Aren’t you happy Obama is using tax dollars so UIGHUR TERRORISTS from Gitmo can live in luxury?

Muslim Uighurs are rioting in western China. China asked Obama for the Gitmo Uighurs to be sent back to China because they are terrorists as you can see by this video. But Obama set them free, using YOUR TAX DOLLARS to support them in a beautiful beachfront villa in Bermuda.

Protests over deaths of workers turn violent as Muslim mobs burn buses and attack residents from minorities in western province. Over 140 people have been killed as thousands of Muslim Uighurs took to the streets during the biggest display of ethnic unrest in recent memory.

The protesters smashed up buses, threw stones through shop windows and assaulted Han Chinese passers-by, according to a witness, who said the spark was the recent killing of Uighur migrant workers in Guangdong, southern China.

Vehicles were set on fire and traffic guard rails overturned. Bloodied victims were rushed to hospital in the regional capital, Urumqi, as armed riot police moved in to restore order with tear gas, armoured vehicles and road blocks, according to a foreign student in Xinjiang.

A large section of Urumqi was shut off to vehicles tonight , with police manning roadblocks at the perimeter. Witnesses reported large numbers of armed officers inside the cordon. Mobile phone networks appeared to get cut off sporadically. “There were big ethnic riots – there was a lot of fighting,” said one Han resident. “It’s not safe – you can’t go anywhere near there. They’ve blocked it all off. You have to be careful.”

“It’s very dangerous so you can’t go into the centre at all. It’s the Uighurs causing violence,” complained a Han businessman, who said he was unable to get home because of the blocks. GUARDIAN UK




Who do the Uighur Muslims think they’re dealing with – Obama? China cracks down on the “ungrateful” Uighurs, after killing more than 150.