Radio Talk Show host calls Islam a “Neanderthal religion” that “enslaves black people”

(LIBERAL) MEDIA MATTERS posted an excerpt from Jim Quinn of ‘The War Room with Quinn and Rose’ that states the obvious. What’s interesting is the Media Matters liberals’ reactions to it.

The WAR ROOM website

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Author by epkklk851 (July 02, 2009 3:44 pm ET)


Speaking of Neanderthals, this guy gives Neanderthals a bad name. I am a liberal and a feminist, and personally, I would not ever choose to wear a burka, but then I am not a Muslim. I thought the U.S. was a free country and people were free to practice their own beliefs, including religion as they see fit. Mr. Quinn is free to find a Burka threatening but he is not free to deny a woman the right to wear one. He seems to forget that allowing someone freedom means allowing them to make choices that you wouldn’t and might not like. We have to understand other cultures and tolerate their practices because those two points are actually hallmarks of our free society.

Author by wookie (July 02, 2009 4:42 pm ET)’


Quinn follows the typical right wing format of believing in his own freedom to get his way all of the time. The burka isn’t a heck of a lot different from a nun’s outfit and Christians participated in the slave trade. Not that Quinn will see it. He will be back to railing about how our “socialist” government is persecuting groups like the Branch Davidians and the Mormons tommorow.

Author by canaanxing9025 (July 02, 2009 5:58 pm ET)

The nobility, and those who could afford the fabric, copied the Muslim dress. My only quess is; it was considered exotic, and quite fashionable.

Author by loonz (July 04, 2009 7:20 pm ET)

The burqa’s existence is largely due to tradition and culture. Mohammad’s wives started wearing covering (because men were lusting after them) and other Muslim women followed and it became a fashion trend. From a fashion trend it morphed into a requirement and became a part of their tradition and culture. Today, most Muslims have abandoned it. As for the Quran, it only requires that women [and men] dress modestly.

Authorby NdlovukaziThor (July 02, 2009 5:05 pm ET)

Oh, good gravy. So… people came to this country to escape persecution. People still come here for “opportunity”. We have our lovely FIRST AMENDMENT protecting a person’s right to wear a yarmulke, nun’s habit, Om, crucifix, burqa, whatever. Usually not all at the same time… but Americans have the freedom to do so.

There are a lot that certain people do as part of their religion, and abandoning something that acts as such a huge part of their lives can be a traumatic thing to let go. You’re threatened and afraid of the woman in the burqa, Jim? How do you think she feels about you, glaring at her and calling for her to throw away part of her culture, no matter how warped you think it is?

Author by magnolialover (July 02, 2009 5:38 pm ET)

Funny Quinn, how in this country, it was the Christian men who actually enslaved people. You know, whips, forced labor, rapes, and “nice” little things like that.

Author by rwmacdonald2091 (July 02, 2009 5:55 pm ET)

Quinn just doesn’t get what the United States is. It’s a country that welcomes all peoples from all religions, and ethnic groups. Our culture is what ever it is at a given time, depending on the diversity of the population. He just wants to go back to the time,when European white men who owned property ruled the country with impunity.

Author by DolphinMan (July 02, 2009 6:10 pm ET)

You know the saying “opinions are like @$*#$!$”. How cowardly to be threatened by a woman’s choice of clothing. The burqua is worn to prevent other men from seeing the woman as a sexual object. Almost opposite of the west where a lot of woman dress to make themselves sexy or to attract the opposite sex. Religion is a choice, just as what we wear is a choice. Well I am put off by Mr. Quinn’s turkey neck. He would be doing others a great service by covering his head. Muslim women that wear the burqua in public do not wear it at home. If as you say that Islam is a neanderthal religion then it is probably a good idea that women wear the covering in public lest they be dragged off by their hair and repeatedly savaged. To say such things on a show entitled the “War Room” is ignorant. The only one enslaved here is Jim Quinn in his bigoted small mind.

(In all fairness, several people disagreed with the above comments, but this comment by a Muslim person from Sudan, I found very compelling:)

Authorby USAarmOf1 (July 03, 2009 11:17 am ET)

I think you are missing the point the author is trying to make which is freedom. Islam is not a religion of freedom, its a religion which enslaved citizens in God’s name according to Holly Quran. I am from Sudan and I am sure you have seen what’s happening in that country, special in the Dafur Region, where genocide is taking place as we speak in the name of Islam, but what do you know you have to live under the Shariah Law to fully understand the true concept of the Islamic religion. Under the Shariah Law, women are considered properties if not second hand citizen or worst subhuman. Can you call that freedom?


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