U.S. MUSLIM-IN-CHIEF wants JEWISH residents in East Jerusalem to STOP HAVING BABIES

Jewish neighborhoods in East Jerusalem are included in the US demand that Israel halt ‘settlement’ construction, including for natural growth, State Department spokesman Ian Kelly told The Jerusalem Post.

Does anyone know how to say FYou in Hebrew?

“We’re talking about all settlement activity, yes, in the area across the line,” he said, referring to neighborhoods in Jerusalem over the Green Line, or pre-1967 armistice line, in response to a question on where America’s calls to halt construction in the settlements would be applied.

Israel has always insisted that it has a right to build anywhere in Jerusalem because the state incorporated that land into the municipality and under Israeli law it is not considered part of the West Bank. But the international community considers Jewish neighborhoods in east Jerusalem to be settlements and has condemned any new Jewish construction there.

US President Barack Obama has called the settlements illegitimate and said that their expansion must stop, including natural growth. JERUSALEM POST

Barack Hussein ISLAMObama, Liar-in-Chief, said “JERUSALEM WILL NEVER BE DIVIDED.”

Recapturing Jerusalem, the ancient capital of Israel, in 1967 from the Arab invaders.

UPDATE 6/24 Netanyahu-Mitchell meeting called off amid ongoing settlement dispute.

When Jerusalem freezes over, George
"When Jerusalem freezes over, George"
A meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US Middle East envoy George Mitchell scheduled for Thursday in Paris has been called off, presumably due to an ongoing dispute over the natural growth of Jewish settlements.Members of Netanyahu’s entourage to Europe told Ynet that Israel was the one to call off the meeting because it needed more time to gather and organize data to present to the Americans.

But Israeli media speculated that the cancellation of the meeting was yet another sign of the growing tension between Netanyahu and the Obama Administration over Israel’s refusal to stop building homes for Jews in Judea, Samaria and the eastern half of Jerusalem. ISRAEL TODAY

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