Here’s what your $900 million+ in tax dollars are financing for the Palestinians

European Al Qaeda members receive training in Gaza.

An Egyptian newspaper reported this week that several European members of an Al Qaeda cell recently busted in Egypt received training and financing from Palestinian terror groups in the Gaza Strip. The Europeans – three Belgians, a man from France and another from the UK – stand accused, along with seven Arab Al Qaeda members, of planning to attack Israeli targets in Egypt and monitoring Israeli traffic through the Suez Canal.

Egyptian authorities involved in the investigation told Cairo’s Al-Masri Al-Youm daily newspaper that they had discovered shocking evidence of the massive degree of Al Qaeda activity in both Gaza and Egypt.

Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas for years denied that Al Qaeda was active in Gaza, but the territory’s Hamas rulers never hid their affinity for Osama bin Laden’s group and its accomplishments. ISRAEL TODAY

Islamic summer camps in Gaza teach hate.

The Jerusalem Municipality is upping its battle against Hamas and Fatah-run summer camps for Arab children living in the city’s eastern neighborhoods. The problem is that at those camps, the kids are taught to adhere to the more violent precepts of Islam, to hate Israel and to view Palestinian terrorists as heroes and martyrs.

Several city councilmen are urging the municipality to go even further in combatting this phenomenon, noting that what young Arabs in Jerusalem learn now will inevitably have a major impact on the conflict in the near future. ISRAEL TODAY

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