HOORAY! Half of DUTCH MUSLIMS want to leave Netherlands because of Geert Wilders

BUH BYE. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass!

And don’t come to this country either!

More than half the people with Turkish and Moroccan backgrounds in the Netherlands say they would consider leaving the country due to the growing popularity of anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders. A third say they would definitely like to emigrate, according to a survey published on Monday.

Geert Wilders, a member of Dutch parliament, is being charged with hate speech and inciting discrimination for calling the Koran a fascist book and comparing it to Hilter’s Mein Kampf, and for his inflammatory film Fitna.

Two out of five (Muslims) felt they are being discriminated against more often, and almost a quarter said they regularly experienced discrimination. Nearly three quarters said they thought Wilders had intensifiednegative feelings towards Muslims among the Dutch public. However, half the respondents said the growing support for Wilders made them feel angry and disappointed, and 22 percent said he aroused feelings of fear and hatred. Ninety per cent said they thought a Wilders government would be a fiasco, and only 4 percent thought he would be able to offer any solutions to the country’s problems. NRC

GEERT WILDERS PARTY now the biggest in the Netherlands. He says deportation of millions of Muslims may be necessary.

THE HAGUE. For the first time, the Party for Freedom (PVV) is the top-scoring party in both leading opinion polls. Geert Wilders’ party reached this position in Maurice de Hond’s poll three months ago, and has now come top in the Synovate poll as well.

According to the Synovate Political Barometer, the PVV would win 32 of the 150 Lower House seats if elections were held now. This makes it the largest party, although the Christian Democrats (CDA) also score 32 seats. The PVV currently holds 9 Lower House seats and the CDA 41.

Without apparent reason, the PVV has jumped from 23 to 32 seats in the Political Barometer, drawn up on behalf of TV programme Nova, over the past month. In the polls held by Maurice de Hond, the PVV has been stable at or around 32 seats for months. Netherlands Info Services

Theo van Gogh
Theo van Gogh

DUTCH FILMMAKER Theo Van Gogh murdered in the streets of Amsterdam by a Muslim because he made a film about Islam.

Filmmaker Theo van Gogh, creator of the film, SUBMISSION who was accused by Muslims of ridiculing their religion, was shot dead on his bicycle on Tuesday. Two knives were left in his body, one pinning a note to his chest.

Mohammed Bouyeri
Mohammed Bouyeri

The self-confessed killer of Theo van Gogh faced the victim’s mother in an Amsterdam court today and told her he felt no remorse for his crime.  Mohammed Bouyeri, the Morrocan born killer told van Gogh’s mother, “I don’t feel your pain. I don’t have sympathy for you. I can’t feel for you because you are a non-believer.” He also said he was driven by his religious beliefs, claiming he would do the same again.

Van Gogh lies dead in the street
Van Gogh lies dead in the street

Bouyeri shot and stabbed van Gogh to death in broad daylight, nearly decapitating him and impaling a 5-page note declaring holy war into his dead body.TIMES ONLINE UK

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