MUSLIM MOB ATTACKS CHURCH, loots Christian homes, assaults young girls in Egypt

Persecution of Christians is the norm in Muslim-majority countries, even in small Muslim-majority countries.

(AINA) — An Egyptian Muslim mob attacked a church in the village of Ezbet Boshra-East, El-Fashn, smashing its windows and assaulting Copts with clubs and white weapons, wounding 25 Copts, in the presence and with the instigation of the State Security.

On Monday 6/22/2009, El-Fashn prosecution issued an order for the village priest, Reverend Isaac Castor, to appear before them, on charges of sectarian sedition after three Muslim women accused him of hurling stones at them from inside the church.

The Church is still besieged by State Security and the priest is still confined to the Church walls, together with 10 people and three children not exceeding the age of five years. “The prosecution wants to get me out there, together with those who are with me, in order to make arrests. None of us are leaving the Church premises,” the priest said. “I do not know why I am besieged inside the Church in this way, together with my toddlers. I am not a criminal, neither are the people who are with me.”

Homes of nearby Copts were broken into on Sunday by the Muslim mob, which included women, assaulting the residents including young girls, and destroying their furniture and looting electrical equipment. “These assaults were followed by security officers, assaulting Copts and destroying what remained of their belongings. When asked by a Coptic woman why they are doing this, the officers answered that they have ‘orders’ to do so,” added Reverend Isaac. “Now the Coptic inhabitants are living in terror.”

“State Security went into homes of the Copts and forcibly rounded up the men. At present 19 Copts are under arrest including children under twelve and people over 60 years of age,” said Reverend Isaac. AINA

Brutalization of Coptic Christians in Egypt: “You Christians need to be burned alive like Nero.”