Palestinians accuse Israelis of training pigs to attack their crops

Another Palestinian Arab blood libel?

Palestinian Authority (P.A.) farmers, police, and media accuse Israelis in Samaria of releasing wild boars to uproot Arabs’ crops.  The Arabs did not explain how Israelis could tame wild boars and direct them to damage Arabs’ crops but not Israelis’ crops. Actually, boars have damaged Israeli crops near Haifa.

They also had claimed that Jews in Jerusalem breed and released rats to harm Arabs there. Again, how do rats distinguish Arabs from Jews?

They also claimed that Israel spreads disease.  Again, how does one confine bacteria to the other side of borders?  Israel works on eradicating disease.  Some Arab states refuse to cooperate with Israel on that effort of mutual benefit.

The Arab accusations are like the weird blood libel charges that Jews, contrary to Jewish ethics and culinary practice which abhors blood in meat, kill Christian children to drink their blood. Now you see the kind of people that confront Israel. EXAMINER via Religion of Peace

I guess the fact that most Jews, like Muslims, do not even eat pork escapes these morons.

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