Notice the hairy armpits on the CODEPINKO broad

CODEPINKO Pro-terrorist activists demonstrated against Israel at the Israeli Ministry of Tourism’s beach event in Central Park, NYC, on Sunday, June 21.

Bikini-clad activists from the women’s group CODEPINK covered themselves in mud and stood outside the Israeli Ministry of Tourism’s Tel Aviv Beach party in Central Park on Sunday.

El Al Israel Airlines turned the bandshell into Israel’s mediterranean beach to celebrate Tel Aviv’s 100th Anniversary and the first day of summer. The beach was complete with games, tanning spots, and a rock concert.

The protest grabbed attention as they chanted, “Tel Aviv – you can’t hide, we can see your dirty side!” CODEPINK states the mud they covered themselves in was to represent the “dirty policies Irsrael holds towards Palestine.”

Holding pink umbrellas outside the artificial Tel Aviv Beach, the women held signs that read, “Say no to Israel’s war crimes.” FOX NY

At the same event, Pro-terrorist activists chant, “Israel is a terrorist state” and “Kill more Jews.”

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