AMERICAN ANTI-ISLAMISTS under attack in Europe

First the British Government bans conservative talk radio host Michael Savage from the UK, now there are calls to ban Pamela Geller of the website Atlas Shrugs from the Netherlands and the UK .

Way to go, Pamela, when the pro-Islamists come after you, you know your message is getting through to the freedom-loving people of the world.

Truth is the new hate speech. Check this out – Islamic supremacism in the march.

Exclusion order on Pamela Geller

I have asked the Netherlands Justice Ministry to issue an exclusion order, barring Pamela Geller Oshry from the Netherlands, and I have asked the British Home Secretary to issue an exclusion order, barring her from the United Kingdom. Better known as Pamela Geller, she is the sole author of the xenophobic, racist, right-wing blog ‘Atlas Shrugs’. (For coverage of the blog by others, see LGF Watch)

In general, I believe that the American right is America’s problem. However, the US ‘counter-jihadist’ movement has begun building links with the xenophobic-populist parties in Europe, united by the fear of ‘Eurabia’. They have adopted Geert Wilders in particular, and Pamela Geller is his strongest supporter in the US blogosphere. Like some other supporters there (e.g. Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch) she has now begun fundraising for him.

Geller recently expressed her general support for nationalism in Europe.

Nationalism isn’t bad. American nationalism wasn’t bad, has never been bad. British nationalism hasn’t been bad. French nationalism isn’t bad. Polish nationalism isn’t bed. Czech nationalism wasn’t bad.

She supported the recent anti-Islam rally organised by Pro-Köln, a regional xenophobic-populist party which is active in building contacts among European right-wing parties. The meeting signals the shift to pro-Israel, pro-Jewish, anti-Islam positions, among xenophobic-populist and nationalist parties in Europe. It is not all opportunistic, since there is a genuine anti-Islam movement in Europe, but some of those involved are very recent converts to the strategy.

The formal reasons for my request to bar Geller are:

  1. Pamela Geller gives organisational support to, and solicits funds for, Geert Wilders and his PVV (Freedom Party). In doing so, she supports a party that is explicitly nationalist, anti-immigration, and anti-minority.
  2. Geller is attempting to influence elections for the Dutch and European parliaments, from the United States, by financial means – although in the United States itself, foreign political donations are illegal.
  3. Supporters of the PVV use death threats as a regular tactic, and fund-raising for the PVV constitutes de facto support for this tactic.
  4. Geller distributes in the United States xenophobic texts and images, authored by Geert Wilders, and directed against ethnic minorities in Europe.
  5. Geller has begun to promote the Flemish nationalist Filip Dewinter (and his party Vlaams Belang) in the United States, and distributes xenophobic speeches by Dewinter.
  6. Geller promotes in the United States the activities of the German xenophobic-populist party Pro-Köln. She has regularly written in support of their anti-Islam meetings, at which neo-fascist and right-populist parties are represented: among others, Vlaams Belang, the Czech Národní Strana, the French Front National, and the Austrian FPÖ.
  7. Through her activities, Geller contributes to the emergence of a transatlantic xenophobic movement, and to increasing co-operation among xenophobic right-wing parties.
  8. Geller seeks to preserve the nation-states (and especially the State of Israel), and to preserve their identity and culture. In this way she obstructs both innovative state formation, and cultural innovation.
  9. Geller does not recognise the freedom of conscience, with regard to nations and peoples. Specifically, she does not recognise attempts to destroy the state of Israel as legitimate, although she supports Vlaams Belang, a party that emphatically seeks the destruction of Belgium.
  10. She is convinced that her own views represent an absolute truth, which must be rigidly adhered to. She attacks her political opponents in a hysterical tone, that borders on incitement to violence. For instance, she describes other Jews who don’t share her hard-line right-wing views on Israel and the Palestinians, as “Jewicidal” or “jihadi”.
  11. Geller openly advocates the use of torture, inside and outside the United States. In combination with her support for racial profiling – classification as a terrorist suspect on the basis of ethnic origin – this constitutes a physical threat to immigrant minorities in the EU member states. ATLAS SHRUGS

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