Why are the British kissing the feet of Muslim criminals?

UK police give Muslim prisoners compasses so they can face Mecca to pray.

They may already have wandered from the straight and narrow. But Muslims held in police cells in one area are being given every help to find their way back.

Norfolk Police is offering compasses to suspects so they can face accurately towards Mecca when praying. The force had already painted the ceilings of some of its cells to point worshippers in the right direction.

It tested the idea at a police station in Norwich and has recommended extending it across the county. If successful, the scheme could be rolled out to other forces around the UK.

The report states: ‘The painted compasses on the ceilings at Bethel Street will be replicated across the rest of the county. ‘However, further guidance has been received and in future small compasses will be issued to those detainees who request them.’

Officially, this is because Muslims may not always be in a cell with directions to Mecca at prayer time. (And why the hell should we give a damn?)

But a force insider said: ‘An Islamic detainee might not trust those who are holding him and a compass will allow him to make his own mind up about which way he should be facing.’ UK DAILY MAIL


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