Why don’t HOMOSEXUALS/LIBERALS in America have a problem with ISLAM?

gay_hanging_iranMuslims regularly hold loud and raucous demonstrations against Homosexuals in New York City

One would think the liberals would be protesting outside of mosques. Islam executes homosexuals just for being homosexuals.  But the pathetic liberals have so much hate for Christianity that they flat out refuse to condemn Islam & Muslims for wanting them dead.

Gay Muslims are among the  first to call for the destruction of Israel, even though Israel is the ONLY country in the Middle East which does not condemn them to death.

This is how Islam treats homosexuals in Iran.


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  1. The title of the article is pretty much the same as why don’t African-Americans have a problem with Islam,when Islam definitely has a problem with Blacks.Even when the Blacks are Muslims.
    I often visit Black web sites and I did find one story on the Ethiopian maid who was scalded by Quadafi’s daughter in law.But not on word on the Africans shot down in the Sinai by Egyptians as they fled their war torn nations.And not one word on the Africans who were murdered for their organs by those same Egyptians and by Beduin tribes who were payed to help them get to Israel
    Not one word!I did read an article about Islamophobia in the African-American community and another on Chrislam,which is nothing more than pandering to Muslims, by in this case,Black Christians.

    Today I read an article about the famous African-Americans who were Muslims and I think one of the reasons why African-Americans don’t speak out about Islam is because 25% of the Muslims in America are African Americans,and that means(since the majority of them are converts),that they are relatives to the majority of Blacks in America who are Christian.

    Who wants to disown their own children or have nothing more to do with your aunts and uncles and cousins and friends?No they are embraced and that means their religion is tolerated no matter what you really think of it.

    I was not surprised that the rapper Snoop Dogg was a member of the Nation of Islam,but was very surprised to find out that Shaquille O’Neal had embraced Islam.He seems to love to have fun and as we all know there is no fun in Islam,according to the Ayotollah Khomeini.

  2. Thank you for the link, and for the many posts on this blog that I found very enlightening. After I posted last night, I went through your women tag until I just couldn’t stand to read any more. I’ve been shafted on Islam by the news sources I usually trust. I’ve known it for a long time, but I didn’t realize to what degree and I’ve kind of let it slide, and I’m ashamed of that.

    Last night I thought of a friend of mine who has a really pretty “Free Tibet” t-shirt I love, and suddenly I had to wonder, “What the hell are we doing?” Tibet is one of our pet international issues, and I consider the Chinese invasion of Tibet to be a tragedy, but it c-l-e-a-r-l-y pales in comparison to what’s happening in or because of the Islamic world. The violence, the oppression, the cultural assassination. (Remember those ancient Buddha statues blown to bits by the Taliban?)

    Ignoring the web of organizations and beliefs that are causing this misery is beyond me. Aren’t we called “bleeding hearts”? Even our detractors insult us on the basis of being too compassionate. If our hearts don’t bleed for the people being brutalized by those who define themselves as Islam’s most devout practitioners, who have we compassion for? How is this the one area where we don’t react with empathy-fueled outrage?

    I’ve decided I’m done with ignoring it. I’m infuriated, I’m not listening to any more excuses, and I’m not keeping my mouth shut anymore. There is no radicalism like Islamic radicalism. I wasn’t born detesting it, and I wasn’t taught to hate it, either. I came to these conclusions myself based on eyes-wide-open observation of their behavior.

    I don’t think I’d get a lot of positive response to your blog; as you’ve seen, most of us prefer to embarrass ourselves in your comments section, but I do think I can make inroads with some of the stories and sources you’ve posted. All Americans (all the world, really) have got to wake up to this problem.

    Thank you again. Your hard work on this blog has really opened my eyes.

    • Liberal you are both courageous and wise. The best thing you can do to help is share some of these stories with your email/FB friends. Don’t deluge them, just send 1 or 2 a week. You had your eyes opened, so can a lot of other people.
      Please don’t be a stranger. You are now BNI’s favorite Liberal.

  3. I just ran into some altered fashion photos from the website StyleCovered, a Muslim fashion website, where the women in the original photos were changed to be covered head to toe. I shuddered and Googled, “liberal with a problem with Islam” and found your blog.

    I’m trying to figure it out, too, but I can tell you it’s not because liberals hate Christianity. A look at statistics shows you most liberals in America are Christian, even if it’s a lower percentage than among conservatives.

    I think it’s more a matter of not looking xenophobic or, gasp, agreeing with conservatives on something. Like I said, I can’t really figure this out, either. I will definitely give you that while liberals do blame Christian conservatives for anything that goes against their beliefs, many (though not all) of the very same people will totally excuse (even radical) Islamic conservatives, as though their backwardsness is sad and sympathetic, like children who just don’t know any better. They see Christian conservatives as bullies, but Islamic conservatives as mentally disabled, sometimes denouncing specific acts but rarely the reasoning behind them.

    I’m getting damn sick of it. I live in a neighborhood with a large Islamic population and every time I see a woman who apparently thinks her hair is a sex organ, I get so angry I want to kick a puppy, but I’m afraid to say anything to a lot of people I know for fear of being seen as a racist or xenophobe. Last summer, on one of the hottest days of the year, I was in a local theme park and I saw two toddlers in strollers who, like their mothers, were actually veiled, only eyes and hands visible. I’m pretty sure I cracked a tooth. And that’s not even counting what you’ve pointed out, things like hangings and stonings and that girl in Afghanistan who was imprisoned for being raped (convicted of having premarital sex) and then pardoned on condition of marrying her rapist.

    Personally speaking, I think this is an area where we, liberals and conservatives and everybody else, ought to be coming together, and like you, I do not understand why it’s not happening. Right now in the world, the religion generating by far the most atrocities in its name is Islam. Until Muslims reject the parts of their religion that create and condone these appalling acts and circumstances, then the root of the problem will remain Islam, itself, and the Muslims who act upon it will be to blame.

    I’m not religious, but I’m not antitheist. I’m not against a lot of things that are part of Islam. Not against praying five times a day, or fasting daily for a month, or believing devoutly in a higher power. But when those things come with the kind of baggage that comes with this belief system, the problem is pretty clearly that belief system, or at least some important parts of it.

    Muslims’ brains function the same as everyone else, they live in the same world as everyone else, they have the same examples as everyone else, and therefore they are as much to blame as anyone else would be.

    I hope to eventually find others like me so the voices against the ROOT of these many and varied atrocities will come from both the right AND the left. You can’t kill a weed by trimming it at the surface, and denouncing an act will never achieve anything when the culture and religion of entire countries condone that act.

    So, from this liberal to you, I want to thank you for this post upside the head. (Especially the final video and photo.) Maybe I’ll get up the courage to actually show it to a few people.

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