OLIVER NORTH’S AMERICAN HEROES in the fight against radical Islam

Honor America’s heroes for Fathers Day

What is a Hero? New York Times best-selling author Oliver North says, “Real heroes are selfless. Those who serve America in harm’s way in the war against radical Islam have that quality in abundance. And so do their families and loved ones at home. Yet, they rarely get the attention or coverage they deserve.

“Despite the way they are presented by too many in the press and politics, the men and women in uniform today are overwhelmingly good. I never cease to be amazed at the self-discipline of these brave young Americans. They can endure the adrenaline-pumping violence of an enemy engagement, and then, just minutes later, help school children get safely to their classes . . . No nation—ours included—has ever had a military force better than the one we have today. I’m proud of them. You should be too.”

In American Heroes, North addresses issues of defense against global terrorism, Jihad, and radical Islam from his firsthand perspective as a decorated military officer and national security advisor and current Middle East war correspondent. This patriotic book also pulls in new reports and exclusive full-color photographs from War Stories, the award-winning FOX News Channel series hosted by North.

Ambitious in scope, American Heroes details the earliest terrorism faced by the United States in the 1800s at the hands of the Barbary Pirates, the major terrorist group developments of the 1970s and 80s, and, most vividly, the post-9/11 Iraq War era. Most inspiringly, North’s up-close field notes highlight the core values of today’s American soldier in relation to the fight at hand: courage, commitment, compassion, and faith.

Thank God for freedom. Thank God for American heroes.

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“Nothing Replaces a Daddy” – Lt.  Col. Oliver North

The following story is an excerpt from Lt. Col. Oliver North’s new release, American Heroes: In the Fight Against Radical Islam.

“The explosion of a carefully planted IED mangled Sgt Edwards below his body armor. The first person to him was U.S. Navy medical Corpsman Christopher Anderson. The man they called “Doc” Anderson immediately applied tourniquets to Edwards’ shattered limbs and started an IV to ward off shock.

As they raced for the LZZ to meet an inbound casualty-evacuation helicopter, Edwards looked up at the man who was checking his pulse and said, ‘take care of my babies, Doc.’

Anderson shouted back, ‘You’re going to take care of your babies. You’re going to be OK!’

Marine Sgt Gregory Edwards was on his third deployment to Iraq when new wounds sent him back to Walter Reed. In 2003 he had been part of the initial assault on Baghdad and saw the statue of Saddam Hussein toppled. He’d been wounded on his second deployment and spent time recovering at Bethesda and Walter Reed. When 1st Bn, 6th Marines, was slated for a third deployment, he insisted on going along.

This time, however Gregory Edwards’ road to recovery would never end. Though the doctors operated on him more than thirty times, they couldn’t save his shattered legs. When all the surgery was done, he had one stump above the knee, a stump below the other knee, and only one functioning hand.

‘I lost my legs for the people of Iraq, so their children will be able to run around, just like mine. If time was turned back, I’d do it all over again,” said Sgt Edwards, father of two.”

This excerpt, taken from American Heroes, is dedicated to the hundreds of thousands of fathers whoare standing on the front lines of war while their families anxiously await their return home.

“These ‘heroes on the home front’ are essential for the strength of our military as a whole and for the defense of this nation,” said Lt. Col. North.

To celebrate Father’s Day and honor the tremendous sacrifice made by so many fathers since the beginning of the war on terror, Lt. Col. North has made signed copies of his book available on his website, www.olivernorth.com, throughout the month of June.

With more than 350 full-color images and exclusive access to even more stories from inside the trenches online, American Heroes presents a no-holds-barred, up-close look at this generation’s citizen soldiers who have chosen the path of the patriot to go into harm’s way.  Go here to buy the book

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