German killing of headscarved woman at court raises fears in Europe

I am not condoning this killing by any means. However, Muslims suing people all the time because they are offended at something that is said about their religion is not the best way to integrate themselves into their adopted countries.

The killing of the Muslim woman raises many questions regarding inter-racial relationships and co-existence in Europe.

A 28-year old German man stabbed Egyptian national Marwa Sherbini 18 times in Dresden courthouse before she gave evidence against him in a court appeal. Marwa Sherbini, a 32-year-old Egyptian national was suing her attacker after he insulted her for wearing the Islamic headscarf. Sherbini stood in court to give evidence before the German man took out a knife and stabbed her 18 times.

Marwa took her 3-year old son Mostapha to play in a Dresden park. A German man, identified only as Axel W, insulted her because of wearing the Islamic headscarf and called her a “terrorist.” She filed a case against him in German courts after the incident. When she won the case and the court fined him the €780 for having abused her. But the German man appealed against the verdict, German media said.

“The investigation into this bloody crime is bound to show there are some indications the suspect was hostile toward foreigners – the signs are there,” said Saxony police chief Bernd Merbitz told German media. WORLD BULLETIN

Maybe the foreigners’ antisocial/anti-Western behavior is what causes the natives to be hostile toward them?

Don’t be surprised if this incident sets off riots in the Middle East or in Europe. They already are calling her the “Headscarf Martyr.” Newspapers in Egypt have expressed ‘outrage’ at the case, asking how it was allowed to happen and dubbing Ms Sherbini “the martyr of the Hijab.” And whenever Muslims are OUTRAGED, riots and killings are sure to follow.

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