"AUSTRALIANS ARE RACIST," says Muslim street thug

The leader of Sydney’s radical Middle Eastern street gang, Asesinoz MC, says, “Now we can’t be f***** with, cuz we will take your life.”

The 29-year-old, who calls himself Sam “The Assassin” defended the Parramatta-based gang’s violent image in its YouTube videos and MySpace site. They promote anti-Australian sentiment and flag burning.

“There are a handful of good Australians but most are racist by assuming Lebanese people are responsible for all crimes,” he told The Daily Telegraph, speaking publicly for the first time.”When they see a Middle Eastern walking down the street they assume they are Lebanese. “I am half Lebanese and half Iraqi but I want the public and the police to know this: Don’t forget about the Persians, Iraqis, Afghanis, Turks etc . . . because they do crimes too. That is why we have posted these videos up.”

Senior police are concerned about the growth of gangs among young Middle Eastern men and have identified them, including Asesinoz MC and the Muslim Brotherhood Movement, as recruiting grounds for bike gangs responsible for violence and vandalism.

“Our goal is to make a name for ourselves,” he said. “The things we do (are) the reason why we are called a gang. “And what we do keeps the Asesinoz reputation up and it lets everyone know that we are the last people that should be f. . . . . with.” AU DAILY TELGRAPH

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