the prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم ) was wondering how could a women show asks a man to marry her since it wasnot allowed in the Arab community before Islam

    5-He mention that the women was doing master…. ) I could say that he dosnot understand the meaning of the Arabic word , but his seems to may an christian
    Arab who has some problems with Muslaim , any way the word ( tahtalm ) means
    she has the period not as he said . you can tybe the word in Arabic (تحتلم (and go pick it up from a good dictionary to show you that he is not telling the truth .

    ٍSorry for taking all that time from you I just want to tell you that we are humans

    just like you and all the great religions such as Christianity , or Judesm

    were found in our land and we are the ones who spread the message of Christianity
    a round the world , and we dont having sex with Animals .

    the last thing to say :I as Muslim and Arab not angry from you brother who said that about our prophets since we have the logical answer , I just feel sorry for you

    talking to you from Alexandria ( the second city that believed in the Christianity.

    Thank you

    • Essam your tacics of lying is already over used as all muslms are doing this as permitted in the quran that is taqqiya. Your allah is a lie! Your quran is poison! And muhammed is serial killer. Believe me someday you will become like your prophet a terrorist if you never leave islam.


      Pakistani Muslims are not alone in their search for porn.
      Google, the world’s most popular Internet search engine, has found in a survey that mostly Muslim states seek access to sex-related websites and Pakistan tops the list. Google found that of the top 10 countries – searching for sex-related sites – six were Muslim, with Pakistan on the top. The other Muslim countries are Egypt at number 2, Iran at 4, Morocco at 5, Saudi Arabia at 7 and Turkey at 8. Non-Muslim states are Vietnam at 3, India at 6, Philippines at 9 and Poland at 10.


      Khalid Hasan, Daily Times, May 17, 2006
      Here are the Muslim countries and how they placed in the top five world ranking of various bestiality-related internet search terms:[8]
      Pig Sex: Pakistan (No. 1) Egypt (No. 2) Saudi Arabia (No. 3)
      Donkey Sex: Pakistan (No. 1) Iran (No. 3) Saudi Arabia (No. 4)
      Dog Sex: Pakistan (No. 1) Saudi Arabia (No. 3)
      Cat Sex: Pakistan (No. 1) Iran (No. 2) Egypt (No. 3) Saudi Arabia (No. 4)
      Horse Sex: Pakistan (No. 1) Turkey (No. 3)
      Cow Sex: Pakistan (No. 1) Iran (No. 2) Saudi Arabia (No. 4)
      Goat Sex: Pakistan (No. 1)
      Animal Sex: Pakistan (No. 1) Morocco (No. 2) Iran (No. 4) Egypt (No. 5)
      Snake Sex: Pakistan (No. 1) Malaysia (No. 3) Indonesia (No. 4) Egypt (No. 5)
      Monkey Sex: Pakistan (No. 1) Indonesia (No. 3) Malaysia (No. 4)
      Bear Sex: Pakistan (No. 1) Saudi Arabia (No. 2)
      Elephant Sex: Pakistan (No. 1) Egypt (No. 3) United Arab Emirates (No. 4) Malaysia (No. 5)
      Fox Sex: Saudi Arabia (No. 1) Turkey (No. 4)

    • Typical Islamist: tries to pick one or two passages that say something sort of acceptable. But skips over all the horrible hateful acts and commands of Muhammad. The man you venerate and admire had sex with children, dead people and animals, and so many women he probably lost count. By his own admission was bewitched. It’s the whole books that we look at. Jesus never said murder all who don’t believe in me. But that is essentially what Muhammad commanded, in different words of course. He twisted words and accounts of Jesus. Islam is not a religion but a Muhammad worshipping cult.

  19. This says it all…islam & the followers of the bestiality prophet love exotic sex, animals (yeah, even the “dirty” dogs have been raped by muslims) dead women, babies, children, mens too.
    Yet these bastards think they are the highly evolved of humanity when infact they represent the absolute evil, worse than any shaitan of hell.
    BNI thanks for the vids, can you please inform the youtube channel of christian prince, very informative & entertaining

  20. people should know how to differentiate between Sunni and Shiite because what was shared at this page are all Shiite books. Shiite aren’t Muslims to me. Sunni people are against Shiite and their beliefs.

  21. Religion is a thing that have to be realized. Vedic doctrins are same kind of realization ,about creation and creator, that is experienced by Newton and others many thusand years after!When one really ‘sees’ God is omnipresent he can not hate any no body is infidel to him.That is the greatness of Vedic religion.Jew,Zoroastrian,Christian every group of people got unconditional love,from Hindus for thousands of years. History is real proof.Even after so much torture Hindus elected 3 Muslims as President of India given every kind of honour to their Muslim brothers and sisters.Yes Hindus have most suffered and still suffering due their respect for humanity.But it proves another strongest thing Hindu religion is truest example of love!Not merely false claim!

  22. The French have no law against sex with animals, and welcome Muslims to their country, 74% of the population of french prisons is non white and 90% of that is Muslim, The muslim religion is the second religion in France after the Catholics!

  23. Wow I nthought I had missed out on pissing on a piece of crap muslim from the start dates but this piece is a gift that keeps on giving! Here is a comment for you inbred pieces of shit straight from the hip so to speak! You are here and we are aware of it! Every time I see a rag head in public I follow close enough for her to hear me sing the praises of my LORD JESUS CHRIST. I dont sing well so I get great pleasure out of it! Jesus loves me this I know is my favorite little tune! My 5 year old knows it by heart! We sing together all through the store! Now you muslim inbred pieces of shit who would threatin me or my daughter because you think I am a weak woman and she is just a futur tool for your pleasure, If I even catch you looking at her sideways there is not a peace oficer in the west that will be able to protect you from my rath! You best be gettin on back to your little piece of this earth and leave us civalized people to ours!WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE WE KNOW WHY YOU ARE HERE WE KNOW WHAT YOU WANT. Now,know this, you will not achive it here you are doomed in your quest of american domination you have met beyond your match here. Leave now before the shit hits the fan!

  24. Has everyone noticed how every Muslim troll and Dhimmi apologist for these 7th Century Savages Absolutely MUST Comment on This?
    No human beings, animals, or inanimate object are safe from you savages. . . Are they? Thanks for proving it.

  25. Brother, if you are ignorant of what is being discussed here, then you have no reason to comment about it. The basic topic here is that Muslims’ “holy” scriptures are filled with filth and degradation. May truth abound, for it will either drive those who are controlled by the personality cult of Muhammadanism either to leave it, or to go back to the filthy, disgusting lands where they came from.

  26. Muslims seriously need to be shamed out of their personality cult. I do not know why so many “leaders” and media outlets bestow so much respect upon Muslims and their cult, because for anyone who has done any investigation of Islam would know that it is disgusting and worthy of only disdain and rebuke. If the sane would would put their collective efforts in telling the truth about EVERYTHING, Islam would cease to exist, because truth trumps every aspect of it.

    So, I am all for spreading the truth of Islam world-wide, in order to destroy it. Islam destroys all that can be good and noble in human beings, so promoting goodness and nobility will only harm it. The Muslim’s ability to do harm to us can only occur when non-Muslims do business with them, so, for the good of sanity and humanity, Muslims must be kept solely to themselves and their own devices, so that they will only destroy themselves.

    Perhaps, if they’ve been quarantined long enough, to wallow in their own filth and degradation, they will be shamed out of their cultic beliefs, or they will exterminate each other. Either way, humanity will be cured of this insidious disease, which is Islam.

  27. Marina – I’m a “retired” Catholic, and decided not to follow any Religion as soon as I became old enough to think for myself, the fact that i’m still walking around this beautiful Country of Scotland, is testament (to me.) that we make what we can of this time we have here, for one simple reason – WE WON’T BE BACK HERE, Religion to me is about controlling the masses, it’s about telling the People of the WHOLE Planet that, if you don’t behave yourselves here you will go to the eternal fire,(muslims don’t mention that fictitious place called Hell much.) we all learned our “Holy” Books at School, some did not and were not shunned because they didn’t, there are many-many People who shunned their Religion and went on to do GREAT Things for the good of Mankind, Now Marina, my question to you is,…”Where (page & paragraph) does it say in your Book, to do well and respect the rest of Mankind.???
    you know, the parts that say,” be good to Christians, be good to the Jews, be good to everyone else”??? Any answer you give Marina, can be quickly cancelled out by another Page.!!

  28. Good day to everyone! I am jew from my mother, but I converted to Islam. My mother is Christian, and so I were. Until I began to ANALYZE, ASK, RESEARCH, READ. Dear all, haters of Islam(who just fears or zombied by others), muslims, the ones who think they are muslims and atheists. Dear all!

    THE PROPHETS WERE TRUE. THE TORAH, BYBLE and QURAN to believe or not to believe – is only YOUR option.

    Try to do my way, don`t be zombied by media, preachers(even Muslims preachers) – BECAUSE HUMANS DO MAKE MISTAKES.

    The karma exists, by saying the things you don`t know you are doing a sin.

    About muslims:

    i live in a capital. So here I know few muslims(as they claim theirselves), they were happy that I am muslim, gave me advices how to pray, etc.
    But when the time of Ramadan showed up…. guess what? I saw them not caring about it, even they were surprised I keep Ramadan. Amazing – because I red in Quran that Ramadan is a necessary duty of ALL muslims. Since then I made a decision that I follow the Quran and don`t listen to people.

    Remember: people do make mistakes. GOD only the TRUTH.
    Read Quran, better severe translations, and ANALYZE IT.
    Hope your eyes will wide open to this world.

    This article makes me smile, and sad.

    Peace and love to everybody, Marina.

    • So much taqiyya and kitman!!!! Obviously, you’ve been totally BRAINWASHED, “Marina”!!!

      BEGONE from the West and don’t come back until you learn better!!! Go to Saudi Arabia and get whipped just like that by your Saudi “master-men” who’ll in the end literally torture you to death!!! Your open fanaticism already alerts us that you should be kicked out of the West and NEVER ALLOWED back in!!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

  29. Muslims are Muslims because of their narrow views.
    This is what a Muslim would think of the number zero.

    “The number zero is the number of the devil. It is an infidel concept brought into Muslim lands from infidel, pagan eastern countries. We as allah’s slaves should not use zero. Zero implies nothing. It means that there is no Allah. Allah is one and all. Zero is an atheist number which means no god. It rejects the existence of Allah. We should issue a fatwa against the use of zero. This unholy number which rejects Allah. Allah is one and all, let us not use the zero. Mohammed did not use zero so we shouldn’t either.”

    But as we know how hypocritical they are, they will probably invent a Hadith to condone the use of zero.

  30. Ya know, I’m a Christian. Always have been. Always will be. But I am appalled at what these other “Christians” are saying on this thing. To be honest, I didn’t even read the article posted here. So when I read the comments and see all of these people leaving grievously hateful remarks about a people as a whole, without any personal knowledge of their own, I can’t help but think that not a single person involved here is a Christian. I don’t care where you go to church. Look at where your heart is before opening your mouth. Now that you’ve all made me sick with your ridiculous banter, I’m gonna go puke. Good day.

    • Brother, most of my readers are Christians. I am not, however. The only thing that should make you sick here is what the muslims do, not what the non-muslims say about it. Methinks you are probably a muslim. Or at the very least, a leftist/socialist.

  31. To preserve the peace and stop all of this bashing. I say we add pork grease, ,juice, broth to all paint used in this country, and to all material used to pave our roads, build buildings etc . . . Then all of this will be a non-issue . . . just saying

    • @MAYHEM

      Be at peace. Pork is used in over 150 unexpected products. Some of which aren’t openly known, like shampoo and soap, even filler in beef products.

      But, my all time favourite use of pork for Muslims is the bullet. The thought that so many Muslims participating in Jihad openly seek out bullets makes me smile.

      Hope all the pork in the lead stymies access to 72 virgins.

  32. I just love all these wonderful comments all you people are making against islam. You guys are so right on. You know, my son was deployed a few years ago to Iraq and he had nothing nice to say about the country, except he did get to see the home that Abraham lived in with his father and family. My son was surprised that parts of it were still standing. Anyway, he said that was the only nice thing about the muslim country. BTW, just for a little information, while he was there he noted that most of the muslim women dressed like western women, that many of the muslim people ate pork and love it and when those prayers came over the loud speaker none of the muslims stopped to pray or even listen. He said they are full of shit, they only invoke islam in order to get what they want or have an excuse for killing someone. He said they are one big fat lie and after they invoke raping their little girls, they blow them up……..they hold nothing true or honorable, no one trusts them, they are bullies to women and many of them are the bad seed of Ishmael.

    • Ann, please thank your son for his service. He is reiterating what we see everyday here. I don’t suppose he was the soldier who filmed and gave funny commentary about an Iraqi man making ‘love’ with a donkey?

    • american badass,

      You should know a Muslim will never face you or call you out directly.

      They are cowards.

      And will only act against you, if they have the upper hand, your outnumbered, out gunned, or YOU are incapacitated.

      That’s how they roll.

      Their favourite means of attack is a sucker punch and to run away.

  33. “Kerry”,your ignorance is abhorant. As a Catholic, I can tell you, Mary is NOT our diety. Not only are Catholic’s TRUE christians, but ALL Christian faiths are based in Catholic principles. The Catholic faith was the FIRST organized faith that worshipped Jesus Christ and his father, and you have showed yourself to be an ignorant ass.
    I have tolerance of ALL faiths…but your information is WRONG, and your stupidity is evident.

    • Uuuhhh no jesus’ s deciples were the first john the baptisttheres alot THEY.WERnT CATHOLIc you need educated

    • kandi roman catholic are the the same. They are created by satan to twist the truth of the real JESUS CHRIST of the Christian Apostle.

  34. I’ve only seen columbian sexing a donkey. Then some kids in Latin America doing it with chickens.
    Show me vids of a Muslim man doing it then I’ll believe. Must see it to believe.

  35. I wonder what the odds that HIV AIDS and the Bird flu virus both being transmitted from animal to Man were due to Islam bestiality? Both of these regions have large Muslim populations do they not?

  36. I am wondering who made u Bare Naked Islam watch when the day of judgment comes if alla opens the door for heaven to the Muslims how would u feel

    • Kuss – We’d all feel GREAT and at peace,because all you fuckers would be in the one place,now go get YOUR seat.!!

    • Kuss it’s not the door of heaven that will open for the muslims but the gates of hell and muhammed (all cursed be upon him) and allah the satan is waiting you all there.

      • Can’t they get some type of diseases or infections by doing this…then hand that on to which ever female they have sex with next?

    • Won’t happen. God will not let people in that would venerate a man who had sex with children, dead women, animals, more women than he could count, or one that commanded people to venerate him and murder those who did not. Muhammad twisted the words and actions of Jesus, His Son and Himself. Muhammad was the worst blasphemer of all time.

  37. I think your sick no where in the Quran said what u said. EVERYONE DON’T LISTION TO THIS SICK MAN GIVING WRONG INFORMATION

  38. Not Amazed because Muhammed was a child molester al ready. Can you please give me the link of that Mustq Ahammed book download link???

  39. Jesus was not the same which is mentioned in Quran.

    1) The majority of Jesus Description is from Psedo-gospel of Thomas which is carbon dated for after 3rd Century, but real St Thomas lived 200 years before.
    That Psedo-gospel is the Arabic version and the local stories in Arabia.

    2) Muslims Don’t know Who is ALLAH (in Arabic means GOD). Don’t even know his name or Identity. ALLAH was an ARABIAN god in pre Islamic time and CUBE in mecca was dedicated to him His name is HUBAL(The BAAL). So GOD of Muslims is HUBAL.

    3) What is black stone in mecca which muslims kiss? Arabians Worshiped Blackstone as part of Hubal in relation with the organ of Al-UZZA (Moon Goddesses) , in that organ the black stone was placed (see the shape of steal structure- Google images ‘Black stone of mecca’)

    4) Muhammad told every one that this all is part of ALLAH, But he never ever told Who is ALLAH.. He even don’t denies it is HUBAL (Argumentm silentino) but he instructs to follow the customs (Stone worship).

    5) Muhammad was convinced as prophet first by his Kadhijah beevi. Till that time he was afraid and was tried several times to commit suicide. She told him that when he sit beside her & she was nude, he can’t see the ghost then that ghost may be holy, it might be from the GOD, else if he can see it is from ‘Satan’. Thus he became prophet (Ibn Ishaq “Sirat rasul allah” , written in 7th century about muhammad added in Hadhits)

    I don’t waana extend more..
    Where deoes this FUK* part lies 😉


    Second : you have no idea what islam stands I suggest you go get your facts right before judging muslims.what you just write is all poppycock and just amplifies one thing that Bare Naked gets its facts made up.As for abusing our prophets,you forget that jesus was also mentioned in the holy remember when you a finger at us[muslims] look carefully at where your other four fingers are pointed.

    Thirdly I to end this by saying Fuck You Bare Naked And ALL those who agree with their crap before researching it themselves Fuck You Too.

    • What an absolute pack of LIES!!!!

      First, the muzturd thinks that just because we’ve not been raised by Moslems, educated by Moslems and spoon-fed Islam from birth with its HATE, ULTRA-BARBARISM, total penchant for DESTRUCTION for destruction’s sake, &c., that we therefore can’t know Islam… How presumptuous!!! [That’s what the Internet, with on-line Qu’rân, Hadith and Sira is for!!!]

      Second, the Qu’rân is NOT “holy” – quite the opposite!!!! From what I hear, even Hitler’s Mein Kampf isn’t quite as hateful as what the “Qu’rân” happens to be!!!!

      Third, we PROUD WESTERNERS and other non-Moslems DESPISE and HATE Islam RIGHT BACK!!!! Moslems ‘ipso facto’ never were, are not and can NEVER EVER be “superior” to anything or anybody else; particularly when told so by such a SATANICALLY-EVIL MONSTER as what that genocide, murderer, rapist, thief, liar, pædophile, bestialist, necrophiliac, caninophobe and porcinophobe Mohammed said – no doubt he was lying to his adherents just as much as to anybody else!!!!

      Now, let’s see what “Istanbul_Chick” can do to this BRUTE “Sameer” (licking my chops at what I’m about to see!!)…

    • A bit late for this party but it’s never too late to have fun.

      If by research you mean “do as I say and believe as I tell you” you may as well go talk to a brick wall, stinky sameer. In the West we posses oodles of what’s called intellectual honesty, freedom of thought, and intellectual integrity. The overwhelming majority of us never accept what’s shown to us or told to us at face value.

      Unlike you bronze age troglodytes we are curious by nature and question everything. Because of this, when you bronze age barbarians began making the false claim that “islam is peace” we “researched” that claim for ourselves. We read your unholy tome and its supporting texts. That is proper research. This curiosity is what has evolved the human race, not the *plagiarized* 1001 inventions of mohammadan turds.

      Moreover we observed the actions of you knuckle-draggers and we listened to what you were saying when you thought no kaffar were listening. No matter how loudly you screech or how hard your gnash your rotten teeth to the contrary your words and actions speak for themselves. Almost 20,000 terrorist attacks in the past 13 years, by mohammadan terrorists claiming they do so for “allah, ummah, deen” contradict your claims of “peace.”

      Again, speaking of plagiarism, which you brutish missing links are so adept at, your “isa” is sheer plagiarism. So what if your thug-made unholy book name-drops? mein kuranmpf is nothing but poorly retold bits and pieces of *earlier* Jewish, Christian, and Zoroastrian texts. Seriously, you bronze age banshees whinge about how “bible is changed and corrupted and not true” so why in the hell would you brow beat kaffar about your fairy-book mentioning that which you claim is false? Stupid much? Honestly, creatures who are so cognitively disconnected to use as evidence something which they loudly and aggressively claim is false is stupidity on steroids. This makes your demands of “research” laughable at best.

      As for BNI “making up facts” that canard is overused and trite. Proper “research” shows that many of the stories of typical mohammadan behaviour come from…you mohammadans! Now, it’s not out of the realm of the possible for you savages to make up news. It’s also not impossible that you intellectually stunted cretins would make up unflattering news items about yourselves. After all, you *do* attempt to use texts you claim are “false” to validate your own false claims.

      So, here it is in a nutshell (to make it easy for your islamically addled brain to understand); You animals are proven liars. Your own words betray you. Over and over. Your actions continually betray you. Westerners and non-mohammadans do not suffer from cognitive dissonance. We reject that which our sight, taste, smell, touch, and hearing contradicts. If someone tells us the pot is cold but every time we touch it we burn our hands we reject the claim that the pot is cold, for it is not. Not so you bronze age missing links. You will scream and rant and rave and kill anyone who disagrees that the pot is cold. That is cognitive dissonance and you mohammadan supremacists suffer from it in spades.

      Your bleatings of “research” are a joke. mohammadan “research” is nothing more than “believe what I tell you despite what the actual facts show.” You will never get your mohammadan variety of research from people with fully functioning brains.

      You disgust me. All of you disgust me. Not just the “tiny minority of extremists.” *ALL* of you because all of you scream the same childish and intellectually bankrupt mantras as the “extremists.”

    • to sameer (about ‘judging’ muslims, about the facts ‘made up’ and about ‘abusing’ prophets)

      Unlike you, normal human beings get indeed the facts BEFORE judging muslims. It is not ‘made up’. If you want something made up, go back to your inspiring sick retard, lunatic and illiterate monster, and check again your ‘wholly’ qu’ran.
      And YES, I am, as a person posting here, in my sole name, INSULTING your prophet. What can you do about it? Will you come after me bare naked?
      I will therefore redirect your last three words to mohammad and tell him I got animated by you.
      No offense to you directly: you are just another imbecile on Earth.

    • Nice! Muslims seem to use a lot of profanity. I am guessing that it is because your vocabulary is extremely limited. You use language that is offensive. But since you don’t see torture, beheadings, and burning live innocents as offensive, it is understandable. You are uncivilized creatures who have not developed into humans

  41. that’s bestiality not fornication-either way they’re all so stupid. I wonderif muhammed really wanted to be a prophet to bless his people or to make fools out of a bunch of desert people for the world to laugh at

  42. Well where do I begin? First of all I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through these posts, I agree that the Muslim religion is WRONG. I am an atheist firstly, I was brought up in a Westernized religion and its not for me, science however answers so many more questions than any scriptures could, I do not judge religions without knowledge I have read much on many religions and the Quran is deeply disturbing in many parts, especially when it comes to the total intolerance of other living beings regardless. I feel very strongly about animal and child abuse and for Muslims to claim it does not happen is lies, I don’t condone it to be done by anyone however this post is about Islam.
    Where religions cannot answer questions it is often covered over with blind faith or free will, IF there was/is an all loving God aware of all the pain and suffering happening upon this earth then it shouldn’t/wouldn’t be happening, simple! Religion more than anything offers hope and guidance for many who believe however I believe religion was just a way to control the masses but that is just my opinion!
    A few years I worked in a cocktail bar and would get a regular group of female customers, turned out some of them worked in a strip joint and also in day time brothels/massage parlor type places, they would drink and therefore talk… loudly, one evening they were making remarks about Muslim men about how they claim to be all that with their ‘religion’ but that their ‘religion’ wasn’t on their mind while they were visiting the girls (this is the clean version!) I asked one of the girls ‘So most of your ‘customers’ are Muslim?’ and she replied ‘Yeah, they are the worst for it, well they don’t have the kinds of wives who will question it do they?’
    One of the girls had even struck up a relationship with a Muslim guy and he had three kids with her plus he had a wife who nothing about any of it….
    Also these Muslim run pedophile rings operating in western society is massively worrying and it makes me angry that more isn’t being done to stop them I am fed up of all this political correctness crap!
    They are taking over with their insane breeding tactics and brain washing which is obvious to those outside the religion!
    Just like the Jonestown massacre in 1978, for anyone unfamiliar with it the is a recording of the event where you hear Jim Jones and a female assistant brain washing the followers to kill themselves and their children by drinking cyanide, those who wouldn’t drink were injected, almost a thousand people lost their lives that day by being told they would go to a better place with their children.
    To anyone outside that cult it seems like utter madness but those people believed it enough to carry it through and kill themselves and their children, the cries of which on the recording are horrendous.
    So apparently brain washing people is easy, all you have to do is make false promises and give hope and incite reason, now where they were brain washed to kill themselves Muslims are clearly brainwashed to kill and torture those who are not Muslim and to breed.
    However all they are doing by trying to infect us ‘infidels’ with fear is to trigger our self preservation and protection modes as nations and families and parents, I think their evil has been tolerated enough and they should go back to terrorizing each other and leave the rest of the world alone. Also I think they should spend more time learning to read and write going by some of their posts on here, rather than listening to bigoted, cruel, evil communities and families.
    Religion aside, we only have one planet and one life (regardless of their ridiculous claims of sexual afterlives) and shouldn’t make it our soul purpose to kill and maim and hurt and destroy everything in it, it makes me ashamed to be human to see what happens around the world every day and I hate that the guilty are not truly punished, I think once you take the life of another that you loose the right to your own, and those of lesser crimes like torture and abuse should have products tested on them instead of animals and anyone guilty of crimes against children should be neutered, the only people to worry about such laws would be those intending to do those things in the first place!!!

    • Scaret, aheism is as brutal as islam. The olnly difference is that when islam rules on earth it takes away the freedom of the people in the name of their god which for us is evil, while atheism when in power it takes men’s freedom in the name humanity.

    • I think the Muslims love all you atheists. You hate religion, as they do, other than their own. You want to eliminate it, as do they, except for their own. If you atheists can effectively “question” and subdue Christian and Jewish religions, it opens the gate for the Muslims to move in. You are the Muslims wet dream!!!!

  43. I seriously do NOT get why u guys are pointing fingers to Iran and the rest of those shit countries. Look at the GAZA STRIP and look at ארץ ישראל (Israel) and seriously contrast the two. 

    I don’t care if some muzzie pedophile misinterpreted the Koran and now it’s done wrong. What is Islam TODAY? It’s a nation that glorifies STRAPPING A BOMB TO YOUR CHILD SO HE CAN TAKE AS MANY “INFIDELS” (read: sane persons) AS POSSIBLE. and when Israel puts up a wall so that these animals cannot hurt them, the religion of permanent offence complains that it’s APARTHEID even though they have Muslim members in Knesset (parliament), 

    Wanna know something really shocking Chirstians? Remember those stories of how the other reindeer wouldn’t let Rudolf(?) play in their reindeer games? Well every 2-4 years Jews from all around the world travel to Israel to participate in the Maccabia games. The only people who can participate are Jews and Israelis, INCLUDING ISRAELI MUSLIMS, and it’s a great event. 
    Any one remember the Munich Olympics? Typical Islam terrorists shot up 10 Israeli athletes and 1 German cop. Look at the contrast people. The war in the middle east is not a war for oil. It is:
    1: civilization versus barbarianism 
    2: freedom versus oppression
    3: GOOD versus EVIL

    Muzzies take your religious deception back to Shitholestan and take BS anti human dignity culture with you. 

    Islamaphobic and proud. Not hate but fear. The fact that there’s a religion
    out there thatll shoot you in the head for simultaneously opening a book and having a vagina scares the hell out of me personally. 

    This is Muhammad’s legacy on earth. A fucked up people who practice:
    Gang rape
    Anti Semitism (but hey who’s isn’t?)
    Child abuse
    “honor killings” 
    Public hangings (seriously?)
    Anti intellectualism 
    Human rights violations
    Media manipulation
    TERRORISM. It freaking says so in the Koran 
    Dictator ship
    APARTHEID (Syria)
    Dragging dead bodies tied to motorcycles (Gaza)
    throwing acid in people’s faces as punishment 
    Cutting of body parts as punishment 
    Basically everything wrong in the world is embodied in Islam in the contemporary context. 

    Muhammad must LOVE it when innocent people die. Religion of peace my ass. It’s a religion of death hate war and destruction. 

  44. guy who made this page, his mother was fucked by an animal which belongs to any muslim family ….so in order to take revenge he is doing some childish work …. i have sympathy for dat guy and i assure him dat i will fuck ur sister so hard so dat she will b totally satisfied and u too..

  45. It doesnt what faith or religion you are, we all must learn love compassipn, kindness. If you dont make it in this life, you stillust work on it in death. You will never get anywhere in life or death without it.

      • MONSTER Moslem INFIDEL!!!!!

        We PROUD Westerners, who you so insolently despise as “infidels”, don’t either need or want your FILTHY riches, now or ever!!!

        Go back to Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan or wherever you’ve emerged from and leave us ALONE!!!!

        DEATH TO ISLAM, now and forever and unto ages of all ages!!!!

      • So late to this party. Wish I’d been here at the start. First “not my father ” as I am a daughter of the One True King, I am this “sister ” that you threaten and you greatly underestimate me and all of my sisters united in the cause of truth and freedom. My earthly brothers are not available to respond but let me paraphrase what they would say. First, they’d laugh in your sick, perverted face. Then they would simply shrug and say, “Go ahead. Try it. It’s your funeral, just remember that once she takes that disease ridden appendage, rips it off, as it blocks your airway and you struggle for that last breath, no virgins for you. You died at the hands of a woman. Stupid disease ridden mutant. You can only overpower children, grandmothers and the weak. You’ve never met our little sister. You shouldn’t hope that you do if you want to keep that teeny weeny thing that you’re threatening her with.Our sister would make short order of it. But, go ahead. Your choice. Wanta punk? Hey Miguel, bring me a beer on the way in and grab the camera. This is gonna be fun to watch! “

  46. hey ADHD is dis wat ur bitch mom kept ur name???…does she even who ur father is or was she so busy gettng fucked she forgot??…anyways i wont comment on dis shit website of urs after dis:
    listn u all will be burned to hell when u die thats y dont say anythng 2 islam….if u have anythng 2 say then say it 2 any muslim on his face n see wat he does to you….but you guys must be scared na?…hahahahahah bloody loosers n yaa i dont give a fuck even if u make fun of me…atleast i’m better than u to have a religion and a god…while u shit heads dont…lol..!!
    You guys must doing that muslims are gud also but if u mess with them soooooo ur gonna get ur ass kicked…bye bye loosers

    • HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!! You DARE to call yourself a “Prince” and then use decidedly UN-NOBLE, even ANTI-NOBLE, language!!!!!

      My ancestors suffered under Islamic EVIL FOR several CENTURIES!!!! We know all too well what MONSTERS you and your fellow-Moslems actually are!! And you think we “infidels” are prostitutes, beggars and God Knows what – when it’s YOU who really are such!!! Look, we repelled you many, many times – and this time, when the war you’ve forced upon us erupts in fullest violence, there will be absolutely NO mercy, no compassion, no forbearance against you and your ilk!!! We have taken a horrendous amount of abuse at your hands, but we human beings are reaching our limits (notably when you spit upon our priests and ministers without ANY provocation other than their wearing crosses upon our jacket-lapels)!!!

      The day WILL come when we Westerners won’t just be saying these things on this and other Websites: we’ll be saying – and doing!! – them directly to you and your kind!!!! The blood that will be pouring forth from your cut throats will be streaming like whole rivers and oceans to cleanse the earth of this planet from the Islamic and Communist (and also Fascist and Nazi) MONSTROSITIES your moon-god Shaytan (Satan aka. “Allah”) and his “messenger” the Antichrist murderer, genocide, rapist, thief, liar and pædophile (child-abuser) Mohammed have DEFILED it with!!! Much of it will be poured forth not by men but by God Himself as part of His Second Coming when He WILL Truly Depose your “Allah” and put him into the bottomless pit!!!

      Even if perchance you succeed in killing or enslaving all of us “infidels” on this earth, we trust in Our God Yahweh (YHWH) and His Only-Begotten Son Jesus Christ Our Lord – who so Selflessly Gave Up His Life on the Cross in PUREST LOVE to take our infinitely-many sins upon Himself, the One Perfect Paschal Lamb,, so that we can be redeemed and saved from Hell and the Lake of Fire – to reward us in the real Heaven – and from which you muztard cut-throats will be ETERNALLY EXCLUDED!!!!!

      REPENT AND RENOUNCE your FALSE ideology of Islam or suffer the ETERNAL consequences of Hell and thence the Lake of Fire!!!! You, the real loser, have been warned…

      • I’ve also little doubt that when Our Lord Returns, He Will make you Saudis, Emiratis, Kuwaitis, Egyptians, Pakistanis and other Moslems do the dirtiest possible jobs and be humiliated in your lives FAR MORE than ever you have done to even your fellow-Moslems from Bangladesh or elsewhere (let alone us “infidels”)!!!

        Thanks to YouTube and other such channels and means, we know how ANTI-human, ANTI-God, Anti-ALL-DECENCY you Arabs at heart really are – in punishment for which you will not just be at our feet, you’ll be crushed by many kilometres of earth, rock, flames and the rest between you and the soles of our feet as you suffer in such agonies as you can’t even imagine in your versions of Hell!!!!!

        Truly, God CURSE Islam and ALL unrepentant Moslems!!!! D-E-A-T-H TO I-S-L-A-M now and forever and unto ages of ages, AMEN!!!!!

    • Bwaahahahahaaa!! *That* explains why you all ran and hid in holes and hide behind women and children when US Troops showed up knocking on your door and when Israel came calling! Here I thought the true defenition of valor and courage was to meet the enemy head on. Why my silly, little girl brain (you know, the one you say is inferior to a man’s) must have gotten confused. I thought bravery meant actually facing a threat and protecting your children, not running, putting on women’s garb and hiding in caves and holes. BWAAAHAHAHHAHAA!! VIVA CRISTO REY!!!Name the time and place you big, strong pos!! These colors don’t run!

  47. I just want to say that I feel so sorry for all the above haters of Islam and Muslims. Of all the comments that have been posted it is clear that it’s YOU guys and gals whom are filled with anger, hatred, disrespect, foul languge, etc, etc. Obviously your interpretation of the Quran will be evil! With sooo much negativity inside you and the extreme desire to humiliate Muslims and their beliefs, it’s only to be expected that you will interpret the verses according to what suits your misguided thoughts! I am a Muslim revert for 11 years now and I was brought up in a typical modern day Christian home, so I know exactly how they preach and live. Unfortunately mostly hypocrites!!
    If only Christians would follow the Bible as they’re supposed to! Even there it is stated that women cover their hair and bodies and pork is forbidden!!! If only they would practise the teachings of our dearly beloved Jesus, peace be upon Him, then websites like this wouldn’t exist! The Holy Quran clearly states that ALL the people of the Book, meaning the Christians, Jews and Muslims must live together in peace and respect one another. God judges the believer on the purity of their hearts and souls and ultimately their actions. The so-called Muslims who are killing innocent people in the name of Allah are a disgrace to Islam. Allah despises the taking of innocent life, no matter whose!! This is written in the Quran!! As for the people who’s throwing around all the accusations, why don’t you have a look at Christian history?? How many civilisations haven’t been wiped out in the so-called name of the church and Jesus? The native Americans, who are the true inhabitants of the USA and who don’t even exist anymore! What about the native Australians, the Aborigines or the native New Zealanders, the Maoures??? What about the KKK or the apartheid system in Southern Africa? What about the colonisation of all the countries over the world? If my knowledge serves me right, all the above was implemented by the church in the name of Jesus. Now Jesus never said that this should be done, yet the Christians once again interpreted the Bible according to their own needs and desires in order to justify their actions. How many innocent lives were not lost in the time of the Crusaders? Sooo, if you wanna point a finger and base the value of Islam on the actions of people who claim to be Muslim, yet clearly disobey the scripture and go against every teaching, then why don’t you do the same with Christianity??? One can NEVER judge a faith based on people’s actions!! If there are nutcases out there who just happen to be Muslim, that doesn’t mean that the religion teaches that! I spent one year in NY, USA and I can’t begin to tell the amount of stories of murder, rape, paedophilia, adultery, blasphemy, theft, weapons dealing, drug dealing, prostitution, child abuse, women abuse, rape, sodomy, etc, etc that I’ve come across over there!! Is this also the fault of the Muslims? Howcome you don’t critisize Christianity and Judaism based on these incidents, because it’s Christians, Catholics and Jews who commit these crimes!! What about all the little altar boys and girls who’ve been sexually abused over the decades?? Does the Bible or Jesus teach this?? NOooooooo!! These are the inhumane actions of devils and they do not represent any religion!! Same goes for the Muslims!!
    Anyway, I’m a mother of four and I can honestly say that being a Muslim has given me complete freedom, it has broken the bonds that this evil world had on me and every single day is a learning experience, and a happy one too!! I’m VERY happily married for 10 years now and my husband, a born Muslim treats me like a Queen and our children couldn’t have asked for a better and more loving father!
    I do not know where the hell you got scriptures about sex being allowed with animals!! It’s absolutely sickening and in my 11 years as a Muslim have never come across such nonsense!! There is soooooo much to say and soooo little time. I just wish all this hatred will stop. My mother is a Christian, she lives in my house with my Muslim family, my extended family is Christian, most of my friends are Christians!! We love and respect one another, because ultimately this is what the Quran and Bible teaches us!! As a Muslim I have definitely NOT been taught to blow people up, kill them, hate them, curse them or swear at them, on the contrary, I have indeed been taught NOT to judge others in any form or manner, because that power only belongs to God. I know that with whatever measure I judge others, with that same measure I’ll be judged one day!!
    So please, if anyone of you has any desire to utter some vulgar and offensive language to what I have said, I think you should assess yourself and ask why YOU have so much poisen inside YOU….

    • @grateful to be a muslim,

      No dear madam, we do not interpret the quran and its ayats according to our misguided thoughts because we harbour anger,hatred etc towards islam.
      Some of us use the tafsir of accredited islamic scholars such as ibn abbas, ibn kathir etc who agrees with our interpretation.

      Islam is the enemy of all other faiths and is the aggressor here. According to Q 3:85 islam will never accept other religions. Q 2:193 muslims must fight the infidels until they submit to islam. Also read Q8:39, 9:73,48:39.

      Just because your family were hypocrytical “christians” you cannot accept that as the blanket acceptance for christians. This begs the question, what is a christian? A christian is an ardent followers of Jesus Christ and his noble teachings, we also follow the bible. One example, matthew 5:44 ” love your enemies and pray for those that persecute you”. IS THERE A VERSE IN THE QURAN THAT COME CLOSE TO THIS ONE. To avoid your misinterpretation I reply from a protestant view point. You know the biblical requirements for a christian so im not going to elaborate on that. But you have made a grave mistake in assuming that christianity commited past atrocities in the past that apparently displaced nations. You seem to confuse personal human ambition with christianity. If so called christians commited killings etc, can they really be classed as christians despite them going directly against the prescriptions of Jesus Christ? Of course not. Can you be considered a muslim without proffesing the shahada, of course not.

      If a so called christian commits atrocities in the name of his religion, then he is very confused as there is no biblical reference for him to act so contrary to christianity. Its also absurd for you to insinuate that the murder, rape, drug dealing etc could be ascribed to christianity, wishful thinking indeed.

      On the other hand, if a muslim commits killing in the name of his religion, then he has quranic references justifying his behaviour, as stated in the surahs above.

      Now you say islam is peaceful, please dont just say it..proof it from the quran itself. Give us some ayats proving that islam is so peaceful and wonderful. The prescriptions for a christian is clear, so is the prescriptions for muslims, do not confuse them with peoples own personal ambitions.

  48. Judaism and Christianity also have a rule for sex with animals.

    “Don’t do it!”

    There. The Judaeo-Christian rule on sex with animals.

    • What are you; dhimmi, PC appeaser…? What religions here do you see in the firing line? None. What’s been discussed here is a political totalitarian cult masquerading as a religion, so please get yourself educated on the subject first.

  49. Jesus and the Apostles warned everyone long ago that others would come after them to deceive people. Some would say Jesus was the Messiah, or even that THEY are the Messiah, and deceive many. And there would even be those who would preach a different Gospel they received from an angel. Mohammed took a mish-mash of Jewish and Christian beliefs, consecrated his own lusts for the flesh and worldly power, borrowed a familiar pagan god the Arabic people already worshipped, and proclaimed himself a prophet and the promised “Comforter” of Christian scripture. (The true Comforter was the Holy Spirit of God that was bestowed en masse upon Jesus’ early followers on Pentacost after he ascended to Heaven.) This religion was to be “their thing”, something to top both Judaism and Christianity, and everyone below them was to be treated with contempt as backward people, slackers, defiant of Allah and worthy of death. The age-old urge of sinful men to be the master, not the servant.

  50. OK, I know little about Muslims and their religion; heck, I don’t even completely understand my own religion so I won’t go into the whole “NO-WE-DON’T-YES-YOU-DO” debate. Instead my reply stems out of a strong, if not venomous, anger from the thought of infant/child molestation and beastiality, which is what the video above was about. So now that most of you have shared your 2cents (They were very interesting btw) here’s mine:

    REGARDLESS of religion, race, and gender; anyone who rapes, molests, tortures and belittles the basic human rights of children, women, and any innocent being deserves to experience multiple painful SLOOOOW deaths and then be forevermore forgotten like the insignificant scum that he/she is.

    There. Short and sweet 🙂

  51. These are, by far, the most disgusting creatures that have ever walked the face of the earth; and I am NOT talking about the 4-legged animals.

  52. I do want to inform all of you that Islam is SPECIFICALLY mentioned in the Bible. It was mentioned pretty clearly in the Revelations to John, and this prophecy was written several hundred years before Islam was even invented… (This may seem like it doesn’t apply to this topic, but understanding where the Moslem Holey Book comes from, it fits with it’s author, Satan and what I’d assume is his views of bestiality.)
    First, we need to understand that the color that Islam uses to represent itself is green. Look at all of their flags and any ironwork they have in and around their mosques. You will see more green than anything else.
    Islam is actually the fourth horseman. Although The relevant verse says it is the “Pale” horse, it is actually the “green” horse, as the Greek word used is ‘chloros’.(Sorry, I don’t have my Greek fonts installed on this comp, so I have to use the phonetic spelling.) The other three places in scripture that use ‘chloros’ have properly translated it ‘green’. I imagine that the translators figured that since they had never seen a green horse, that they needed to go with a similar word. Feel free to look all of this up.
    Now, Moslems believe that the highest form of ‘faithfulness’ to their ‘god’ is by dying in jihad or martyrdom. They believe that they will receive an express ticket to Paradise where many dark-eyed virgins will service their every desire. (This article makes me wonder about what kind of virgins they might get…) Anyways, their holey book promises Paradise to them, but the scriptures of the true God states that they will not actually end up in Paradise but will actually end up in hell. We Christians know this, and I know for myself that I pray in a mighty way for Muslims to see the truth before it’s too late.
    The Bible passage (Rev.6:8 Please read it.) says that the green horse is ridden by Death, (Islam’s most exalted ‘exit strategy’ is death by their own hand, so long as they take “infidels” with them. It doesn’t matter to them if they are innocent women and/or children.) and the rider, Death, is followed closely by Hell. “Power was given to him to kill with the sword (Islam’s favorite execution method is beheading with a sword.)some other methods are written about. Also, currently, followers of Mohammed comprise roughly a quarter of the earth’s population. (How’d they know that way back then? Oh yeah, prophecy from the REAL God, and the numbers are accurate enough to let us know that the end is really near.)
    Sorry for trying to cram so much info into one post. I felt that I needed to in order to let people know about Islam’s presence in prophetic scripture. PLEASE, pray for them… I know it’s really hard to do that, but these people begin being deceived before they can walk or talk. Satan really did come up with the perfect recruiter in Mohammed.

    • Dear Mr. Stone:

      First, can I please ask you to give us the other three Scriptural places where the word “green” is used in Greek (presumably New-Testament?)?

      Second, if Islâm is the fourth horseman, who are the other three, please?

      [I can guess that by your scenario, the first two are false-Christianity (presumably Constantine’s legislating Sunday instead of the Jewish Sabbath might be a sign thereof), barbarian-invasions against Rome and the civilised world of the time, followed by eventually Communism – then what’s the third?]

      • In default of a reply from Mr. Stone, here is my assessment of the Four Horsemen, realising that it could be very wrong!!

        1) Islam; 2) war; 3) famine; 4) pestilence.

    • Actually you will find the correct translation of the “Green Horse” in the William Tyndale translation first published in 1534 and which, by the way, was admittedly used by the translators of the KJV. There is a footnote stating that they felt it was unbelievable since no one had ever seen a “Green” horse, forgetting that this was symbolism used to denote the coming trouble. So you are absolutely right and that is why I study from many translations and not just the KJV.

  53. Khomeni has altered Islam, he is not considered to be a representation of the true Islam by most orthodox Muslim clerics. There are many sects in Islam that claim to be real Muslims but they are in fact not practicing real Islam. It is unfortunate, but true–and I understand how confusing it is for someone who is not Muslim to be able to judge what is true Islamic practice and what isn’t. As a Muslim myself, I try to educated myself as much as possible about the one and only true way of the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth and all that exists, and the deviant sects become clear to me. Shiaism is a very deviant sect that DOES not represent the teachings of the Quran or Sunnah of the Prophet, peace be upon him. If you are trying to learn about real (orthodox) Islam read a translation of the Quran written by a scholar in the Arabic language. Read about the Prophet by experts in both the Arabic language and in history as an academic field. Why is that when you want to learn about programming, you ask an IT expert, yet when you want to learn about Islam, you go to the worst possible characters you can find who have no knowledge of Islam whatsoever? Islam is a system of highly detailed and highly structured regulations, laws, and teachings. It takes scholars their whole life to learn about Islam before they can even begin to use the title “scholar.” It is a massive injustice to try to judge a religion at its core before you even study it. In any academic field or any discipline requiring the use of logic and reason, you are required to investigate and research before you can conclude your hypothesis. If islam is so bad, why is it that many Muslims in the West continue to choose Islam everyday? Why is it that many people in the West convert to Islam? I am a Muslim living in the West with no oppressive regime censoring me or shutting me up or threatening my life–why do you think I choose Islam? Do you honestly think that an intelligent, educated, beautiful, talented woman like me would follow a religion if it teaches the men to be violent against their women?!? Why would I settle for inferiority when I can have any man I want and live any way I want?? Do you honestly think that someone like me would believe in a religion that allows horrific sexual deviance like what you describe in your blog? The answer is NO! The difference between my opinion and yours is that I researched Islam. I read the Qur’an and I investigate through experts in the Arabic language!! There are many Muslims who do not follow Islam. Judge those people, not the religion itself!! This does not give you an excuse to bash Islam. In fact, practicing Muslims are THE biggest critics of the violent, hateful, oppressive acts of non-practicing Muslims–you just haven’t known any real practicing Muslim. You CHOOSE to acquaint yourself only with the deviant people, which by the way are a minority. Most Muslims are not deviant.

    That being said, I politely and humbly invite you to read these articles which respond to the very dirty allegation you make against my religion. Note the politeness here–despite your agressive attacks on my religion. This is what the Prophet peace be upon him taught us to do!

    • LIARESS Muslimah!!!!!

      Many of us have read the Qur’ân (and in authoritative translations) and know what it tells you throat-slitters what to do to “infidels” (e.g., Sura 9:29) – not to mention with pigs and with dogs, who’re as much part of Almighty God’s Creation!!! And yes, God is YHWH (Yahweh), NOT “Allah” the moon-god of Arabia!!!!

      Furthermore, we Christians don’t have our adherents aim to kill anybody and everybody who blasphemes Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; whereas even the last tiny thing that can be taken as blaspheming Mohammed requires that who writes or says such a thing be killed without delay or ANY mercy whatsoever (poor journalist Mr. Kashgari being a case in point – and what he wrote can’t by any means be considered blasphemy in any real court of law!!). That’s absolute IDOLATRY of that arch-devil – may EVIL far worse than urine be upon that genocide, murderer, liar, rapist, thief and pædophile – how can ANYBODY want to adulate such a EVIL MAN as a rôle-model?!?? [Here, Sunni and Shi’a Islâm are ONE AND THE SAME!!!!]

      You pretend to have no coercion in religion, yet your track record of either forcing death or conversion upon infidels – or humiliating and bankrupting them into destitution and extreme misery (and all your pretences of “protection” have proved themselves to be LIES – e.g., Egypt)!!! – plus enslaving others: IT ALL SPEAKS FOR ITSELF!!!!

      To boot, your Salafi and Wahhabbi clerics justify the same identical things that the Shi’as do against all women and “infidels” (not to mention dogs and pigs once again – whom we have every reason to LOVE!!!), even worse!!! Not only that, you Muslims have NEVER renounced the use of war and terror to further your ultra-totalitarian, hateful, HATING ideology worldwide – this is how idiotic and monstrous your belief-system is, such that it ideally would kill every last man, woman and child on this planet and everywhere else it can conceivably spread!!!!

      Finally, ANY ideology that forbids art, music, science and everything “un-Islâmic” is ANATHEMA FOREVER for me and anybody else who has at least something of a brain and a heart!!!! Take your “taqiyya” ELSEWHERE, out of the West at the barest minimum if not to a place where neither the sun or the moon shine!!!

      [And yes, Our God YHWH Created absolutely EVERYTHING – and so that it all (before Man’s Original Sin) was very good!!! On the other hand, your “Allah” proves himself as SATAN by the very things he speaks in his Qur’ân (not to mention what Mohammed is chronicled as doing via the Hadith and the Sunnas!!!]

      • Shiaism and Sunni Islam are FUNDAMENTALLY different, many scholars even consider shiaism to be a completely separate religion! I am highly offended to be put under the same label as Shiaism/Shiatism

        It is forbidden to kill any innocent person. It is true that there are capital punishments under shariah law, however these capital crimes are very difficult to prove due to the embedded criminal defense system within shariah. For anyone to receive a capital punishment, she/he will have to have been witnessed committing this crime IN PUBLIC because shariah law FORBIDS SPYING on people in their private domain(s). who will openly commit a capital crime in public for all to see? This doesn’t even happen in the most liberal of places! Capital crimes require more than one simultaneous witness and ALL witnesses have to have a stellar reputation–ie they have to be known by friends, family, and society to be good and upright citizens. The witness testimony system in Islam is highly detailed and highly regulated. The aim of shariah law is not to kill people left right and centre, rather the essence is to preserve society and provide means for its nurture.

        That being said, any capital punishment in Islam is only to be carried out BY the judge in a highly detailed, complicated, regulated legal process AFTER AND ONLY AFTER a crime has been PROVEN beyond doubt (which is verryyyyy difficult to do, due to Allah mercy for his creation as HE gives people chance after chance to repent)!! This is not a license for the average Muslim Joe to terrorize people!!! Rogue justice is not permitted!!!

        Extremists who blow themselves up and kill innocent people are CONDEMNED by islam itself. They are condemned by me and ALL God-fearing Muslims. Who would want to burn in Hell for taking the life of an innocent person?? It has got to be some seriously deluded person!!!

        • And by the way, for shariah law to be implemented, it is only implemented by a Muslim state, on a STATE level, not on a neighbourhood-basement level where some wacko hacks off people’s limbs.
          It has been implemented successfully in the past–currently I do not know of a country that implements it fully and justly. Refer to the history of the great Islamic civilization which flourished for 1000 years

          • Muslimah, save your taqiyya crap for the liberal blogs. We know what your books say about non-believers and we know that
            Muslims only consider other Muslims to be “innocents” which is why there have been 18,000+ deadly Islamic terror attacks
            since 9/11. If Sharia can only be implemented in a Muslim state, why are there nearly 100 operating sharia courts in the UK?

            No one here buys anything you say, so stop wasting our time.

          • Dear Ms. BNI, thank you so very much for answering that “Muslimah” so succinctly and yet completely!!!

            The fact is that Shi’a and Sunni Islam differ principally upon the order and legitimacy of individual “caliphs” – NOT as regards Mohammed’s teachings (notably in his accursedly-filthy Qur’ân and Hadiths)!!! Khomeini in fact was truly being a pure Muslim, and for Muslimah to deny that Shi’a are genuinely Muslims just like the Sunnis proves her ignorance at best, downright mendacity at worst!!!!

          • ADHD, just a quick scan of a site like this should be enough to tell a Muslim not to try the deception route here. But it never does.

    • @Muslimah, As a muslimah living in the West your privileges are protected by Western democracy hence you can freely practice your religion and obtain your education. Its this Westen democracy that prevents islam from its true practice of killing infidels or subjecting us to pay the jizziyah tax.

      If you were living under an islamic theocracy you wouldve had a very diffrent view of islam as the true religion. You wouldve felt the wrath of islam that so clearly caters for the muslim men.

      You propogate that islam is the true religion and that its ever so peaceful. Can you please give us some proof to substantiate your believe.
      Even better, why dont you give us ONE surah/ayat from the quran where it states allah loves us infidels.

      I can proof to you the opposite with references from your islamic literature.

      You say that your prophet taught you politeness towards others but you have conveniently left out the fact that ,if your politeness doesnt work, you are commanded to kill us kafirs until we submit to islam.

      This is your opportunity to sell islam to the masses, if you can proof that islam is morally better than christianity.

      I await your response.

  54. What kind of website is this? It’s filled with ignorant individuals who know nothing about Islam, and apparently nothing about their own religion as well! I have never been so disgusted in my life! Shame on all of those who contribute to such a site. I pray to God that people can just educate themselves. This site should be shut down

    • Are you muslim? I ask because it seems you don’t have any working brain cells firing!

      You come to a website called Bare Naked Islam and you can’t tell what type of site this is? You read and yet you can’t tell from that? You have to ask?

      Then you call all of us ignorant and that we don’t know anything about Islam? Nor our own Religion! But then you pray to G-d for people to educate themselves? Many people of many different religions or no religion come to blog here.

      You are disgusted by what everyone has posted…but not disgusted by what Islam has been doing around the world? Muslims slaughtering Coptic Christians in Egypt and Christians in other countries, muslims killing Jewish families ( 3 month old baby had her head “almost” sawn off, along with her father , mother, 3 year old brother ( stabbed multiple times ) and two other children….in their home in Israel)….this doesn’t disgust you? Have you ever heard of what happened in Beslan with the school children who were held as hostages and gang sodomized, gang raped, beaten by muslims…then left to die from their internal injuries….some as young as kindergartners…in front of all the other children in the school! Muslims on the roof top of the school to keep parents and officials away!! The there’s Muslim men in other countries throwing acid in young girls faces just because they dared to get educated or because they were spurned by the young women.In Canada/USA/Australia etcetera….many muslim women being brutally honor killed because their families thought they weren’t acting muslim enough! Pakistan holds the record for that right now!! The women are buried in a seperate graveyard which is patrolled by muslim men with guns so that no one can even visit the grave sites! Women brutalized by their husband’s/brother’s/ mother’s all in the name of their un-godly G-d!

      These are only some of the atrocities that muslims have committed in the name of the un-holy G-d!! And you are disgusted by this site?

      Listen cupcake…when you can walk on water then perhaps you can judge us! You don’t seem to know anything about Religion at all. You are the ignorant one and a hypocrite as well! Shame on you!!

      You have the brazen audacity of an idiot for even suggesting that this site be taken down because it offends your sensitive feelings! It’s called free speech and if you don’t like it then don’t read it! You have free will….use it!

      BTW…don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out!

    • What a shallow, callow good-for-nothing who thinks that the governments and mainstream-media have all the answers!!!

      It’s YOU, “Joanne”, who needs to educate YOURSELF!!!! Will and Ariel Durant, anti-Christians that they are, are not too biased in favour of Islâm; thus, see what they write about that MONSTER “ideology” in Volumes 4, 6-8, 10 and 11 of their “Story of Civilization” (“The Age of Faith”, “The Reformation”, “The Age of Reason Begins”, “The Age of Louis XIV”, “Rousseau and Revolution”, and “The Age of Napoleon”.

      AFTER you’ve studied what is said about Islâm and its results in those volumes – or even concurrently – please then start studying – THAT website (as well as will give you a HUGE MASS of facts about that truly-EVIL ideology.

      When you’ve digested those books and Websites, THEN you can come back here and be ready to properly benefit!!!

      As to your claim that we know nothing about Islâm: what about the people of South-Eastern Europe who have ancestors who’ve suffered under that SATANIC ideology for CENTURIES??? These tales have been passed on from generation to generation, and BOTH sides of my family tree have forefathers who fought the Islâmic PLAGUE – you can’t say that we’re ignorant about Islâm or Christianity (or Judaism)!!!!

      I DARE YOU to try to attack what I’ve just now written… Go talk with Greeks, Slovenes, Croats, Serbs, Austrians, Hungarians, Bulgarians, Romanians, Moldovans, Ukrainians, non-Muslim Albanians, Armenians and Christian-Egyptian Copts – and see what ALL of these peoples have to say about Islâm!!!! Perhaps THAT will shake you out of your Marxist-induced torpor…

  55. You all better wake up and smell whats cooking. I know a lot about is-lame and had my share of it (as an apostate). They keep bending your rules in your countries till they break…like children they are..”We want you to respect us but we wont respect you back”. WAKE THE FU*K UP before you find yourself banished from your own countries, or pay money every month so they spare your lives like they want to do to xtians here in Egypt.

    • Nader, welcome. We love having Ex-Muslims here, especially for taking to task Muslims who come on here and accuse us of knowing nothing about Islam and the site is all lies. Usually they just leave instead of arguing with an ex, as they know they can’t deceive you as they do us.

  56. Guys, have Ʊ ever wanted †̥ know y d̶̲̥̅̊ suffix ‘SAW’ always come up after MO’s name? Well SAW stands Fø̲я̅ ‘Sex Award Winner’! Its in their ‘holly’ book that Allah gave Mr Mohammed(SAW) d̶̲̥̅̊ sexual strength 0f thirty men! Whoa! That’s a hell lot strenght.

  57. I, Curlyhammed, brother of Larry, do hereby advise that Moehammed is not a prophet at all. He was a Hassidic Jew who liked little girls.,

  58. All religions, since the beginning, at the tree of good and bad when satan lied to the woman about God. All have done something bad, in one way or another. Only our Father in the heavens, has the right to judge. And has the last say at the end of the day.If we are not meek as it is written we will all die.

  59. No wonder so many of the men kill their wives. The women aren’t supposed to have sex with animals, i.e. their husbands.

  60. Well.Well.Well..I will tell u the Truth that bites all u Muslims,Christians & Jews is that all the three religions which the Muslims,Christians & Jews are following is a open Lie all these three religions were formed duty to the FAILURENESS of HONESTY these three Religions are AXIS of EVIL and will be BURNT in HELL by HELLFIRE by ISHWAR(The TRUE GOD & KING of ALL RELIGIONS).

    • Aziz the king,where did you get those lines from??….ah! i remember now!!…it was a Tarzan Film with Gordon Scott,NO..was’nt Christopher Lee in that one??

  61. Anyone who has ever seen an Arab woman uncovered would understand why these miserable slobs would opt for animals.

    • mocibob – it’s not the womens fault they have to go arround covered up,there are some beautifull women amoungst them,to be fair they have their fair share of “Howlers” but they also have some Good looking women as well….oh my God!!..what have i said now they are gonna hunt ME down now for giving their women a Compliment!!

  62. there is no such thing u just showed u need to get the English version of QURAN n see how wrong u r!
    dont feed ur evilness it will at last harms u!

    • It’s precisely after reading the Qur’ân that I’ve learned to hate Islâm and everything about it, coupled with the fruits of Islâm as evidenced throughout 1,400 years of history!!!

  63. This is a joke to mis-lead dumb minds, is this site run by the EDL? One extremist to another brain washing, our young and future british minds! can’t people joining these groups like radical Islam and EDL see what they are about and how they make up bull to incite hatred, segregation and to make people’s blood boil, in turn brain washing them into hatred for one another. I am not Muslim nor am i Christian or catholic, i have no problem with Islam and try to understand the relegion, like wise with all relegions, i question what i here. i’ve learned that it is forbidden for a Muslim to sleep with animals and it wrong and forbidden to have sex with babies, who ever made the 1st video, get your facts straight, who ever put this on here your a idiot for not getting and finding out the reality, you went on here say and what you see in the video to create hype, second video is pure 100% bull it not a muslim man speaking, I presume it’s a Jewish man doing a translation from something that really don’t exsist to create a illusion for you to go wow out of order, but facts are out of order and false, WAKE UP PEOPLE, WAKE UP BRITAIN, BRITAIN IS FOR THE UNITED. START QUESTIONING WHO IS THE EXTREMIST PARTY, In my opinion the EDL and radical Islam are bad as each other, if you don’t understand something how can you hate it?????????????

    • Sorry to burst your spit bubble bubba….not everyone on here is British nor part of the EDL!

      If you truly understood Islam you would know of the atrocities they are committing even in your own Country!! Such as taking young British girls and turning them into prostitutes for many muslim men…against their will! It’s called rape where I’m from but hey….

      Perhaps Puddin’ you better put down the pint of Ale and start doing some research of your own! I’d start with looking at news articles from around the world! Search out the ones that are about Islam and it’s followers!

      BTW…there is no “Radical” Islam….it’s all just Islam! It’s not just a religion …it’s a political agenda wrapped in a cosy little jacket of Religion. This is the ultimate extremist party!!

  64. @ barenakedislam
    So do the Vietnamese and others, and eat them.
    Still, no substantiation for the legitimacy of having sex with animals by muslims according to islamic law, or even the denial of the legitimacy of this specific practice by the sharia or so.
    I think I have to call the MythBusters.

    • Peter….

      MythBusters is a totally useless site to substantiate anything. They are in the same category as Snopes and All have lied and said things that just aren’t true.

      Best bet….for truth on Islam ….get a hold of the Muslim Candian Congress…Tarek Fatah should be able to set you right with the truth!

  65. BNI….man oh man…you sure do have your work cut out for you after reading these comments. One made me spew the water I was drinking while reading….Keith Mahone (aka Charles Martel)…..So glad to see you up and running again….hope it’s longer than the threat date they gave you! If muslims discount these reports then why the hell don’t we hear them SHOUTING from mecca to us “infidels”? Why aren’t we hearing their voices on blogs and tv and in newspapers? I for one am thinking about wrapping bacon around my dogs collar just incase. Muslim is pure evil and hate…it’s beyond barbarric…’s pure pedophilia and beastiality and they demand we infidels tolerate their beliefs yet they kill us for ours. I’m white…I’m female and I’m a conservative CHRISTIAN who has many conservative JEWISH friends. Before 9/11….I would have welcomed anyone of any faith into my home….Now all may enter except muslims. When I hear a majority of muslims denounce the filth they call the “Holy Qu’ran”, I may lighten my heart and mind towards them. ok I just lied, but I want to start hearing them denounce their own!

  66. I am also interested in the particular ways some muslims apparently tend to care for animals, but to be honest I found the evidence somewhat poor.
    OK, there are the writings of one Khomeini, but they are relative modern and I can’t find the verses in the Koran he based his opinion on.
    Then there is the other video above here, which does not substantiate much on the specific topic of having sex with animals by muslims either.

    By the way matters are dealt with in this article ( one can deduce islamic influences on the decision made by the Council of Elders in Hai Malakal – Sudan. But again, based upon what ?
    Clearly Mr. Tombe was not accused of mistreatment of the goat, but why ?

    So my question is, does anyone know where I can find in the historic islamic books any discussion or statement about bestiality, and/or maybe more important is there any islamic law that deny the legitimacy of this specific practice ?

  67. It is almost commical to read all the posts by muslims and others that are truly ignorant of any religion. Especially the one we no refer to as Islam. They used to be called Mohammedans and for good reason. Allah is NOT the same God of Israel and Christianity! Never was! And the posts by these silly mulimes proves their ignorance! They can’t read and write! And they want to know if WE studied? They need to all go back to Mesopotamia and have a mass beheading!

  68. Asif said:
    “Stop this joke you animal.we will conquer usa and we will make it a pure islamic state”

    You will be in for a rude awakening at the Bema Seat when Jehova God judges your worship of Satan.:-}

  69. Palestinian=Expelled arab migrant worker who is considered a ‘palestinian’ if they or their descendants spent two years in the West Bank prior to 1948, with or without docs…These Arab muslims are refugees and vagabonds from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Iraq etc. The lying muslims on here are just tools to use against the Israeli state. Human tools with no country and no history. Please, show me a HISTORY of “palestinians” (which, by the way, is an evolution of the word PHILISTINE!) that excludes Jews from the same land over the millenia.

    Oh, I forgot, muslims say Jews NEVER lived in ‘palestine’….

  70. Hey ,
    This isn’t our islam and also these books are not our holy books. We muslims ‘ve only 1 book “Quran Pak” and we follow it,read “Quran Pak” translation and try to understand what it said about sex ,mankind and other religions. These books and references are totally false ,not even from the islam .Animal sex is highly prohibited in our religion,muslims didn’t allow to have sex and marriges with animals.May God bless you and guided to the right path.

    • Apparently you can pretend that what you read only means what you want it to mean, instead of what it actually means to a great many of those who subscribe to the same religious beliefs as you. Go screw a goat… your buddies do.

  71. We “infidels” all the more PROUDLY DEFY you with all that we’ve got!!!! Go back to your Islâmic hell-holes and make something out of them before thinking of forcing your SATANIC IDEOLOGY upon the rest of us, if you REALLY want to think about conquering people’s hearts – if you have ANY good whatsoever in you!!!

    Otherwise we despise and hate your “religion” as being the SATANIC EVIL that it is – and Mohammed we particularly consider as THE Anti-Christ of all time!!!!!

  72. Asif, it’s you and your fellow-Muslims that in spite of your human exterior are ANYTHING BUT HUMAN in your hearts thanks to Islâm!!!

    If you conquer the whole planet, what then?? You’ll then continue warring with each other over Sunni vs. Shi’ite, Wahhabbi vs. other Sunnis, 7-imam Shi’ites vs. 12-imam Shi’ites; furthermore, you’ll continue all sorts of other internecine wars à la Iraq-Irân, mullahs and muftis vs. dictators, and so on and on ‘ad nauseam’!!!! And in the meantime you’ll have destroyed stuff that without God will NEVER be replaced!!!

    How do you feel about being looked upon as even WORSE THAN ALL BARBARIANS??? Because that’s who Muslims truly you are!!!

  73. Dear bni, what you are doing is great. Keep it up, monetize it if there is a way b/c you deserve something for your time. I can’t imagine you have time for anything else!

  74. Blake Tareg certainly does not write as someone as well studied as he claims to be.

    Anyone, Blake, who reads beyond Surah 2, thinking they are reading something that is a holy and profound guide to life, is a barbarian. As for the numbers of people who identify with a religion, the great majority are just born to it. The numbers in no way indicate the existence of some moral justification. That ‘logic’ is resoundingly dismissed by the adage: “eat sh_t; a trillion flies can’t be wrong.”

    Nothing in the Quran that happens to actually be sensible cannot be found elsewhere. The rest if it is vicious filth dispersed amongst religious platitudes.

    As Bausch Fawstin points out, most Muslims never really read the Quran, only learning excerpts some imam uses to indoctrinate them.

  75. Good site BNI
    Having read the comments from muslims on here it reinforces my belief that muslims are brainwashed and backwards in their outlook and I wonder what they intend to do if their plan of conquest comes to fruition

  76. Asif… your postings here just go to show how pathetic Muslims are and how well you have been brainwashed. Your comments about taking ‘conquer usa only we also conquer this planet’ goes to show that Islam is NOT any form of religion but a political doctrine with the emphasis on domination and control. I say keep posting your beliefs here as you are doing more to turn people against Islam than any number of posts by so called ‘islamophobes’ . Keep up the good work of shooting yourself in the foot and giving the world Islam’s TRUE desired outcome..

  77. Well tell your immans and mullahs who issued the it’s “ok to have sex w goats fatwah.”
    Syphillus came from camels matey.
    Put that in your ummah peace pipe and smoke it.

  78. Just u people r creating communal war . First u have 2 think that we r human being . So think about it . dont behave like a anima.l

    • Insan… I can only assume by your post that you are Muslim as it reads like ALL Muslim posts.. Islam is the victim when in reality it is the CAUSE of problems. You state that this site is ‘creating communal war’ well a REALITY CHECK for you.. this site DOES NOT KILL MUSLIMS.. wish the same were true of Muslims. Honour killings, beheadings, cropping off limbs, Sunnis blowing up Shi’ite, Shi’ite blowing up Sunnis and Muslims of any persuasion killing anyone they don’t like and who will not bow to them. Before you condemn take a close look at what Islam really is and condemn that BEFORE you start pointing the blame finger at everyone else. Oh no you CANT as you are Muslim and therefore by definition ALWAYS THE VICTIM.

  79. That isn’t dream.we will not conquer usa only we also conquer this planet.why u use fake name, do u so affraid.u use fake name because u are not human.u are half animal and half alien.

  80. Muhammed was a charismatic illiterate who admired and wanted to be part of discussion with Jewish elders of his community. When they callously rejected and humiliated him for being a ‘son of Ishmael’, he started his own religion plagiarized directly from the Torah.
    His 9-year-old bride’s daddy seized on that rage for profit and power. Abu Bakr was the brains behind a useful idiot.
    Much of the world is Muslim – as mentioned in previous comments – because Islam dictates conquering by force and killing all who refuse to follow.
    The spirit called ‘Allah’ is NOT the God of Creation who set a tree in the Garden of Eden for the sake of man’s free will.
    Allah is a god of force, terrorism, murder and enslavement – requiring his subjects to bow and worship several times each day and live as barbarians; one who takes pleasure when his subjects treat each other savagely.
    Worship whomever you choose, but “as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”; aka the true and living God of love, mercy and grace. After all, He wins in the end.
    To earnest Muslims – I urge you to research the roots of Islam and choose the God of your grandfather Abraham, rather than the poser-god called Allah.

    • You think that we’re sick – yet we’ve presented proofs from your Qur’ân and other sources.

      If you want to show that we’re deceived, counter us relative to the Qur’ânic and other sources that we’ve used to back our positions up!!! Here we need FACT, NOT EMOTION!!!!

      In other words, PROVE US WRONG by the logic we’re using – NOT force meant to shut us up by killing us as that won’t prove ANYTHING WHATSOEVER!!!!

  81. Am I right?

    Muslims have been inbreeding since Mohammad (Hell roast him) first had intercourse with a 9 year old 1400 years ago which started the rot in their mental faculties.

    Here in the UK 60% of jailbirds are muzzies, the same for defective children.

    They have contributed nothing to the pool of human knowledge – except how to self-destruct!

    When the civilised world has got round the energy problem, which it will, what are they going to do with all that sand, they wont even allow pyramids to be built?

    This universe is billions of light years across – why should we allow mentally retards to spoil our little stay here?

  82. @Ms Raoul: Nowhere in the Christian bible does it advocate rape or sex outside marriage and certainly is not advocated by the Church or most, if at all, of the protestant faiths. But there it is, good evidence that the Ayotollah Khomeini raped a four year old girl as described like yesterday’s breakfast by one of his aides. That pattern goes all the way back to the alleged prophet when he murdered people that got in his way… Let his armies rape the vanquished. Raped slaves himself (adultery). Had a woman quatered (halved) for no stated reason. The list goes on.

    Muslims are commiting these crimes way out of proportion to their numbers with muhamed as their example.

    PS: I discovered another use for the Hijab: Hiding Shiners!! There she was, a muslim lady walking opposite to me with the left side of her veil pulled over her black left eye. Where do you think she got that one?

  83. muslims on here need to go away to your own country. You all follow an evil god that you made up. You are all full of hate, even hate your own family.
    my God will take care of all evil, so beware of being evil.


  84. you talk about islam and muslims being pedo’s but look at how many priest’s and vickers are getting arrested for this crime , doesnt it say in both the quran and the holy bible that we should be kind to each of our neighbours???? there’s good and bad in both religions, so why is all the blame on muslims.????? maybe a few people on here should do some more research on the quran first befor commenting.

    • ms rasoul… It is true that members of the CATHOLIC faith commit acts of paedophilia (so no VICARS involved, only priests) but unlike Muslim clerics, they do not feel that it is their god given right to abuse these children. If investigations were carried out then you would find that the problems in the Catholic church are just the tip of the iceberg compared to that in Islam. Such a pity that the authorities are so scared to investigate and take action.

      Several undercover investigations show widespread physical and sexual abuse of children but authorities always cite the ‘insufficient evidence’ clause when it comes to prosecution… you must ask the question.. WHY?? Even when there is actual evidence showing faces, identities and what they do, the Muslim world closes ranks and denies any wrong doing. Basically, one paedophile protecting another or are you saying that the Muslim world is so stupid they cannot see what is happening.

      You say that people should research the Qu’ran before they comment, may I suggest you take your own advice? The only question you need to ask yourself, which one of the 000’s of re-writes of the Qu’ran do you want to research? The one which shows that women are second class people and nothing better than slaves, or the one that shows that women are equal and should be educated, or the one which says that a woman should be stoned if her husband THINKS she has had an affair.. or….the list goes on. I will ask the question here again as the last time I asked it no one dared to answer it….

      Why do Muslims HATE Jews? Mohammed’s third wife was a Jewess which he loved dearly. Even more poignant when you finally realise that the Qu’ran is based on the Jewish Torah and Christian Bible.. When did the hatred of Jews come in? Was it before or after Muslims allied themselves with Nazi Germany?

      • ex-muslem – Child abuse is a problem Mankind has had from the Year”Dot”,it has not been given the any other book but the”man-written”book you yourself read,it is not a Catholic – Jewish – Protestant – Hindu or any other Religion you care to mention,it is and (sadly)still remains a problem the Human Race has,but it seems the muslems don’t Qualify for that last part.!!

  85. Aligohar and Tanvar…I would say to you..You won’t talk to Jews, yet you have no reason for your hatered of them. You were raised to be a Jew hater, but you won’t explain your reasons, ….that is because deep down, you know your reasons don’t add up.
    Further, you say you will debate the issues on here. No, you won’t. I will debate them with you, I am not Jew and will not rail on you, but you will not answer my questions. You will not answer them because you would not be able to control your anger. This will happen because when it gets to the point that you are uncomfortable from realizing your answers are not sounding smart, logical, reasonable, or in any way satisfying. The reason I know this is because I have talked with Muslim extremeist before and since your blind faith in your religion is misplace, when it comes to the point where you actually do have to explain it, you can’t. Frustrating, right? but you don’t question it…Sad.

  86. If you are not Christian and have Jesus the Christ as your Saviour then please leave the United States and do not go into any part of the world killing anyone and using a religion as your badge. There is only one God and that God is the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. He has only one son and His name is Jesus. Now, when all this is said and done any other than Christians and having Christ as their Saviour will be cast into the abyss and then into the inferno where the worm never dies and the fire is never quenched. I wish for the sake of the Lord that anyone that takes the life of another would be quickly cast away into a place where they are all together and where they will never be able to leave and hurt anything again. So help us Lord God of Heaven.

      • Dear Ms. BNI:

        I don’t somehow think that Floyd was thinking quite clearly when he wrote what he wrote above. It’s obvious that he was really addressing those who don’t worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – meaning Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and other non-Judæo-Christian people, atheists included.

        Obviously he could have phrased it differently: he comes across as a red-neck who wants no exotic peoples, alas. At least, we know that generally – if kept in reasonably small numbers in any given area, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Shintoists aren’t likely to use violence. [Obviously, when Indira and Sanjay Gandhi waged war against certain Sikh “holy-places”, they thought it grounds enough to commit terroristic acts, alas…] Thus, without going all “multicultural” and the rest, he still can learn that not all minorities should be made unwelcome somewhere. As to our individual salvation, that’s our business as INDIVIDUALS – we obviously don’t want to start killing each other as not fitting into this denomination or that sect (be it Orthodox vs. non-Orthodox Jews, Presbyterians vs. Catholics or Orthodox, etc.) – that’s why we’re better than the muztards!!!

    • Just a simple reply.. I am not Christian or Jewish.. I am a Native American.(pagan) This is my place.. but then I don’t think you intended it to sound that way. I agree they should leave as well.

  87. islamic women with missing lips and noses, melted skin from acid attacks, and deadly beatings.
    How dare you say we are scared. I’m telling
    ya, I ain’t scared, bring it on, cowardly islam.

  88. Hey ya islamic mates have just the blown the shit outta ya mates in Bagdad, all in accord w your loving ( jokes) quran. allah and his faje prophet aren’t smart, they’re illiterate and hateful. The stink’n quran is sitting next to me right now, it screams of murder and oppression

  89. It is nothing but a hatred spread by western Christians as they are scared enough….all the information given in the videos from quran and hadith are simple misinterpreted and explained out of context….so the meaning gets changed…if you want to learn about ISLAM then go through Quran with commentary from any of the scholars of Islam….if allah wants,you can get the real information and feel why islam is the only religion having solution for all kind of problems….:)

    • I am reading the koran, a free copy from Sydney islamic mob. it deserves, after i have read it, pissing on, drying out, dosed with petrol and burning. It a total evil tome and is not wanted in my country Australia if you ask me.

    • Tanvir… It IS the scholars of Islam which CAUSE the problems as they interpret the writings in their own way and say that it is the correct one. It DOES NOT HELP when Muslims do not understand the language of Islam… Jihad, for example, stated by Muslims as HOLY WAY..THIS IS WRONG.. it ACTUALLY means, STRUGGLE, but scholars re-wrote the meaning to mean holy war just so that they could get people to do what they want. Islam is based on lies and deceit and is followed by people with little or no intelligence and anyone who challenges it will be dealt with severely.

      There are thousands of Muslim scholars of Islam in the world who are scathing of the religion stating that it is nothing but a political doctrine designed to force people into compliance, and the response from those who are at the top of the Islamic lying tree? Fatwas taken out on them and the death penalty for daring to tell the truth.

      The solution for all kind of problems yo refer to is a simple one, KILL everyone who disagrees, maim them if you THINK they have done something wrong, behead anyone who does not comply and blow up fellow Muslims who have a slight differing belief. Tell me, why doe Shi’ites want to kill Suni Muslims and vice versa and ALL in the name of a PEACEFUL religion, If you believe the rhetoric then you are more misguided and brainwashed than your post indicates.

      Before you reply stating that I am a Jew loving Christian, look at the name here.. I was born and raised Muslim, my father and grandfather were Imams who were KILLED for NOT teaching hatred and killing as was required. As too many Mullahs have stated through history.. In Islam understanding is NOT required but blind obedience is….That should tell you something about the ‘religion’.

  90. I saw many comments on here that were well thought out, and then….well, the lack of love for another human…it’s a sign of the times. “and in the end days, the love of many will wax cold.”
    1 John 3:10 10 This is how we know who the children of God are and who the children of the devil are: Anyone who does not do what is right is not a child of God; nor is anyone who does not love his brother.
    I am not Muslim, however, I refuse to disrespect anyone who is. I don’t agree with their “religion” as I have read the Quran and even though there are Muslims who interupt it in a way that allows them to be kinder than others, it is a book that encourages retaliation, and a lack of tolerance for others. This in turn kills love for others. Don’t hate the human, hate the sin. Pray for the person and love them. Hate will not change anyone to your point of view.
    I firmly believe there will be a variety of people in heaven who will be from different religions…how? because some will reject the bad in their religion and hold fast to what is good, and Godly. If you were raised in doctrines as strongly as Muslims are, you would hold fast to it also, no matter who cursed you. In fact, those who “blast” Muslims with strong, angry words…to you I say, you are only driving them deeper into their beliefs. Isn’t it possible that we could all do with a little more love for each other?

      • “Isn’t it possible that we could all do with a little more love for each other?” This is the line you are taking issue with…barenakedislam? I’m sensing that you approve anger, hatred, and displays of disrespect? And you base that on Muslim “religion” and treatment of others? Please, tell me if this is or is not what you are saying. I read almost all of your site. I am blessed to be an extremely fast reader.
        I would say to you,…I don’t approve of the Klue Klux Klan either, but I won’t spew uglies at them. Same with those who hate African Americans, or how about the ones who hate whites? Maybe we could all rip up the Mexicans for being in our country? What I’m saying is this: your attempts to stop Muslims and all that a majority of them stand for and practice, is not working. It can’t.
        You need to be factual, and learn to listen to others in order to reason with people. Not all people can be reasoned with, but I’ve yet to see anyone won over by being verbally mauled and ridiculed. Have you?

        • Laura, the anger and hatred you see here are a reaction to the actions of muslims, which is destructive to the West.As for disrespect? I see no reason to show any respect for a people who want anyone who doesn’t believe what they do to be dead.
          It’s really quite basic. I didn’t hate muslims until I learned how much they hated me. In my faith, we believe in an eye for an eye. I am not trying to win muslims over to my way of thinking. I am trying to make it so uncomfortable for them to be here that they will leave and go back to where they can live with their own kind. They do not fit into civilized societies.

          • Barenakedislam, sorry I couldn’t get back to you sooner..busy, Holiday…:) I already had Your motive figured out and the direction you were going with your anger, however, it won’t work. Muslims will not get “uncomfortable” enough to leave America. Why? Simple, our President brought them here, gives them a “stipend” to free houseing, free groceries, transportation, and education…for a hard core Muslim who already looks at Americans as wasteful, and has been brought up to fault us for having more than them…they actually look at this as their right to take from us if we are stupid enough to be that wasteful. Their pride isn’t the same as ours! Your site and anger would be better directed at getting our “closet Muslim” of a President out of office and bringing in someone who doesn’t want any aliens in our country. Go after those who bring them into our country. Also, it’s rare, but not all Muslims are filled with hatred towards us, but if you keep ripping on them, it’s bound to make those think we’re all about hating them! Use your anger wisely…you were smart enough to start this site. I can tell you can accomplish much if you think about what I’m saying and not taking insult. Peace unto you. Laura

          • Laura, there are plenty of websites dedicated to getting the IslamoFascist out of the White House. I have an entire Category here called “Islamobama” in the sidebar which does the same thing but it is not the focus of the site. The only reasons muslims hate this site is because it exposes the truth about them which they try to hide. And yes, it is certainly making us hate them more than ever before, which I don’t see as a bad thing.

            Advice rejected.

  91. @MCB
    It doesn’t state that females should cover the face, that is optional all that is asked is that the hair is covered and that we dress modestly. Regarding the wife you can’t just up and get as many wives as u want, u have to be able to provide the same things for your 2nd wife as the 1st, home, food etc. And the 1st wife must agree with u getting remarried. Women have equal rights to men. We can work, go out and socialize. Some people portray us to be these opressed creatures bt no we are not.
    Hope that helps

    • Why do you believe you have equal rights? Does it not say in the koran that a woman’s testimony is only worth half of a man’s? If women are so equal…why do they get thrown into a pit and buried up to their chest so that they can be stoned to death for adultery but the men get to stand in the open? If a woman is raped…she is the one considered for an honor killing…not the man who defiled her against her will? Why do women need a male escort or permission to go anywhere from their homes? Why is it so difficult for a woman to get a divorce but the man only has to say “I divorce you” 3 times? Why do the men get to marry more than one woman but the women can not have more than one husband? Why do women sit apart in the mosque from the men? Why haven’t women been allowed to keep their clitoris like Allah made them? If equal then perhaps they should be asked if they wish to have that barbaric practice performed on them without anethesia!

      Here’s the biggie….if you say that veils or burkas are optional…then why do muslim women in western countries want to wear them so badly? Covering up like that can cause one to develop Rickets from lack of sunshine for the development of vitamin D. Why would they not want to assimilate?

    • I understand from your post that you are a Muslim lady. Tell me if women are so equal to men in Islam, can a woman have 4 Husbands? By right she should be able to.

      • Speaking as a woman…what woman in her right mind would want four husbands? I shudder to think of such a nightmare. 😀

        I never use that argument with the mohammadan supremacists simply because biologically it doesn’t make sense for a woman to have four husbands. Women can only have one child every nine months while a man can impregnate dozens of women in the same time frame.

        I always ask them where are the female imams, sheiks and grand poobahs? More importantly why, if women are allegedly equal in mo’s mad cult, did mo claim the majority in hell were women. Their answers to that one are varied and very telling of their inherent misogynist natures.

  92. @ALI GOHAR or any true muslim who visit this site

    Couple of questions I have on Islam

    1 – Where and when in you Holy book it says that all girls/females should cover their faces in public
    2 – What are the rules of getting a second wife(let alone third and fourth)
    3 – What does it say in Holy Quaran about the status of women – is it above – below or at par with men.

  93. Looking back at previous comments I want to correct a few things islam Is about peace and I’m not here to preach dnt worry. The correct term for the Quran is not Holy its nobal as holy is used for God no matter what religion u r. People are corrupt nt religions, it gets on my nerves when muslims go around stating all muslims hate kafirs, as that term is used in a incorrect way. If we all practiced what we preached instead of talking out of our backside then maybe people wouldn’t talk badly about islam. Muslims who agree with 9\11 are NOT true muslims as it was a horrible tym 4 every1 expecially the families who lost loved ones. Basically what I’m saying is sometimes we bring all the hate on ourselves by the way we act and the things we say. Oh and another thing I DO NOT hate jews\christians or any other religion what I hate is stupid people. (just in case u haven’t already guessed I am a muslim) my mum is christian and my dad athiest and my best friends are jewish and I love them all. Now that’s islam

    • How about given a) the MANY wars that Muhammad waged and commanded his followers to wage against “infidels”? b) How about Islâm’s being used to conquer MILITARILY such huge territories as the entire Middle East and North Africa, needing SEVEN CENTURIES to be eradicated from Spain, ENSLAVING people (especially blacks) for 1,400 years, generating war all across South-Eastern Europe?? Usually one doesn’t hate without having first experienced hate himself!!! I can tell you that it’s not for nothing that Greeks, Hungarians, Serbs, Romanians, Ukrainians, Russians, Croats, Slovenes and many Austrians ALL HATE a “religion” that COMMANDS its adherents to HATE “infidels”!!!

      Truly, no need of your taqiyya here!!!

    • @respectwhenrespected, I think that you mean well as a human being, but your religion does not back up your claim of islam being peaceful at all.
      As a muslim you are subjected to the doctrine and idealogies of islam without pause.

      Iam still to meet a muslim who can bring proof to the table that islam is peaceful. A few ayats or hadith would suffice.

      You say those muslims who committed the 9/11 atrocities projects a wrong view of islam. The question is, will they now go to hell or heaven for committing this act . According to the quran they have done absolutely nothing wrong. In Q 2:193 you are commanded to kill infidels UNTIL all infidels submit to islam. They will now be reward their price in paradise.

      As you have noticed, there are a still a bunch of us infidels around so there are still tons of people to kill according to this surah.. Also read Q 3:85 alongside aforementioned ayat.

      I admire the fact that you have Jewish friends and that you love them dearly. But according to the quran you are in violation of your religion. In Q 5:51 muslims are commanded not to take christians and Jews as their friends. Are you committing a sin against allah by violating this surah. Allah knows best.

      No, I havent interpreted these surahs wrong, I have consulted the tafsir of ibn abbas and ibn kathir who interprets these surahs the same way.

      May the blessings of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ be upon you.

  94. @Don’t need to know… You commented the following, “They are all religions, an for your information the bible and the Torah were both once the same as the Quran, until people decided to change the wording, and mix up things. Christians, Jews, Muslims all have the same beliefs.”

    Where on earth did you get educated??? The Torah and Bible predate the Quran by CENTURIES dumb-ass.

    The next comment you posted, “The only difference is we don’t believe Jesus is God’s son, there is no proof after all…” WTF?? You need proof that Jesus was God’s son, but believe everything in the Quran to be true, based on faith…

    You and your religion are contradictory my friend… May the horses and legions of Alexander the Great rise and purge the middle-east, part II.

  95. Mohammed was not a prophet… Islam is not a continuation of the Torah or Bible but a complete re-write to fit into a then pagan Arabic society that was left out of both texts as they played no part in either.

    Non of the previous prophets in the Torah or Bible re-wrote or “corrected” what was already prophesied and written. How odd…

  96. i am sorry to interrupt,i want to tell to those people who are talking about freedom of islam a fact of the 99 comic creator Dr. Naif A. Al-Mutawa,one of the men i believe he truly loves islam and his country,but muslims hated him for making ”fun” of islamic culture.As he stated in a magazine:” I asked my litlle son to tell me his opinion about the comic characters”the boy criticized the drawings.”I asked him then to criticize a picture of holy qur’an.the boy replied it’s perfect.”Why is that?”asked the father.”because it is on god’s book”his son replied.i’m not a muslim nor a jew.i’m not a hater.i learned to read about facts before sharing my opinion,I’m 100% Greek christian born free and proud.

    • Actually, that would be an insult to Satan. Satan is evil, but brilliant and powerful. Mohammed was not very bright, and powerless unless he was attacking defenseless or poorly equipped forces. When he launched an attack against the Byzantines in 630, the Byzantines handed his forces their arse. The eventual victories came due to the continued weakening of Byzantine and Sassanian forces by wars with each other.

  97. Maria’s comments confirm everything I know to be filthy about islam. Maria is happy and supportive of the death of many innocents on 9/11. We won the first half she said. Oh But islam is telling me we are not involved in Jihad. I get so confused, all the lying. One muslim tells me I don’t get it, and the next muslim wants to kill me because I am a dirty Infidel. I can’t tell them apart, just ban the bloody lot of them. Oh by the way can anyone tell me where syhpillus derived from?

  98. The fact is … people are scared of Muslim’s. and u should b ! bark as loud as u can we don’t care because we know who are we if u were knowing Islam then u would b a Muslim.
    sacredness makes u people to speak bullshit. aaahhhh ….! But who cares. Brothers and Sisters we won the half of the battle against Kafir’s . soon we’ll wn this !

    • “Maria”, had we Westerners known better 100 years ago than to have ANYTHING WHATSOEVER to do with you throat-slitting Muzzies when oil was starting to come into vogue in our world, you would have been struggling and writhing along in the abject poverty you were in then straight through THIS VERY DAY!!!!

      You would have had ZERO “conquests”, you would be prostrate on the ground in front of us proud “kaffirs”, you would be of complete INSIGNIFICANCE, where just the least little motion of your finger would bring about so much more misery that you would even kill yourselves ‘en masse’!!!!

      As it is: thank you for shocking us out of our complacency, Marxist-induced self-destructive, anti-Christian, anti-life, moribund sleep!!! If we merely put you back into your place in the Middle East, strip you of all your riches (doesn’t matter whether it be gold, silver, currencies, etc.) and leave you dirt-poor, you can praise your incestuous, ultra-hating, dirty, lying DEMON Allah that we didn’t instead exterminate you from the earth the way you truly deserve down to the last Muslim man, woman and child!!!!

      • ADHD… Damn I thought that I was an articulate effective writer. That is until I read that beautifully written retort to a missguided retard. Good for you1

        A Fan

        • Thank you, Mike.

          I know all too well that I’m far too loquacious and long-winded for my own good. If that above posting has actually done some good, to God Almighty YHWH (Yahweh), Father, Son and Holy Ghost be all the Credit and Glory!!!

  99. The double standard of Religion! Islam a religion? If so why is it so backward and violent against its own people and others? Stinks more like a Satanic Cult than anything else. There is good reason why Islamic vermin stays in the vast ruins of the Middle East and other undesirable places. They are not welcome in the Civilized world of law and equality. Keep your cursed holy book and false prophet and burn them all on your camel dung fires. Only then will you see your real future on this planet.

      • I’m VERY AWARE both of what your “religion” preaches and of what MINE preaches!!!

        I’ve NEVER seen so much HATE (especially for the sake of hating) anywhere else than in Islâm!!! Truly, even being an atheist is better than to be a Muslim!! Again, so much hate, so many lies, so much incitement to harm things and people who’ve never harmed you in the first place and upon whom you even depend for our own life!!! I rejoice in respecting women as my equals, in loving dogs as animals who truly not only are NOT unclean when given a real chance but who have such a PURE love for Mankind which one can often never find among one’s own fellow-men (women absolutely included), in loving non-believers as people who can have something of a truth to reveal that can renew one’s own beliefs, and loving EVERYTHING on this earth and elsewhere as the True Creation of a Loving, Omniscient, Omnipotent God Who Can DO Miracles without needing people – and who doesn’t need to worry about ANY of your “jinn” you so fear!!!

        I rejoice in My Lord’s saying: 1) Thou shalt LOVE the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy mind and with all thy body; 2) thou shalt love THY NEIGHBOUR AS THYSELF – and as He Illustrated with the Parable of the Good Samaritan, where He Shows how “infidels” can be far better people than the “believers” – and you muzzies HATE IT ALL!!!!

        Yes, Islâm will NEVER be even equal to Christianity, let alone “better”!!!!

    • hi Manta, you say Islam is double standard, preaches violence, etc. etc. if you really want to know about Islam just try to go through Koran, simple,I tell you Manta you will cry with happiness. its time to open your soul, try to see things in the light of truth and reality. come on… grow up… I will help you… ask me question 1 by 1 I will definitely try to answer you. I have read and understood Koran partly, not completely, now I love everything…. no frustration… no aggression…. by the way even camel dung can be used as fuel instead of wasting petrol and gas.. its organic…. ha ha ha just joking my dear friend…. hope to get a lovely reply….

      • I recommend the New Testament of the Bible instead!!!! It and the Old Testament are FAR BETTER reading AND far more truthful than those imposters the Qu’rân and the Hadiths ever can hope to be!!!!

        DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

        • Is Dis wat realy ur religion preaches ? Mr ADHD Either Islam Nor Chritanity Preaches Violence but this politics (Government) who hold the power plays games with peoples emotions & use them for their benifits u all guys shud understand dis. Only one things is great in dis world that respect everybody and mind ur own tongues n any religion is not bad, bad is a single person(himself) for his action people shud live for love n oen Soul it is karma which is going to decide their fate…..J J

        • To “Dreams Unlimited”: you better get working on some serious study of Islamic History and “civilisation” (in fact, “ANTI-civilisation” would describe it better!!!). If you really knew it, you wouldn’t write what you wrote!!!!

          Pity I didn’t see your ignorant posting earlier…

      • Dear Dreams Unlimited: are you stupid or what? Islam does preach violence. Duh. That’s why the rest of the world that has read the books is pissed off at Muslim apologists and ignorant idiots who say stupid things like “Islam does not preach violence”. Read and educate yourself before you defend them. They are trying to take over. They do want to enact Sharia law in every country of the world. They actually believe that they need to kill all who do not venerate Muhammad as a holy prophet. They actually believe it is their duty to start WWIII to bring about the end of the world and judgement day. They actually believe that they need to convert or kill. The ones who don’t, don’t know their religion and want it to be a peaceful religion but in fact it does preach violence. Go read for yourself.

  100. ISLAM’S rules are absolutely right.
    This is your mental problem or we can jelous for islamic rules that you can not under stand these things.

    • muneeb – We don’t have any problemls understanding what is acceptable in our own Society,we have Laws for that,but your “man-written”book does not apply in these Countries,so keep your book in your own Country where it belongs in the Pre-Bronze age where it applies.

  101. To all the muslims who commented on this issue raised above, I think you should sit down and look carefully at what IS the Qu’ran (Koran) and u will discover that u have been LIED to. From lifting off the pages of the Torah and the Bible to infusing damnable heresies and doctrines of devils; from abusing women and children to murdering innocent people. There is no moral ground to call ISLAM a religion of peace. May prayers for u all at all times is that some of u will come to see the LIGHT.

  102. HMMMMMMMmm maybe this is why the traitor in chief.. has made some sort of comment concerning beastality…guess he needs to find himself another outlet…puke…

  103. btilly,
    the BIBLE, makes mention of what is known as ht eholy trinity.
    GOD the father, GOD the son ( jesus ) , andGOD the holy spirit, ( jesus after crucifiction ) or for lack of a better term or explanation, ” what was, what is, and what shall be”

  104. Ayatollah Khomeni of Iran said that men can screw an animal, afterwards sell it to the next village. He said that after he said sex with a 2 month old baby was holy. The Little Blue Book written in 1990 in Iran.

    Muslims have sex before marriage all the time and call the women whores when after sex this makes them whores lovers. Muhammed sexed Maria the Coptic slave of his wife Sawda, a woman he was not married to. She was a white Egyptian with long pretty hair, whose father was a Greek and molther was a white Berber.

    Muslims are either naive of just plan dumb.

    Jesus never said kill anyone and he was God’s son. He was not God, but said pray to the Father who was his GOD. Jesus was killed but God was not. God sent Jesus to the earth to regain what the perfect man Adam lost. He remained faithful. He was resurrected by GOD and is not at GOD’s right hand. Allah has no name, but is a Hindu word for god, in their Vedas. Illah is Arabic.Elohim is Hebrew for God. Muslims have a god with NO NAME. ALLAH IS NOT A NAME AS MAN IS NOT A NAME.

    Gnostic Christians have made Christianity a bad name as Jesus and ther apostles never said go killing to make Christians, that’s Islam.

    When Muhammad said he went to see Allah to reduce prays, and met Moses on the way back, he lied as Jesus had already said no one had entered heaven before he came and resurrcted.
    MO lied.

    • You wrote: “Allah has no name, but is a Hindu word for god, in their Vedas. Illah is Arabic.”
      This totally does not make sense to me. Where did the Hindus come here? Allah is NOT mentioned in the Vedas. Allah is the Arabic name for God.
      I agree that Islam is a monstrosity, the Quran is perversion but heaping ridicule on Allah is the same as heaping ridicule on Yahweh. God is GOD whatever be the language.

  105. It is Fag , ignorance, and oppression, Islam has not any thing like that, and it is forbidden to have a sex even with your husband or wife before Marriage,

    • Which you pervert and twist with “temporary marriages”, LIAR!!!!

      Take your taqiyya elsewhere!!! We know better…

  106. They show their young children reciting in parrot fashion answers to questions out of the quran with ease , But they cannot reply to a few easy question put to them .who has had an edjucation !

  107. Gidday Tedjusant, I can only think of one evil ‘it’ that kills for apostasy. You doing a great job asking ‘them’ those tough questions. I see ‘they’ aren’t bothering to answer you. Peace out friend and keep up the good fight.

  108. Crickey, it does get repetetive doesn’t it?
    Muslim’s screaming, shouting, screeching, hating, killing, perfectly piously issuing death threats.
    Ooooh, should I be scared? Contradicting the words ‘of ‘it’ which shall remain unnamed’, is an apostate crime?
    “Watch your steps.” Reads like a typical islamic threat to me zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,

  109. don’t need to know , THE TRUTH,
    You are only 17 , well I never you are still a baby in nappies , what proof can you give where people of mature age have required interlect ,
    You have only heard on hear say, through parents and freinds most prob,when you have studied the peace for man kind from the CHRISTIANS and not the shouting of protesters kill the infidels none beleivers christians jews buddist .then let me know who in the 21st century are the ones forcing war on mankind , we live in the 21st century now not 1400 ad.

  110. Miss BNI,
    please witness what I said earlier ,
    I quote , relig-peace-ions
    COULD YOU PLEASE ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS TRUTHFULLY.? did he ,I do not think he even bothered looking.
    And has for ” malik ” I think he was trying to sing the christian carol THE HOLLY AND THE IVY,
    If you do not know it look it up , the berries were the colour of christ BLOOD.

  111. stop saying what you know not out of your own desires! if you have something good to share,do. otherwise stop attacking where you can not fight!
    watch your steps!!!

  112. To you who said you are “peaceful” muslim, you are told to lie to us, so that is what you are doing so you can subvert. It is alright to lie to infidels. I know what your hate filled satanic book says. do not tell not to talk negative about your moon god. go back to the pit where you crawled out from. I agree with Amy and Tedjusant and the one that mentioned Australia.I could not say enough how evil your religion is.And you will never prevail againjst Christianity, because the TRUE GOD he will wipe you out. isn’t that why you have to be so depraved, cowards. He is allowing you to build to stomp you under his feet.

  113. it all wrong………………you foolish people…………..have u studied ISLAM.
    HOLLY ISLAM stop people like these inhuman doing……and you are saying?????ISLAM IS HOLLY religion………………………..understand.

  114. I’ve always been a student of history but I didn’t know this:

    Interesting piece of history!

    In 1272, the Arabic Muslims invented the condom, using a goat’s lower intestine.

    In 1873, the British somewhat refined the idea by taking the intestine out of the goat first.

    Enjoy 🙂

  115. Ha ha ha ha ha, ‘____’: why then has Islâm been waging war on everything and everybody else since its creation??? Why did Islâm attack the Byzantines until it finally vanquished them in 1453? What do the sieges of Vienna in 1529 and 1683 represent other than bare, naked acts of aggression against Christianity?? Or the abortive invasion of Italy in 1478 at Otranto? The Siege of Malta in 1564? Or of Szigetvar in 1566?

    How about the battles of Mohacs in 1526 and 1687? Lepanto in 1570? Manzikert in 1071? First siege of Constantinople in 717-18? Battle of Poitiers in 732???

    Out with you, muzzies and Commies!!!!

  116. In pidgin Arabic: “La ilaha il Yahweh, Ya’sua bin Yahweh; Muhammad rasul Shaitan, Allahu skatta!!!!” [There’s no god but Yahweh and Jesus is His Only-Begotten Son; Muhammad is the prophet of the DEVIL who – misnaming himself as Allah – is the LOWLIEST!!!!”]

    Again, DEATH to the entire Islâmic system!!!!

  117. To “Don’t Need to Know” and “Lifeuk Nice”:

    Your taqiyya is simply unwelcome here: we know the MONSTROUS EVIL that Islâm truly IS!!!!

    We want positively NOTHING to do with an ultra-totalitarian system that forbids art, music, science, peaceful sports, real thinking and overall culture – and which promotes hatred of everybody and everything “non-Islâmic” at every turn of life, which hates life in itself and worships death!!!!!

    Off with you back to your “dar al-Islâm” (which by rights should ONLY BE THE MIDDLE EAST!!) – get out of all the Americas, Europe (including Russia and Israel) and all of Africa (whose unhappy blacks you love to enslave and brutalise even if they convert to your “system”!!)!!! Curse your Islâm now and forevermore and unto ages of ages, world without end!!!!!

    [Also, long live dogs, pigs and everything else you muzzies hate!!!!]


  118. Terrorists, the problems in the middle eastern countries and all that isn’t really based on Islam, it’s just the dictatorship governments. Religion actually has little significance in the dictatorships case, I studied this. Basically in the middle eastern countries the dictator basically holds all the power, just like those times during Hitler’s time and Stalin’s, people just do whatever they’re told. Islam is just a religion and not everyone follows it, not everyone is religious. It doesn’t say to kill people an bomb airplanes in the Quran. Whoever said it does are dumbasses. Quran is all about peace, but the only time a person can kill is if it’s revenge of some sort or fighting for the religion, protecting something of significance basically. Search up Islam throughly, and don’t just read these posts about Islam from viewpoints of people who hate Islam. If you really want to know the truth go read the English translated version of the Quran. I can guarantee you will change your mind about Islam.
    You might wonder why we care so much that you misunderstand Islam and make fun of it, well to me personally I am sick of people thinking EVERY Muslim is the same, and when a group of idiotic terrorists who claimed to be Muslims bombed America, that’s when people started to really nail the discrimination and hatred towards Muslims. Can’t you guys see where we’re coming from? You guys should no that having sex with animals is the most abnormal, unnatural thing in the world. It spreads diseases, and may kill. Who in the hell would worship a religion and follow along if it says to do something do wretched?

    • Hmm I think you forgot to read 9:5, and 9:29 in your quran. Also maybe you can also tell us about why islam makes it lawfully to divorce a child in 65:4 (…… three months, and for those who have no courses (it is the same).

    • Hate to inform you but most have read the koran and have found your “Religion” to be lacking in some major areas….such as tolerance, understanding, patient, love….

      I don’t know how anyone who is living with their eyes wide open and have at least two working brain cells could possibly ever want to follow your false prophet and your un-holy cult of destruction, pain and chaos!

  119. Oh and one more thing for the ignorant idiots, Allah = God , the same god Jewish and Christians believe in, Allah is just God in Arabic. The only difference is we don’t believe Jesus is God’s son, there is no proof after all, and God has no brothers, no mother, no sisters, no father, no family. God is powerful, supreme.

    • Don’t need to Know – The difference’s are,your religion allows you (men)to ; miss-treat your Women-Children-Animals and any other Human Being,i’ll stop there to let you read your big book again then maybe you can get back to this Site again,tell us We are ALL WRONG,and then you can prove what YOU say.

      • From the debates of those who matter, its evident, there is no religion that says mistreat. Some religions have clear boundaries on how to go about , and some have set no boundaries…

    • Don’t need to know ….Islam is not a religion. It is a violent ideology.Allah is NOT our god. Allah is satan!

    • From what I have read in various places, the Arabic word for ‘god’ is ‘ilah’, NOT ‘Allah.’ “Allah” is, in fact, the name of the Arabian moon god.

    • Don’t Need to Know,

      We know the Christian and Jewish God did not tell Mohammad to do all those things in the Koran.

      Besides beheadings, cutting off hands and feet, throwing acid in women’s faces, pedophilia, polygamy, beating wives, stoning dogs and humans to death, having sex with animals and dead people, and so on, the true God, ours, doesn’t insist women cover themselves in public, pray five times a day, wash our feet before praying, annihilate Christians and Jews, the inhumane halal killing of animals, or the many other disgusting things Muslims do.

      How do you justify those behaviors? We won’t allow that culture in our country.

      Germany needs to deport this guy and all of his friends around him. Who does he think he is?

    • wrong again…allah is the god of the moon and atanic..allah is not God.. your cult brainwashed you. and all the peacenicks,,,get real this is our tribulation….i used to think the muslims were educated but my view has changed and what a bunch of horses arses. weak very weak..pick on animals women children i mean real cowards no integrity at all. hells calling you.

  120. You guys who believe in negative comments and beliefs about Islam should keep it to yourselves, don’t go degrading a religion to make your selves feel good. Atheists, Jewishs, Islamics or Muslims, Christianty or whatever.. They are all religions, an for your information the bible and the Torah were both once the same as the Quran, until people decided to change the wording, and mix up things. Christians, Jews, Muslims all have the same beliefs. So you guys need to chill out with what you’re saying. I’m 100% I know that you know this isn’t true and your innocently blaming and accusing Islam of such wrong things. And if Islam really was a “evil” religion why would there be so many people willing to convert to Islam. To turn to peace, and walk the right path? Whites, Asians, Blacks, Hispanics. So many people convert, and worship Allah. And don’t you ever say such horrible things about God, you have no rationality in using such negative terms. I hope Allah guides you all on the right path. Sure my grammar may not all be that great but this is coming from a 17 year old girl living in Canada, I’ve met so many people from different religions, compared and contrasted. I’m happy to be born in a Muslim family, and I’m thankful. I know I wouldn’t follow any religion that allowed beastality (intercourse with animals) that’s all just crazy talk. In Islam you’re only allowed to make love to your husband/wife. So don’t flip things around and try to make up things in the Quran. Thank you.

    • Be the first muslim to bring historical proof outside the quran that the bible has been changed.

      Secondly islam is what it is because of the sining it allows.

    • Do you sit seperate from the men folk at your Mosque in Canada? Why? Are you not considered equal in the eyes of your god? Why are you considered unclean when you have your menses? Why are men told that if they have touched a woman and it’s time for prayrs, if there is no water to clean up with they are permitted to use clean dirt? Dirt is cleaner than a woman in the eyes of your god?
      Sorry little girl….my country says that women are equal and deserve to be treated with respect. Children are not permitted to marry at the age of 6 nor have intercourse at the age of nine like Aisha or thousands of other girls in Islam who at this time are getting married at that young age!
      Start thinking for yourself , if you can.
      Your god lied to mohammhead and all you followers are his minions!

    • These little muslim girls who haven’t yet felt the hand of islam upon their lives are such eager proselytizers for what will bring them misery in later years.

      It’s fun to wear the rag cage and be modest and know that someday Daddy and Mummy will pick a fine man who will not have a second wife and not lord over me and will kindly keep me in nice rag cages to wear when I have to leave the secluding walls of our home. Yeah, right, it always works out that way when a woman assumes her assign subordinate role in a system of subjugation!

  121. relig-peace-ions,! Could you please answer these questions TRUTHFULLY,
    which religion cuts of mans head the cruel halal way
    which religion marry children at the age of 6 years old and then consumate the marriage with sexual abuse when the child is 9 years of age,
    which religion walks down the streets protesting to kill every body in that country that if they don’t bow down to allah they will be beheaded,
    which religion burns the flag of the country that they live in and shouts they “islam” will dominate the world,
    which religion holds a book which guides them how to have sexual intercourse with GOATS,SHEEP,COWS,CAMELS and DONKEYS. and what to do after the dirty ACT ,
    I could go on but I am not writing a book, so I will stop there before i make myself sick?

  122. Hey, it’s been nice reading all your comments, people, but I’ve gotta go sell some meat to the next village (wink, wink).

  123. To “kal”: NO religion demands so much time to be spent upon its traditions and writings as Islâm in theory, yet its fruits are so MONSTROUSLY EVIL as to belie all the needless complications, distortions, half-truths and downright LIES you and your fellow-Muslims try to use to defend it!!!

    We Westerners know what logic happens to really be, and the Judæo-Christian faith contains much logic in it, in spite of what many unbelieving atheists say about it. Islâm on the other hand has absolutely NO logic whatsoever, be it in the Qur’ân, the Hadiths, Sunnas, etc – be it in terms of how individual “revelations” are recorded, the context of the various verses, the way even individual chapters of the Qur’ân have special code-letters put before they actually start which the imâms, ayatollahs, mullahs, muftis and everybody else try to waste their time upon – and cheat their various followers while conflicting with each other!!!!

  124. In regards to “Leader”‘s challenge (to show where Jesus says that He is God) 11 months ago: better a late response than none.

    Here it is, in the Gospel of St. John, chapter 8, verses 54-59:

    Jesus answered, “If I honour myself, my honour is nothing: it is my Father that honoureth me;
    of whom ye say, that he is your God:
    (55) Yet ye have not known him; but I know him: and if I should say, ‘I know him not’, I shall be a liar like unto you: but I know him, and keep his saying.
    (56) Your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day, and he saw it, and was glad.”
    (57) Then said the Jews unto him, “Thou art not yet fifty years old, and hast thou seen Abraham?”
    (58) Jesus said unto them, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I am.
    (59) Then took they up stones to cast at him, but Jesus hid himself and went out of the temple, going through the midst of them, and so passed by.

    Notes for this passage: 1) “the Jews” here refers strictly to the rabbis forming the Sanhedrin, notably being Pharisees and Sadducees, possibly with Essenes and others.
    2) When Jesus says in verse 58 “Before Abraham was, I AM”, TWO things should be noted: (a) He is Saying that He was in existence BEFORE Abraham was even conceived, let alone living in this world; (b) the part “I AM” can be thought of as “I was and AM”, meaning that He in this way is claiming to be God Himself (for how can He otherwise say that He Was and still IS?). It is said that Yahweh, the Judæo-Christian God’s Name, derives from the Hebrew verb “hayyah” (‘to be’). In this way, Christ is saying that He Was and IS Yahweh (YHWH), being in essence the same when Abraham was in this life AND when these rabbis were interrogating – and hating in great number – Him.

    Dear Ms. BNI: I apologise if this is so late as a reply, in addition to being off-topic relative to Islâm; however, that particular challenge struck me as meriting a definite answer. Consequently, here it is, to the Glory of the God in Whom we both believe. Amen.

    • For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Isa 9:6 ESV
      This a prophecy given by Isiah many hundred years before Jesus came. Notice it said he would be a MIGHTY GOD.
      In the NT we see many verses confirming this. 1 Timothy 3:16 And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory.. Here it is talking about Jesus being manifest as God.

  125. Hey, can someone please tell me if the Islamic rules for having sex with animals changes (like if the IRFHSWA manual is updated, or whatever). I wanna make sure I’m still doing it right.

    Is there like an update website I should subscribe to or something?

  126. You are totaly wrong first you have to understand the hadit very well then you can talk because how ever put that video he does know nothing

    • We want nothing whatsoever to do with the Hadiths any more than we want anything to deal with relative to the Qu’rân and Moslems, period!!!

      The ideology’s fruits are the most eloquent testament against it!!!! You Moslem arch-bastards, get it through your heads!!!!

  127. islam never give permission to sex with animal, in islam sex allowed only and only with wife. if some body did sex with any other he will be punished on jugment day.there is no any other option in islam..

  128. Well, in complete honesty ma’am, if you are referring to Israel Vs. Palestine, the leaders of Palestine have come front to the UN to try and sort out peace between the two countries, yet the UN stupidly rejected it. Palestine plays no fault in the whole mess for they can’t do ANYTHING. The Palestinians are not allowed to be armed with anything, the only thing they can defend themselves with are rocks and sticks. Within that mess, the Israelis display many pictures/articles of them doing gun practice. Meir children are being taught how to shoot a rifle. Innocent Palestinians, trying to defend the rest of what is now the ‘shortened Palestine’ are being killed for no reason by Israelis. It’s just cruel and inhumane.

    • Relig-Peace-ions…………Your comments here clearly show you have no understanding of the problems in the middle east. The terrorist organisation, Hamas and its pre-cursor regularly BOMB Israelis and kill men, women and children indiscriminately. Having spent many years in the area I can clearly state that Palestinians regularly bomb Israeli settlements WITH NO ISRAELI retaliation. It is only after the Israelis get to the end of their tether and retaliate that Palestinians bleat loudly about ‘unprovoked attacks’ conveniently forgetting to tell the world that they caused the problem by regularly bombing Israelis. I can only assume that your comment about them defending themselves with ‘rocks and sticks’ is either born out of stupidity or you fervently believe that ‘rocks’ are hand grenades, mortars RPGs etc and ‘sticks’ are rifles and bazookas.

      BEFORE you accuse me of being a Jew or Jew sympathiser, I WAS BORN MUSLIM AND MY FATHER AND GRANDFATHER were Imams. As to the Palestinians, research has shown that they share a common DNA with Israelis, basically they are ALL Jews, so why is there a problem?

      A word of advice for you…. BEFORE you start spouting off about issues, GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT

        • It’s the Semite/Hashemite gene. That does not make them a lost tribe of Israel though. They do have Avraham (Chaldean from the land of Ur)as Arch Patriarch in common. But the split came with two different mothers… Hagar (who was Egyptian) giving birth to Ishmael… and Sarai (who was Chaldean) giving birth to Itzhak who was the father of Jacov. The Creator G-d of Heaven and Earth Yehowah made two different pacts… To Hagar and Ishmael He promised 12 Princes (Imams) btw the 11th one reigns now and they believe the Mahdi (their Messiah) will be the 12th Imam. BUT to the descendants of Itzhak through Jacov He promised the Land of Israel…

  129. Hey now, hey now. Let’s not diss religions. I admit that I’m a muslim, but I do not do any of the things that you who are insulting Islam say I do. Quite frankly, I’m perfectly civilized, am in premedicine, graduated as valedictorian from my high school, and I do find myself to still be human, not sub sub human or whatever. I’m sorry to say but, agreeing with what Blake said up there, Islam is one of the largest religions on the planet, so there’s got to be a reason that so many people choose to follow it. Same goes for both Christianity and Judaism. Barenaked, I fully respect your religion, in fact, a few of my colleagues and even my lab partner are Jewish! 😛 I just don’t agree with some of the things being said on this forum. If people are being classified at different statuses due to which religion they choose to follow, then that is just plan discrimination. Don’t scorn the religion, scorn the individuals themselves. For example, I hate Osama-bin-laden, not only because he set an extremely bad and completely opposite example of Islam, but also because many of my friends are serving in the military risking their lives and if it weren’t for him, they might not be in such danger right now. (Well, thank god he’s dead :P) I hope no one here thinks that I am ‘dissing’ any religion, I’m just putting my two-cents worth in, I hope you all have a great day.

    • to Relig-Peace-Ions, an Raka (to which you had answered):
      [and of course to Exmuslim]

      Read Genesis 21 again to dissipate all doubts.
      Raka was right: all of you are Semite/Hashemite.
      It’s only Islam that creates division in the 21st century.
      Take Islam out of any culture and you will be OK, all of you nations!

  130. Muslimes ARE NOT people, they are sub sub human that follow a pedeophile man that invented a god to rule his evil way.
    And so we now have Muslimes that are male ego evil that beat their women and murder.
    I have just got me a new T-Short made and it says “AUSTRALIA NEVER AUSTRALLAH”
    I hope every muSLIME that sees me in the street reads it and truly gets the idea that I hate them, their koran (which I am ready at the moment), their false god AND their so-called (evil) prophet more than anything else in this world of mine. I dont want them in my country.

  131. There is something wrong with people like MUSLIMS who find it all the time to berate other people’s religions to make them seem better. Muslims are not better, when they do this, it means they are getting ready to kill and do away with other’s culture and use this as an excuse to do that. We saw that is how hitler did it, and this is how the muslims are doing it now, against Jews, and Christians. When they amass in size enough, and try to take over, this is how they are going to do it, through propaganda means, say way hitler nad his cronies did it. Basically there is not any difference from how hitler did things, than today, other than maybe the msulims are being protected with politically ”correctness” in their honor killings of their kids, wives, etc. It is all out there, all you have to do is pick up the news on any stand or look in any online place. Muslims need to look in their own backyard and figure out why they can not have any stability in their own nations and why they can not achieve any thing to contribute to the world other than violence and mayhem. Who wants to be with these people? In egypt alone look at how they do things, and 35% of the population can not read nor write, 35% are living on less than 200 hundreds a year income. Were it not for torisum and cotton production, pryramids they would not even have that. Trying doing some good for this world and we will upon you with more respect people. And why is it that Jews last century took 139 nobel prizes and arabs only 7?

  132. I think Ali is a person who out and out hates ”Jews” so, what does that make him? So, Ali if you hate ‘us” they why on earth should anyone like you?

  133. Add the Nazis, whose Hitler was so beloved by those same Muslims who’ve ALWAYS sought to destroy the Jewish people from Day One likewise, to the list of failures in the second sentence of the second paragraph above!!!

    • Thanks ADHD, Yahweh Elohim reigns!!!

      Things are becoming clearer & clearer by the day.

      Shatan vs. YAHWEH ELOHIM
      Darkness vs. Light
      Death, destruction & murder of creation vs. Life, preservation & love of creation.
      Hate vs. Forgiveness
      Self indulgence of men vs. equality for men & women
      Bondage vs. Freedom
      Depression & despair vs. Joy & hope

      If I look at countries where the Muslim faith rules, all I see is

      men with beards who shout & curse
      Women with veils over their faces, sadness, deserts-like areas (no forests & trees & flowers blooming,
      loving interaction with doggies & other pets
      No laughter and mutual humour
      NO ANIMAL RIGHTS for dogs & other animals whether domestic or wild.

      The god of Islam cannot be the Creator of this Planet, because the Creator of this planet, Yahweh Elohim, TREASURES everything He has made, including women, children, animals.

      He loves flowers. He is the God of Love that says: Forgive your neighbour, Feed the Hungry, Honour your parents (mother & father) – let your animals REST with you on the Sabbath day. He says He makes his home with the lowly and downcast, the humble & contrite. He does not agree with, or take encourage the prideful, self-satisfying lusts of men.

      That is MY God, the one I serve.

      • AMEN!!!! Certainly Our Lord and His Heavenly Father – and He Who Reigns with them in Heaven, the Holy Ghost – LOVE everything and everybody they made, directly or indirectly!!!!

        You put it so well – and He Told us: “Thou shalt LOVE the Lord thy God with all thy mind, with all thy heart, with all thy soul and with all thy body. This is the First and Greatest Commandment – and the Second is like unto it: thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang ALL the law and the prophets.”

  134. Many atheists have a far fuller and greater understanding of life and religion than any Muslims will ever be able to attain!!!

    The testament against wretches like ‘Ali Gohar is how long and immensely successful the State of Israel, made by precisely the people he so irrationally hates – the Jews – has been in what soon will be 64 years. All that in spite of all the Muslim and Communist attempts to destroy it (and that includes such Quislings as Obama, the Clintons and even the Bushes plus Carter!) – and I’ve zero doubt that it will do so for many centuries more (particularly under the protection of the One True God, Yahweh, of BOTH the Jews AND the Christians!)!!!!

    “Allah” really is Shaytan – the Devil himself!!!! [He himself describes himself as such in his most UNHOLY Qur’ân – and he demands that Muslims kill, pillage, rape and lie to us “infidels”. Otherwise, he’s a truly POWERLESS imitation of a “god”!!!!]

    The True God does NOT need human hands to do His Great Deeds and Miracles!!!!!

  135. then you dont have religion…. it means you don’t have sufficient knowledge of life and religion. i think you are jew and you are the enemy of Islam. so we shouldn’t talk to you. i must deal you in front.

    • Ali Gohar – you don’t have to be “guided” to be able to tell what is good and bad,the Society we live in tells us that without Religion,but your’e Religion “STINKS” mate,do you keep a Goat at Home just incase you don’t get a Girl?? it sounds very much like it!!

    • Ali you have lost the argument so magnificently that all you have now left in your armoury is that your opponent must be a Jew since he has got the better of you. Just shows the only thing you have as a muslim is hate and logic and reason and well presented arguments are something as a muslim you are indoctrinated to avoid at all costs since coming up with a rebuttal requires you to think. Shame.

    • to ALI GOHAR, in reference to what you just posted about ‘Jews, enemies of Islam’:

      I wish I was a Jew to slap you in the face, low mohammadan! But since I am not a Jew, I will remain only an enemy of Islam, thus missing the fun of correcting you.
      As said in your sad book, Jews and Christians make friends with each other. But you, pathetic muslim, don’t take any of these as friends.
      Continue to listen to your prophet and go forward with the inbreeding til the end of time, alien!

    • What’s your proof? Just because the Qur’ân tells you so???

      As far as we PROUD “infidels” who have read the Qur’ân (and who can and DO regularly check it with THE three authoritative translations {Yusuf-‘Ali, Pickthal, Shakir}) and know its lies, prevarications, distortions and everything else, it’s ISLÂM that the “delusion” dogma – and a whole lot worse!!!!

      Just abandon your struggle to promote this monstrosity of Islâm against the rest of us, admit defeat and force yourself to think instead of taking the easy way out!!!!

    • Islam is a mental disease called Islamamentia….it is due to the belief that a man who was illiterate could possibly have written down what an Angel, who is known as the Herald of God, not a messenger, told him!

      So Islamamentia is the correct term for the mental disease you suffer from.

    • @Azimud, According to your quran, christianity is a mere conjecture. In quran 4:157 it clearly states that your allah made it “appear” to the christians that Jesus was crucified.

      Assuming that islam is the “true religion” as you muslims purport, wouldnt this ayat put allah in a very bad light, for purposely leading billions of souls to believe in another religion(christianity).

      Since the crucifiction is the foundation of christianity, wouldnt it have been much wiser for allah to have actually shown the christians that Jesus was NOT crucified rather than leading us to believe in “conjecture”.

      What was allah’s purpose for deceiving so many souls? Would you trust allah with your soul?
      Perhaps in this case allah did not know best .

      Thankfully, I do not believe islam to be the true religion.

      • EXCELLENT refutation of Islam, “Murtadd”!!!!

        You hit it right upon the nail and have proven that “Allah” is NOT God but SATAN INSTEAD!!!!! What kind of god would insist upon being evil to everything and everybody un-Islamic?? To always aim for war as a cardinal virtue while denying ALL peaceful virtues? To despise what Mankind can do? To hate instead of love?

        All these things are of the Devil, who also calls himself “Allah” (and in fact “Allah” IS depicted in the Qu’rân as the supreme deceiver – what does THAT tell you?!??), Baal, Moloch (Molech) and so many, many other names but in the end is the one who hates everybody and everything and wants to destroy in order to spite the True God YHWH (Yahweh) and His Only-Begotten Son Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ plus the Holy Ghost, the God of Love and everything GOOD. That’s why Satan (Shaytan in Arabic) hates Him – and has already lost and will lose completely!!!!

        All glory, praise and thanks be to God Almighty: the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, as it was in the beginning and is, world without end!!!! Amen!!!



    • Given the fact that you exhibit a rather poor command of the english language, and even poorer grammer, it wouldn’t be much of a discussion. It would simply be a case of of me exposing your ignorance and hubris. To show the true limitations of your stunted, misinformed, sub par, intellect and misguided beliefs really poses no challange to me. On those grounds I also would decline your offer. Do me/you a favor though, admit that sex with animals and beheadings are wrong. Can you give me that much without getting your prayer mat in a twist?

      • thank you mike…this pos is an idiot. very poor grammar and not a very good argument…the best he can do would be quoting the only rubbish he knows from the book of toilet paper aka koran.

    • @ALI GOHAR, I wish to take you up on your offer to discuss Islam vs Christianity. I share a protestant view of the bible. Be clear that Im not a scholar but merely a well read christian layman. Lets do our discussion on this website.
      My first challenge to you, Can you give me one ayat(verse) in the quran where allah declares his love for infidels.

      • Murtadd, this is not the place for that kind of discussion, where scripture is debated at length. If you would like me to give your email address to Ali, so you can discuss this further, let me know.

        • @Admin, please DO NOT give my email address to them. Its fine, I repect that this site is not for lenghty discussions, This was merely a response to Ali’s “challenge”. Anyway, no problem

          • man i think all of you got it twisted so called muslims and so called christians each one should not be so ignorant did jesus teach christians to speak hatefully would he even approve of the actions you have taken on this site? same go to muslims you are to respect each others beliefs come on people wake up you are doing the devils work divide and destroy each other this is not they any follers of any belief system in this world should act

          • Did Jesus teach Christians to “speak hatefully”? Of sin, most emphatically YES!!!!

            Have you forgotten how He Drove out the money-changers from the Temple (incurring the wrath of the priests and scribes for doing so!!)? Or when He Called some Pharisees “whitewashed sepulchres”???

            The KEY difference between Christians and Moslems is that Christians are NOT trained to hate people ‘per se’ (in fact, they’re actively discouraged from doing so!!), whereas Moslems MOST CERTAINLY ARE COMMANDED to hate ALL “infidels” MERELY BECAUSE of who they are!!!! [No reason otherwise!!!]

            That’s why Moslems can NEVER get along or truly live with ANYBODY ELSE WHOSOEVER!!!! They absolutely HATE ANYTHING AND ANYBODY “un-Islamic” merely because of that fact. In fact, Islam is an exceedingly UNREASONING ideology that is so openly anti-intellectual, anti-independent-thinking, anti ANYTHING that’s not of itself as to be an absolute form of insanity as well as one of the three truest form of Satanic EVIL (the other two are Communism and Nazism – which latter in fact is nothing other than Socialism!!)!!!!

            Thus, for you to have ANY hope that Islam can get along with anything else whatsoever is not only impossible, it’s downright IDIOTIC!!!!!

    • Dear Ali Gohar,
      Save your time…… follow the link below. So many debates are on with Muslim scholars and they do zig zag to exit from it as fast as they enter . There is a challenge as well , for USD 50000/- if anyone can prove that Islam is a true religion coming from the Real God and if Muhammed was a god appointed messenger the reward is yours. Why don’t you just try and you can be a hero of the Muslims and earn the cash as well . In this site they do have some downloadable debates with world renowned Islam scholars. The site is run by none other than an ex Muslim from Iran. Go try it and be a man.


    • Ali, Jesus was a practicing Jew! The Last Supper was a Passover Seder. He was never an apostle of Islam’s Allah. When Jesus was alive there was no Mohammed(born c.570). Islam was invented five centuries later. If Jesus had been on earth then, and tried to visit Mecca, He would have been killed for being Jewish and an infidel. The Qur’an came LAST and is the antithesis of the Torah and the New Testament. Nice try, though..

    • More and more people are becoming aware of the satanic type of evil islam teaches – also that muslims think being like satan (liar) is holy.

      As a muslim, you reject Jesus, blaspheme Jesus, reject all he ever did said and taught and call Jesus a liar.

    • Not frightened at all that your un-holy cult will take over !
      Being a Christian …I believe that Jesus is the Son of God! I do also believe that your false prophet, Mohammhead, was insane due to syphlis and it wasn’t an Angel of God that spoke to him but Satan!
      I am not the slave of wordly things….I could lose everything I own tomorrow and not shed a tear for them as I still have my Faith and I will carry on according to God’s will.

      You damn me but I have hope that you will eventually see the true light of Salvation through Jesus Christ, before it’s too late!

      Peace be with you.

    • We seek individual freedoms, and human rights.
      Those things are denied in Islam .
      A woman in a Muslim country recently, took part in a beauty contest – she was stoned to death.
      Islam has perfected torture, and stoning is a long torture.
      The stones must not be to small, to not hurt much, nor too big to cause concussion.
      Enough pain is caused to make the person live for many minutes in agony, gradually losing eyes, ears, nose, bleeding profusely, they welcome death. But it is slow to come, and every stone adds more pain.
      A society that willingly kills its members like this is barbaric beyond description – yet they are blind to the savage nature that is Islam.
      Justified by their God, indeed, commanded by their God to act in this inhuman way.

    • you are aliar just like momo your satanic leader if hes a prophet why no face? you pigs will not win…go back to your mudhuts and perversions.your women are stupid. the males are ugly and you all are going to hell. allah is not god but a moon god and of pillars my ass. a shoe in your face shitskin. u dont know what love is. youre just nasty. we do not give a fuk about your political ideology that you try to present as a religion.

  138. HANNA: Its for ur information OUR GEART PROPHET MUHAMMAD SAWA give rights to womens before women have no rights. u have no infomation & knowledge so dont give ur comments again…. we respect christens so u must respect muslims i hope i’ll never see ur anti islam comments. regads kashif taj

    • The only rights islam gives woman is half inheritance and the husband to have no more than 4 wives, though all the right hand possessions, woman slaves after killing their husbands if they were married.

      The filthy evil demonic ways islam allows woman to be treated under islam shows the satanic nature of islam.

      But then of course, allah is satan.

    • What rights do your women have? The right to not to be sexually mutilated ( clitorectomies!)? The right to say no to sex with her husband? The right to be the only wife? The right to leave the marriage with the children? The right to not expect getting beaten for voicing her opinion? The right to leave the house to go wherever she so wishes on her own? The right to not wear a burka or niqab? The right to have her testamony heard as truth without 4 male witnesses to a rape? The right to not be stoned for such a dispicable crime against her? The right to marry a man of her choice that she loves, whether or not he is muslim, Christian or Jew?

      Are any of these a muslim woman’s rights?

      Anyone wanna make a bet that Mohammhead will not answer me due to the fact that I’m a woman?

      • Wow didnt know any of this.. Spot on there religio is truly corrupt.. i feel sorry for these guys, theyve maintained theyre virginity for all these years

    • @Kashif Taj, you are trying to mislead people by suppressing the truth. First of all, muslims have no respect for other religions. Your Quran 3:85 makes it clear that no other religion other than islam will be accepted. Ive left out the ayats where you are even commanded to kill the infidels(kafirs)

      You boldly state that your prophet liberated women but you fail to substantiate your claim.
      Now lets look at some islamic literature and see if you are truthful or merely a blatant liar.

      “A mat in the house is better than a barren woman” Abu Dawud 3:29:3911.

      “Majority of women are in hell because they are deficient in intelligence” Sahih Bukhari 1:6:30

      “A good muslimah readily undergoes female circumcision as it is better for her and more desirable for her husband” Abu Dawud 41:5251

      “A woman is a sexual property, a righteous woman is the best property” Sunan ibn Majah 3:1855

      “Marriage makes a vagina lawful to a man” Sunan ibn majah 3:1954

      “A wife should not refuse her husband sex even if she’s on a camels back” Sunan ibn majah 3:1853

      “A man will not be ask as to why he beats his wife” Abu Dawud 11:2142

      Muhammed beat Aisha on the chest that caused her much pain. Sahih Muslim 4:2127

      “Women are domestic animals, beat them. Tabari 1990 pp 9.112-114

      Now lets ask Aisha, the young wife of Muhammed if she agrees with the aforementioned.
      Aisha said; ” I have not seen any woman suffering as much as a believing woman . Sahih Bukhari 7:72:715.

      • to Murtadd:
        thank you for the collection of verses regarding the ‘liberation of women’ in Islam.
        I find qu’ran disgusting . I relish the day when it will be outlawed.

    • If so many Muslims love their country so much,why do so many of you come to Britain,then,try to bring your own laws instead of living with the law of the land and not allow citizens,born and bread as English,to let our thoughts be known.No,you wont let us.If you like free speech so much,try it in an Arab country,and see how fast you are thrown in prison

      • to Vic Birtchnell:
        Muslemia people are so only because they think [in their majestic, dumb superiority] that every country is theirs.
        Doesn’t the prophet state that the land of the kuffar will be the land of Allah?
        So please, Vic, don’t interfere with the divine will, or else!

    • If Christians are respected then why do they have thier heads sawed off them if they dont convert, everywhere there is Islam law?

      • Because the real truth is that Moslems INSIST that EVERYBODY must convert to Islam and that those who don’t – regardless of who and what they are – are automatically “infidels”!!!! That includes Christians, Jews, Buddhists and everybody else – that’s why!!!!

      • Everywhere there is Islam lie.
        We say ‘share’, they hear ‘Sharia’.
        We say ‘freedom’, they say ‘Submit or die’.
        We say ‘democracy’, they say ‘Democracy is a tool to be used, until we subjugate the world’

  139. Woah! A quick scroll through many of these comments force me to shudder, blink multiple times, and then shudder once more. I must say, being a curious grad. student who has read each of the 3 main religions’ texts (The Holy Qur’an, The Holy Bible, and The Holy Torah) a numerous amount of times; (For both college and plain ol’ curious purposes) I must say that the statements, decisions, and the COUNTLESS number of lies being made on this site are being backed by nothing except each individual’s biased perception of the opposing religion(s). Truth to be stated is that, Hey, we’re all human (I hope?) Human’s have their faults and they also have their strengths. Each religion is supposed to love one another. No logical religion amongst us states that you must kill or ‘diss’ one another. If that was the case then why would each of these three general religions have SO MANY followers ALL OVER the planet, with different nationalities contributing to each religion! In summary, we all share this Earth, so let’s try to be humane and to respect one another because that is the only way to sustain order. Anyone who disagrees with that statement sha’ll be declared a complete dumbfounded moron of the highest order.(excuse the slight name-calling) To conclude, I must say, BareNaked and everyone who is replying/responding on this thread/forum, let’s all stop being so rash and stop making up such oddities, because even from the sound of it, everyone knows that many of you are spreading lies and rumors, it’s quite childish if you were to ask me. So, no hard feelings I hope, I’m just trying to strike reality into a few of you. I enjoyed having the chance to reply to each and everyone of you and I hope that you all make the right decision in lessening such vulgar misconducts towards one another. Now, if you don’t mind, I must attend to my Thanksgiving leftovers 😀

    • An iman said that a woman who is not in the cloth cage is like “uncovered meat” left on a counter. If an animal gets into the meat or rapes the uncovered woman, it is not the animal’s fault.

      This was said in recent years, it is not in an ancient book. This is an expression of islam’s views of women — when you’re done with your Thanksgiving leftovers perhaps you could do a little more research yourself.

    • “In summary, we all share this Earth, so let’s try to be humane and to respect one another because that is the only way to sustain order.”

      The problem is that religious people are demanded by their religion to convert others to their faith. They can’t be humane and respect other people, and follow their religion at the same time.

    • I tend to agree with you, we should all offer love and respect to each other. Except for one tiny, miniscule point. You like to research.
      Search for ‘TROP’ online, and you will easily see how Muslims treat non-believers, in a way which no other religion does, and then please explain why.

  140. You know, Ms. BNI, I think that “Paul Horowitz” is a Muslim pretending to be a Jew – did you note that he ended his screed with the Arabic greeting “Salamu Alaikum!”?

      • I had a dream, there was a muslim hanging in a tree. I often have this dreams, but I don’t have enough trees.
        I want to share the univers with the muslims, we people take the earth and the lower then animal life form muslim creatures can have the moon. I bet even the aliens will try to get rid of the muslim animals. We must think about a final solution to get rid of islam, muslims.

  141. Why can’t you accept, “mohamed”, that enough of us know your most UNHOLY texts better than you yourself?? Some of us, like myself, have actually studied Islâmic history and “civilisation” in school and/or university!!!!

    Your ideology is so utterly shot through and through with evil and corruption as to be downright RIDICULOUS once you truly start to think about it!!!!!

    Have you no brains?? Is this indeed what Islâm teaches you??? Can you prove otherwise for once?!?!?!?

  142. I would like you to relook at the traslation and before making an ignorent comment because of your lack of knowlege of our religeon

    • Mohamed–those are your Rules,are you trying to say the Translator is telling lies?? or maybe just some lies?? or maybe you can enlighten us all to a true translation?? to me,what i’ve read about islam thatseems quite accurate,that seems to be too near the Knuckle for you,your problem is you learned from a “Man-written”Evil Book,and it does’nt apply to the Country you live in now,there’s a simple solution Mohamed–GO FUCKING BACK HOME.

        • NO all muslims are child/animal abusers and your pedophile joke of a prophet is the sickest bastard of the lot of you, and your stinky mum takes it up the ass..

        • It would have been better in enough ways indeed NOT to know anything of Islam in all truth; however, given how you Moslem DEMONS are out to conquer and exterminate everything and everybody un-“Islamic”, it’s vital and crucial that we know already what we know – and we know FAR more than you’d like to imagine, you absolute GOOD-FOR-NOTHINGS that ALL you Moslems actually ARE!!!!!

          It’s precisely BECAUSE we know you and your ideology (it’s worse than ANY real religion of this planet!!!) that we can learn to stop you from coming to our Western area of the world and imprison you in your “dar al-Islam”, which really is ALSO your “dar al-Harb” (since you and your “Allah” are NEVER satisfied without PLENTY OF BLOODSHED!!!!)!!!

          You leave us alone to our “infidel” ways and we’ll only too gladly leave YOU alone – how’s that??? That way you can choke and starve to death on your all-too-precious oil… While God Showers His Blessings on those who TRULY follow Him, Ancient Israel and Modern Israel who are truly His People, the light of this world!!!!

          • I agree with you ADHD, the proof is in the pudding so to speak. A True follower of Jesus Christ does not believe in violence.
            And there are alot of people who call them selves Christians that are no better than them. And just for the record Catholics are NOT True Christians! Their main “Deity” is Mary. Which is actually Goddess worship.
            Read the Bible, no where does the Gospel say to pray to Mary. Or dead saints.
            Or statues. I could go on and on.
            But why the muslims come here and try to make this land and everyone here one of them. They ran out of room or something?

          • Woe is you “Kerry” – you’ve uttered several half-truths and untruths. May God Open your heart to seeing many of those people you scorn as being as much Christian as any of us can be.

            If you want to say that Catholics aren’t Christians, you’ll say the same thing about the Orthodox. In other words, you’re saying that only Protestants are Christians and thus worthy of salvation – but Jesus Died FOR ALL.

            Next, I know that neither Orthodox NOR Catholics actually worship the Virgin Mary as God if they do it RIGHT – all too often, their veneration of her or the other saints DOES come perilously close to doing so (and with enough relative ignorants most unfortunately does cross the line, alas!!!). However, that’s their trouble as the doctrine emphasises that only GOD Himself is worthy of worship.

            On the other hand, Jesus Himself DOES prove (e.g., in the Transfiguration) that the real saints are NOT dead in God: their souls are in Heaven with him. Also, do you remember where the Bible says that we are “surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses”? Either way, they do recognise that part and so think they can ask them to intercede with God for us. While I’ll agree with you on that our formal prayers MUST be to God ALONE: if we ask our relatives, friends, neighbours &c. to also join us in praying for the same things, this is where they ask the saints as living people to do the same (and of these the Virgin Mary IS the highest).

            Finally, I’m positively CONVINCED that MANY Catholics and Orthodox will enter Heaven F-A-R ahead of many a “liberal” Protestant!!! PLEASE think of today’s Episcopalians/Anglicans, Presbyterians, Methodists, Lutherans who don’t accept God as THE One and SOLE Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Ghost and want to feminise or gender-neuter them (thus, making idolatry out of things!!!). [Admittedly, enough Catholics and Orthodox have also swallowed that Communist set of anti-beliefs; however, they are being actively fought thanks to the Magisterium and tradition.] Let this show you that idolatry goes far beyond praying in the presence of statues, paintings, sculptures and so on. I can agree in being very careful when in such a place; however, we ALWAYS MUST be on guard on a greater plane than just that!!!! Satan is smarter than we like to think, alas…

            Finally, where in the Bible are we forbidden to defend ourselves (especially if we know that the enemies we’re dealing with are virtually-incorrigible)?? Granted, we AS INDIVIDUALS CAN choose to sacrifice that right, even to letting ourselves to be killed; however, we can’t do that for anybody but ourselves. Remember how Jesus at one point in the Gospels DID tell His Disciples to be armed when it was time for Him to be Betrayed?

            Now, I know all too well that this Weblog is NOT about – or meant for – discussing doctrinal issues in Christianity. Our focus is against the twin deadliest-threats against both it and our Western civilisation: Islam and Communism (especially as they’ve joined together against us)!!!! I must apologise, dear Ms. BNI, for having to digress with that fool; however, he has to start thinking about how divisions within our camp won’t help us – and in fact can deeply HURT us just when we need it least of all!!!!

          • I think you took my statement much to seriously. I know alot of Christians that are very far from being what they should be.
            There are good and bad in everyone, Muslims being included in that statement as well.

            But I am a “Former” catholic and I know what goes on in the catholic church.

            Everyone falls short of the Glory Of God.
            That is why Jesus came to this earth to die
            for EVERYONE! That includes the Orthodox, protestants, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims,
            “Anyone who calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved!”

            I think you read too much into my comment, and are taking it out of context.
            Just for the record, I am not here to argue with anyone.
            And outside of the one other comment I posted on another topic on the website tonight; I will keep my opinions to the main subject of Islamophobia / and what this site is about.

            May God Bless you ADHD and everyone!

          • Dear ADHD, if you are referring to me as a “Fool” why? That is not very nice.
            We are all entitled to our opinions whether you or I or anyone agrees or disagrees with them.
            And Dear BNI, I do deeply apologize for getting off track instead of keeping to the topic of discussion.
            And just for the record, I think anyone can be saved. I know that not just one or more particular group of religions are the true church.
            Thank you for showing and posting this information for us to read.
            Keep up the good work!

          • OK, Kerry, I’ll take that epithet back. It’s just that you seemed bigoted against Rome – as I’ve known some people as being. Furthermore, so far the current pope seems to be very much a real Christian, as was his predecessor. [Of course, most of the popes in 1447-1559 were anything but!!!]

          • No, I dont think I am bigoted.
            I believe there is good and bad in
            Perhaps I, no let me change that.
            I really have no business comment-
            ing on the Catholics.
            Especially in this arena.
            You were right about that.
            I guess I was just letting off
            some steam. (That was my bad.)
            My entire family with the exception
            of myself are still catholics.

            Thank you for the “take back.”

            More power to this website as it is
            very informative.
            God Bless You and Yours and to coin
            a phrase, “God Bless Us, Everyone!”
            Peace out…………

          • You see, Kerry, nor am I a Romanist – at least, not as of yet. [Even were I to become one (and Benedict XVI is a pope who has won a tremendous amount of admiration from me via his sermons!!), I still would NEVER deny the same respect to Orthodoxy and Protestantism as I have for Rome.] I simply wish to be as good a CHRISTIAN as I possibly can.

            It’s just that I’m sensitive to criticising ANY truly Christian group given what I’ve honestly seen happening to mainstream Protestantism, which has TRULY been most disgusting to me!!!! When you have to say “Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer” (among other things) instead of “Father, Son and Holy Ghost” (which latter is the thing mandated by ALL Christendom up to not earlier than 1960, which is when the Commies really started to muddy the waters…): THAT’S WHEN I’ll not hesitate to protest!!!!

            As earlier said: I’m all too aware of the same decay attacking both Rome and Orthodoxy (mainly in the rich countries of the West, where people on account thereof forget Our Lord and God and think they can re-make Him to suit THEIR desires, foibles and ideas), so ANYBODY that fights that SATANIC tendency is somebody I’ll be inclined to back in consequence (regardless of which denomination or branch!!). Most certainly I admire Benedict; and in Protestant circles, people like Akinola and Okoh, Orombi, Venables and Kolini (in Anglicanism) FAR OUTSHINE and even dwarf the likes of Rowan Williams (a true wuss if anybody be such!!!)

            Anyway, God Be with you and Bless you too!!! I also thank Ms. BNI for her great patience on another issue that really has wounded me most deeply: now I’ll aim to “peace out” likewise…

        • Oh no, we know alot about it. Truth is all Muslims are told to lie to us, “The Infidels.”
          We are only told lies so we are fooled.
          Alot of x-muslims have written books about what it is all about.
          The main goal is to make everyone a muslim!
          World domination.
          Looks like you guys have been doing a great job so far. Now yous have a muslim president here and are already taking our freedoms away. Pretty soon, it will be just “Home away from Home for yous.”
          The “True” God is a God of Love!
          Christians love everyone (true Christians) We dont want to cut off someones head just because they are not like us or refuse to convert. Yes I believe that many have come here for persecution escape.
          But for the most part the main goal is,
          Take control and make everyone convert to islam and have sharia law.
          I pray in Jesus name you are all delivered from this deception of islam.

    • you are too wise to even mind what this ignorant christians are saying about islam. do you not see they are laughing? but on the day of ressurection we will laugh back at them.all this abot islam is false.

      • Enough of us are NOT laughing at you as people but in terms of the APPALLINGLY-EVIL ideology named “Islam”!!!!

        You believe what you want: enough of us who’re Christians believe in what our Holy Bible tells us as THE Word of God. One thing of importance to note: NONE of us will be able to laugh on that TERRIBLE Day of the Last Judgement, when we remember how we’re told that even the saints will have a HARD TIME being saved on that day!!!

  143. oh my, I did not know there were ”rules” and a book of rules to have sex with an animal. Man, that is really sick, I think in the USA inthe DSM 4 diagositicans books of statistics manual there is a axis code and number for this type of mental disease, and this is a mental illness. it is called beastiality, and ranks right along up there with necrophilia which is having sex with dead people, I wonder, is there anything these people will not do?

    • Simply dear what said above is wrong… if you have done so much of research on different diseases…. just do 5 minutes research on Koran as well… just go to surah 33 as mentioned above and read it… oh my God you can feel how amazing it is… believe me… go to google and make some own research… if you are honest and truthful person… see the result… blessings upon you.

      • tahreen, pedddle your crapola somewhere else. We here have read the quran and know it is a pile of hatred for all things non-muslim and violence and murder toward all nonbelievers. We don’t want your filthy blessings here.

        • i think you should read quran carefully because it is tottaly wrong what you observe about quran.
          i thing your observing power is tottaly lost and you should concerne a cycatrist.

          Allah may give u hidaya and observing power…

          I am not interesting in commenting with cheap and wrong comments.
          because i m a MUSLIM….
          you made this website to misconcep islam but you can’t win it.

          • you are scumbag barenakedislam .i bet that u don’t have respects of anyone or any relegion and u wouldn’t be having any parents to tel you respects.we are muslims and can raise voice on your relegion but islam forbids it.finish this site…

          • AMEN, Amjíñ et Amein, dear Ms. BNI!!!!

            What is true respect of “religion”, ‘maaz’? That you love God with all your heart, your mind, your body and your soul – AND that you love your neighbour as your own self!!

            You Muslim wretches and good-for-nothings don’t know ANYTHING WHATSOEVER about real love!!!! Truly, ANY non-Muslim (though especially Jews and Christians!!!) knows F-A-R MORE about true love than you Moslems can EVER hope to – until you renounce, blaspheme and eternally CURSE your ANTICHRIST and FALSE “prophet” Mohammed, that thief, extreme-LIAR (such that even his best friends couldn’t dare trust him), rapist, pædophile, murderer and GENOCIDE!!!!

            Mohammed represents everything that by all rights is Satanically EVIL in this entire world!!!! If that insults you and your MONSTROUS CULT, too bad!! That’s the whole point of our Western democracy: that we can say what we want without fearing that we’re going to be punished somehow or other – and our Judæo-Christian God Does NOT Punish thoughts or words (unless they’re a lie!!) – He Punishes ACTIONS, DEEDS!!!! Whereas Satan (also known to you wretched Moslems as “Allah”, the Satanic “moon-god”) hurts everybody and everything!!!!

            “Allah” – truly Mohammed’s alter ego (and invented by that Arch-Devil and Antichrist!!!!), and a remarkably IMPOTENT “god” who always has to rely on human hands to do his evil work!!! – hates:

            dogs (Man’s Best Friend, especially because they have THE PUREST love that any animal or fellow-Man can possibly give to a Man),

            pigs (MOST useful to Mankind not only as food but also for an intelligence second only to dogs in the animal kingdom and for their being so exceedingly close to Man in so many ways so as to be of TREMENDOUS medical benefits),

            women (half of the human race – every bit as capable of greatness by dint of intelligence and talents in art, science, music and medicine as any male – and whom you consign to being mere “baby factories”!!!) and

            “infidels” – whom you hate merely because your MONSTROUS example Mohammed hated them!!!!

            You swallow and imitate his sevenfold-accursed LIES and label “infidels” ‘dirty’ MERELY BECAUSE Mohammed said so – even though often they’re FAR CLEANER in every way than you Moslems can EVER hope to be!!! You hate everything “non-Islamic” MERELY because of that arch-terrorist and dragon Mohammed’s making you do against every possible shred of reason, human and Divine!!!! You’re raised with hate (your parents didn’t even truly know to love you and your siblings – they kill their children on a mere whim or suspicion!!!), taught hatred from conception (even the whole idea of “honour” you pervert with killing and torture!!!) and keep it through your lives until and past your deaths!!!!! Finally, you – in spite of ALL your pretences otherwise – by aiming to become carbon copies of Mohammed are in essence worshipping him, and past the point of IDOLATRY, while your Satan “Allah” really ought to be known also as Baal and Moloch (or Molech)!!!!

            Islam is the one and sole ideology in which there is positively ZERO good whatsoever: making human beings into total robots devoted only to murder, torture and absolute destruction, ruining whatever talents you may have been granted from the outset because Mohammed forbids anything he didn’t care for: art, medicine, music and science – all of which Our God not only allows but ENCOURAGES us to develop!!! God Wants us to prove ourselves with using what we’ve been given – only Satan can tell us to waste those talents – which “Allah” (the BIG Shaytan – Satan) and Mohammed ORDER!!!!

            There: be insulted all you want; however, if you really want to be a human being, go beyond merely being insulted!!! We Christians and Jews don’t leave ourselves to wallow in the dust of humiliation and insults – whereas you Moslems INSIST thereupon!!! You love slavery, torture, suffering and the total abnegation of everything and everybody positive on this earth!!! You destroy libraries, musical instruments, scientific discoveries, even prefer to let scourges like smallpox, polio, plague et al ravage you because of your fanatical “Allah’s will”!!!


          • thank you . i cannot believe this site!!

            inshalla allah will give these people insight to know the misconceptions they are spreading.

            no wonder most americans have a bad idea about muslims~!!

            i am a converted muslim for 18 years alhumdoolilah and very proud of it.

            these people should be ashamed!

          • WOE’S YOU, “Kris”!!!!! REPENT before it’s too late – or LEAVE for dar al-Islâm before you either get killed or are deported there by force. Since you love it so much (18 years!!!!), go live in Saudi Arabia (if Sunni) or Irân (if Shi’a)!!!!

            We proud “infidels” SPIT upon you and all your ilk (my ancestors suffered under Islâm for several centuries!!!!), and we consider you TRAITORS AND SEDITIONISTS out not only to force Islâm upon the rest of us but to EXTERMINATE us to boot!!!

            I’m NOT ashamed of my Judæo-Christian beliefs but LOATHE Mohammed the murderer, genocide, rapist, thief, pædophile and consummate liar such that not even his closest friends could EVER TRUST him!!!! And you follow such a psychopath and sociopath!!!!!

            Again, either REPENT or LEAVE THE WEST!!!!! We DON’T need you and your ilk here!!!

          • Kris: what you did by converting to this pagan pseudo “religion” is to ensure your soul will be lost forever. May the God of Abraham, ISAAC and Jacob, have mercy on your soul. Without Christ, all of us are lost.
            “he who has the Son, has Life. He who rejects the Son will not see Life, for GODS WRATH REMAINS ON HIM”. John 3:36.

            The only way to be acceptable to the Almighty is to admit you are a sinner, that you can’t save yourself, and to believe that Christ’s finishing work on the cross is the ONLY atonement for our sins.

            We are all sinners, every one of us. But don’t listen to the Enemy, who has led you astray. All he wants is to take as many souls to hell with him as he can.
            Don’t fall for his lies. Seek Jesus. “seek the Lord while He may be found”, for one day you will enter eternity and it will be too late. Once we leave this earth, there are no second chances.

        • Of course, if you’re NOT a Moslem (your other comment is quite good regarding ‘Ali Gohar!!), then I’ll gladly apologise…

      • This infidel hates Islam PRECISELY because I’ve done my own research and read your filthy, violence- and perversion filled ”holy” books. There’s nothing in then worth respecting or tolerating. And we know what takiiya is, so take your lies elsewhere.

      • So it feels amazing does it? It’s all good claen fun untill that camel bites your pud off!

      • Muslims are the most vile scum I have ever encountered, I do not even consider them to be people, they are certainly not God’s children, they are excrement from the Devil himself.

      • The root of all evil originates with Lucifer and his mortal minions,who adhere to “The Will of Canaan” (excerpt from Eustace Mullins’ non-fiction book “The Curse of Canaan”) In order to understand why the name of Shem was systematically reviled and concealedthroughout the records of history, we must return to the record of his thoroughly degenerate andevil nephew, Canaan. Canaan was so wicked that his last will and testament to his children was aformula for vice. It read, “Love one another (that is, of this tribe only), love robbery, lovelewdness, hate your masters, and do not speak the truth.” This remarkable document, the Will of Canaan, is to be found in only one place in all the world’s theological literature, the BabylonianTalmud, where it is presented thusly, “Five things did Canaan charge his sons: love one another,love robbery, love lewdness, hate your masters, and do not speak the truth.” Pes. 113b.The Will of Canaan has been the Canaanites prescription for all of their operations during the ensuing three thousand years. Meanwhile, the people of Shem, knowing nothing of this document, vainly tried to “convert” the Canaanites, and turn them from their evil ways. If the descendants of Shem had been warned of the precepts imparted by this document, the history of the last three thousand years could have been very different. The Will of Canaan today remains the operating instructions of the Canaanite heirs, who presently control the World Order. At thesame time, it remains unknown to the peoples whom the Canaanites continue to rob, enslave,and massacre. The Will of Canaan contains the instructions necessary to resist the results of the Curse of Canaan, which condemn them to slavery. The instructions to “hate your masters,” that is, Shem and Japheth and their descendants, is a command to commit genocide against the people of Shem. For this reason, all subsequent Canaanite rites are based upon these exhortations to struggle and commit acts of violence against the people of Shem. It is not only the basis for all of the revolutions and “liberation movements” since that time, it is also a basic incitement to commit genocide and to carryon racial wars. Because of the three-thousand-year historical blackout, the people of Shem have never understood their peril, and they have frequently been subject to massacre because their essential goodness made it impossible for them to believe the vileness of the Canaanites. The Will of Canaan has always been concealed from them because it is the basic program of conspiracy and secret rites which enable the Canaanites to wreak their hatred upon the descendants of Shem.

    • This is a sick religion. A man-made MALE religion, where dogs, women & young boys and girls lives are constantly in danger of being exploited, abused, fearing death every day.

      I cannot believe that muslim women will defend this faith, unless they have been so brainwashed in believing that Islam is correct that they cannot think for themselves.

      No wonder anyone who dares to speak against Islam is threatened & killed.

      Islam is a world where ONLY THE LUSTS OF MEN EXISTS AND RULE and anything not Muslim or male is garbage or have no value.

        • I think it’s the case with some, but I believe most do it because they’re masohists. Here in the west these kinds of women pierce their privates and have orgies with men who tie them up, best them, poor candle wax on them, then have their way with then in most perverted, cruel, filthy ways. In the middle east, these women convert to Islam.

    • now they can have sex with there wife after she died sex with a dead women that it sick,they are sick in the head

      • I am wondering if there is an Islamic scholar who could point me to the rules concerning sex with dead animals. Does the six hour rule apply, or is road kill fair “game,” so-to-speak.

        • ‘So long as the flies are not coming from the body, then it is halal to have sex with a dead animal.’ But what about the smell? ‘Don’t worry, the animal is dead, it won’t smell anything.’

      • I’m just surprised Necrophilia hasn’t been openly in effect. I don’t doubt for a minute they haven’t already been doing it since Pedophilia , bestiality, Spousal abuse, Incest, rape, murder, kidnapping and slavery, deception, assault are already common practice and a way of life there. In fact there are very few vile and foul things this religion doesn’t embrace,

      • What can you expect? THey eat dead people too. KURU remember that. It is from eating people. Syrians have it, 12-15 year incubation, they had it before they began eating the Assad soldiers or the civil war. KURU melts your brain, makes you crazy, destroys your internal organs and if you have sex, you will have worse babies than the ones they get from having sex with their 1st cousins. GOlly, even Moses knew that you can not interbreed and made laws about that. THese fool inbreds don’t even understand that in 2013. They live in 600. Obama – We are not at war witht them!; The inbred in the White House does not understand that they are at war with us. He is a Muslim inbred idiot pig.

    • I have heard, don’t know for sure. But a Muslim man may have sex with his wife’s dead body, up to 24hrs after death.

    • what does it say for a people when you have to make religious rules about not having sex, with critters. damn it man, no matter how you slice it, that’s nasty and any one should know, with out halving to threaten them with the wrath of God. even good animals don’t cross pollinate. only the men, huh? i goat, i mean got a new secret weapon for the seals!

    • This is hilarious! Non Muslims appear to know more about Islam than Muslims, and how is that? Because they use Google Translator to translate something or they read something (written by someone with no knowledge) on the web which they think is right!

      A small introduction for the so called real Christians;
      1. 1600, The East India Company (EIC) is formed
      2. 1615, The company acquires it’s first territory in Bombay.
      3. 1619, the first African slaves arrive in Virginia.
      4. 1748, Anglo-French War In India
      5. 1757, War of Plassey
      6. 1793, Eli Whitney’s invention of the cotton gin greatly increases the demand for slave labor.
      7. 1919, Jalianwala Bagh Massacre.

      Now I can make this list very very long! And this all is done by you so called Christians! When you use violence it is justified but when someone else does it is not! For God sake people, who is running the biggest bestiality movie industry? Not the Muslims I can tell you that.

      In every faith there are right and wrong people. Just because a bunch of ignorant/stupid people start saying that every Non-Muslim has to be killed doesn’t mean that they represent Islam! The Islam doesn’t allow to kill ANYONE or ANYTHING without reason, reason is self defense, survival.

      The Bible also mentions violence. Should I point out to them??? In other words, do you even know what your Bible says? Most of you don’t!

      You are not a true Muslim if you do not believe in all the Messengers God has sent, like Abraham, Jesus, Moses, Jacob, Mohammad (PBH).

      I would like to ask the following question to the so called real Christians, are you allowed and/or supposed to hate other people with different faith?

      • Your comment is straight from the Muslim-apologists textbook. Bravo ! You have encapsulated the talking points that Muslims would like you to use to ensnare other lib-tards into thinking the way you do.

        What you are lacking is an appreciation for the fact that western civilization is under a prolonged attack from Islam, and if you deny that then all I can offer in reply is to ask what sand pile you have been hiding your head under.

        You said: ” The Islam doesn’t allow to kill ANYONE or ANYTHING without reason, reason is self defense, survival. ” Clearly you don’t read the newspapers.

      • @paco, muhamad the criminal whom you uphold as the best example of humanity made rules in the quran for hating, enslaving, even killing of jews , christians or other muslims who do not conform to his view of islam. that from day one muhamad started his filthy religion to the present day. Obviously you are ignorant of your own quran or deliberately deceiving here (it’s called taqueeya – you dumbshit). We dont need to hear from the terrorist view of islam, google or from your renowned scholars like ahmed diddat or zakir naik, (i presume u r from pakistan or india) both of them more smart than muhamad and his allah. ( just google their videos on “scientific truth” in quran) To learn islam & terrorism, learn it from muhamad who made the rules, from quran, ahadiths, tafsirs, sira and we get a clear picture of the wickedness of muhamad & his ideology