Palestinian leader to free 700 Hamas terrorists from prison as a message to Obama

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will release more than 700 HAMAS terrorists from jail as a symbol of his anger at Obama for failing to force Israel to unconditionally accept the suicide plan that the Palestinians want to impose on the Jews.

See Barry, or should I say Neville Chamberlain II, you can’t even please your fellow Muslims because no matter how much you try to appease them, it’s never enough for terrorists or fascists.

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Oh those sneaky Jews! NETANYAHU CAVES IN, OR DOES HE? 

Netanyahu’s speech wins points with the US and Israelis, even though he purposely stalled the peace process

Under fierce US pressure Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu finally said the magic words – “PALESTINIAN STATE.”

“We will be prepared as part of a future peace accord to reach a solution of a demilitarized Palestinian state alongside the Jewish state,” he said in a major policy speech.

It was a stunning about-face for a man who grew up on the pure Likud ideology of settling all the biblical Land of Israel. But at the same time, he set down tough conditions he knew the Palestinians would reject: The Palestinians must recognize Israel as a Jewish state, demilitarization, Jerusalem would not be divided, and no “right of return” of Palestinian refugees to the State of Israel.

That threw cold water on the pillars of Palestinian nationalism: rejecting Israel as the biblical Jewish homeland, self-defense (i.e. building an army that will eventually destroy Israel), Jerusalem’s sacred Old City as the capital of a Palestinian state, and flooding Israel with hostile refugees—something that even the most dovish Israelis see as national suicide. ISRAEL TODAY

But of course, all Obama heard was “Palestinian State,” totally disregarding the qualifiers. Boy, does he have egg on his face, especially in light of Abbas’ above announcement. But don’t expect to hear about it in the ObamaMedia.

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