Iranian Freedom Supporters put the President of the United States in his place!

PEYROVAAN – Pro-Freedom Iranian supporters of H.M. Reza Pahlavi for Constitution, Human Rights and Democracy ميتسه مه اب همه ام .ميتسه شوروک هار رد

P.O.Box 23011, Alexandria, VA. 22304

Sohrab Nabavi, Chairman.

Capt. M. Badri, Gen. Secretariat.

Dr. Houshang Anvar, Senior Advisor.

Ardavan Ghobadpour, Comm. Manager.

Iranmehr, Executive Director.


TO:  Barack Obama, President of the United States of America

Washington, DC

Dear Mr. President,

Thank you for hearing Iranian people’s voice. But please hear the words too. In yesterday’s speech you stated: It is up to Iranians to decide their “leader”.  Yet in the same speech you make reference to a “supreme leader”!!

Hear yourself: “You’ve seen in Iran, some initial reaction from the supreme leader that, uh, indicates, uh, he understands the Iranian people have deep concerns about the election. Uh, it’s not productive given the history of US-Iranian relations to be seen as meddling. ”

Either you or the staff who prepared your latest speech on Iran should get a translator to understand the chanting in Iran. People are saying “marg bar dictator”.

They are saying “Down with Khamenei.” They are not just referring to Ahmadinejad because he is not the one who dictates the regime’s policies. Iranian people chanted the same slogan in 1999 mass rally during Khatami’s term. Iranians are against Khamenei the individual whom you refer to as “supreme”.

Dear Mr. President, you’ve gained world recognition for keen style of speech delivery and earned American’s respect for being one of the finest political orators voted to the oval office. You are sharp and assertive enough that you must have had doubts uttering the words “supreme leader” yesterday. Because it is rare to hear you use “uh” three times in your opening remarks.

You either didn’t believe in what you are saying or simply didn’t know the meaning of the words coming to your mouth. Expressing concern over the brutal repression of peaceful demonstrations in my country is nice, but stopping it is nicer.

Khamenei is not a supreme, spiritual, nor an elected leader. He and Rafsanjani are like godfathers of the Shiite cult/mafia.

Respectfully yours,


PEYRVOAAN Executive Director of Foreign Affairs

ميتسه مه اب همه ام .ميتسه شوروک هار رد

P.O.Box 23011, Alexandria, VA. 22304