Leftists support Islamists as ANTI-MUSLIM MOVEMENT heats up in Germany

Muslim group in Germany demands that the ‘Anti-Mosque Party’ be banned.

Erfurt, Germany – A far-right party which is organizing pickets outside German mosques should be banned, a leading Muslim group said Tuesday. Aiman Mazyek, secretary of the Council Council of Muslims, one of four main Islamic groups in Germany added it was intolerable that the National Democratic Party (NPD) was able to obtain state payouts.

He spoke in the central city of Erfurt where the Thuringia state chapter of the far-right group had earlier announced the anti-mosque parades, triggering plans by opponents for counter-demonstrations. Mazyek spoke just days after a Muslim woman was murdered in court by a right-winger as she was seeking justice against him for insulting her for wearing a head-scarf.

Germany’s main parties have hesitated to seek a legal ban on the NPD after a 2003 bid was defeated in court. Under a law granting state aid to all parties in proportion to the votes they receive, the NPD has obtained government subsidies. Mazyek said the NPD was trying to whip up anti-Muslim feeling. He called the Dresden court murder “clearly an anti-Muslim crime.” TOP NEWS

I’ve never understood how liberals can support people (Muslims) who hate their way of life, their beliefs in homosexuality, abortion, etc., and would hang them if they could.


The number of Germans who feel like foreigners in Germany due to the presence of “too many Muslims” rose from 31% in 2003 to 39% in 2007.

29% of all Germans say that Muslims should be totally forbidden from immigrating to Germany.

There have been 55 honor killings in Germany. Most of the victims and perpetrators were either Turkish or Kurdish.


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