MUSLIM TERRORISTS collecting seashells by the seashore!

Four Guantanamo Bay Chinese MUSLIM TERRORISTS have celebrated their first day of freedom in Bermuda by hitting the shops.

As a storm erupted over America releasing the four in the British colony without telling the Foreign Office, they bought trousers, toothpaste and other toiletries, then played football with local teenagers. (AH HAH! Recruiting already?)

Salahidin Abdulahat, 32, one of the four Uighur Muslims, from eastern and central Asia, said: ‘I have been in jail for over seven years. Innocently. (RIIIIIIGHT!)

‘First I would like to rest for a couple of weeks. Then I would like to work. I would love to have a Bermuda passport and live as a normal member of society.’ (I bet you would)

The Foreign Office, which controls the colony’s security, expressed shock at the deal between the US and Bermudan Premier Ewart Brown. ‘We are deeply disappointed that they negotiated the movement of the four people here with the United States without consulting us because, to us, it pretty clearly cuts across foreign affairs and security issues,’ said island Governor Sir Richard Gozney.


Ill tell you the difference, youd be dead by now if we were communists
I’ll tell you the difference, you’d be dead by now if we were communists

Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague said it was ‘astonishing’ that Downing Street knew nothing of the deal.

But Gordon Brown said Barack Obama had called to thank him after the Uighurs’ arrival on the island. (Did he ask you to take the other 250 terrorists too?)

The US abandoned a plan to settle them on the outskirts of Washington DC after protests from locals. (Yeah, just drop them on England, since Gordon Brown has made the UK so terrorist-friendly)

Terrorists enjoying Western pleasures paid for by UK
Terrorists enjoying ice cream paid for by the US

The four are living in a waterfront cottage and have been given a woman interpreter.(Do they have a maid and a driver too?)

A Bermuda official said they will be given work permits. (Good idea, they’ll need money to buy material for making bombs) UK DAILY MAIL