GOOD NEWS! Brits starting to fight back against Islamization

FOOTBALL (Soccer) fans come out in force against the Islamization of Great Britain.

July, 4, 2009 It seems that football supporters are now organising against Islamisation. There have been several demonstrations against Islamisation and their movement seems to grow with each event. Of course this movement appears to have started following a great many Islamic demonstrations against Britain and the British. We witnessed the threats that were issued to non Muslims at the protest outside the Danish embassy in London response to the Motoons that lampooned the so-called prophet of Islam; we saw the shameful mob that came out to abuse British soldiers in Luton; we witnessed the way an Islamic mob chased the police through the streets of London. We also saw that the authorities appeared to ‘let off’ the people engaged in such disorderly and threatening activities.

It now appears that, like the Islamic groups, they are a movement that can mobilise large numbers at short notice. The Government, due to its appeasement of Islamism and anti-Western policy making, has now created a situation where there is the danger of both groups assembling in vast numbers at the same time. People have been warning the politicians that this might happen for years. I hope they are proud of themselves on ignoring sensible advice and in so doing creating this unstable situation. The Government’s encouragement of Sharia and its appeasement of Islamism via its misguided adherence to the divisive secular religion of multiculturalism has effectively created a situation where there are potentially warring factions within the United Kingdom. As the Government continues in its deafness to reason I would guess that this situation can only get worse. BEER & SANDWICHES

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