Here’s a story that should have booted Michael Jackson off the front pages

This is a true American hero, a soldier whose story should have made headline news all over the country instead of the child molester. This is one of the heroes the idiots in Congress should be honoring instead of perverts like Michael Jackson.

This photo, with Tiger Woods, was taken Sunday at the AT&T National at the Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, MD. The man in the wheelchair is U.S. Army Private First Class Brendan Marrocco of Staten Island, NY (his father is pictured behind him).

Marrocco, 22, was severely injured early on Easter Sunday when his convoy was blasted in Iraq. He had joined the U.S. Army more than a year ago. The Staten Island Academy graduate survived the explosion but each of his badly damaged limbs required amputation.His legs were removed above the knees, while his left arm was amputated below the elbow and the right arm above the elbow.

He also was badly burned, lost teeth and suffered injuries to his left eye.Marrocco is undergoing rehabilitation at Walter Reed Medical center in Washington D.C., where it is expected he will be for the next couple of years.

His mother, Michelle, who works for a nursing care company, and his brother, who left a job at Citibank, have both moved to Washington to be closer to Marrocco and help him recover, according to published reports.

Marrocco’s father, Alex, who politely declined to be immediately interviewed for this story, also has taken time off from work to be with his son.


GOD bless this brave soldier and his family and grant him a speedy recovery and a happy life.

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