It’s ISRAEL’S fault…

…even when the Palestinians block all Israel’s efforts to help them boost their economy.

The Palestinian Authority is blocking Israel from making significant economic gestures and from advancing the overall peace process, complained Israeli Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom on Wednesday.

At a ministerial committee meeting during which it was decided to extend the opening hours of the border crossing between PA-controlled Samaria and Jordan, Shalom said, “Israel wants to promote economic peace, and I am calling for increased cooperation from the Palestinians.”

Shalom noted that for years a number of economic projects that would provide a major boost to the Palestinians’ quality of life have been delayed because of the Palestinian leadership’s refusal to work with Israel. That lack of cooperation was gotten much worse since the election of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu’s insistence on Palestinian reciprocity and on testing the Palestinians’ willingness to live in true peace by first moving forward on an economic track has resulted in Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas refusing to meet with him. Abbas’ subordinates have followed his example, or his orders, and likewise refuse to meet with their Israeli counterparts.

The Palestinians insist that the only part of the peace process that matters to them is the Israeli surrender of lands they claim as their own. (And that means ALL of Israel) That position would seem to belie Palestinian claims that their terrorist behavior is a direct result of their economic conditions. ISRAEL TODAY

I’ve yet to hear the world blame Israel for global warming but give them time.

Terrorist attack in Cairo: It’s Israel’s fault—of course

The AP story tells you who’s really to blame when bombs go off in Cairo: Israel. And they say it in the lead, to make sure everyone knows it’s really Israel’s fault that tourists were killed by Muslim terrorists in the Egyptian capital.YOURISH

It’s ALWAYS Israel’s fault.

We live in a world where hijackers, primarily from Saudi Arabia, can commandeer two airline jets to destroy the World Trade Center and, within hours, the word is spread that this heinous act was really the work of the Israeli Mossad and Jewish terrorists. A  world where, despite ceding Gaza to the Palestinians, a tunnel is built by Hamas to facilitate the killing of two Israeli soldiers and the kidnapping of a third, while rockets rain down daily, and yet Israel is ultimately blamed because it is the “occupier” and holds Palestinian terrorists in its jails. HUMAN EVENTS

It’s ALWAYS Israel’s fault, right?

For years, the Muslim Hamas goons in Gaza launch rockets at Israeli civilians. The “Arab world” is quiet. Then Israel retaliates and the “Arab World’ suddenly goes nutso. Then Israel retaliates and everybody tells Israel to be careful about causing civilian casualties. Do any of you remember “the world” telling Hamas to be careful about where they aim those rockets? Hamas tells Israel that if they don’t stop their assault then Hamas is going to resort to suicide bombings. BOORTZ

UN And “Gaza Businessmen” Agree: It’s Israel’s Fault That Hamas Has Intentionally Created A Humanitarian Disaster In the Gaza Strip By Blocking Food and Medical Shipments.

Actually, Israel tried to reopen the crossings to send in food. But Hamas has banned all Israeli produce from the Gaza Strip – sixty trucks of produce went to waste just that day. Why would Hamas intentionally starve their own civilians? Because they want to hurt Israeli farmers and they know Israel will get the blame anyway. It’s like a win-win-lose, and they don’t particularly care about who’s losing. They’ve also set up roadblocks to block medical aid. That doesn’t really do anything to hurt Israeli farmers – but hey, at least Israel gets demonized. And sometimes, that’s more than enough. MERE RHETORIC

It’s Israel’s fault.

“Israeli civil defense drill raises regional tension.” It’s from Tuesday’s Financial Times. But notice it’s not Hezbollah’s ongoing threats from the north that “raises regional tension.” Nor is it Ahmadinejad’s very plausible nuclear sabre rattling from the north east. Nor, finally, is it Hamas’ ongoing rocketry and missile targeting and artillery and machine gun fire across the frontier from Gaza into Israel that is culpable (or infiltrating into Israel itself like the infiltration today in which two civilians were killed and two wounded at Kibbutz Nahal Oz that raises regional tension.) No, all of that is normal. What agitates is that Israel is taking this seriously and had the biggest emergency drill in its history. NEW REPUBLIC

Hizbollah’s attack on Israel is Israel’s fault.

The existence of Israel is an error which must be rectified. This is our opportunity to wipe out the ignominy which has been with us since 1948. Our goal is clear — to wipe Israel off the map.”Jewish Virtual Library

The above statements look like they could have been said in the last 48 hours. Only problem is they were said back in May, 1967. Immediately after this wretched Islamic posturing, Israel wiped the floor with the “whole Arab nation,” pummeling them in only six days and bitch-slapping them back to hell. Right won the day.

Once again, Islam sees this as an opportunity to “rectify” the “error” that is Israel, and once again, their goal is clear–to wipe Israel off the map. They’ve said it repeatedly, they’ve meant it totally, and they’re committed to it eternally. Never have they kept a treaty, cease fire, agreement, or pact. Not once, not ever. They’ve never changed their position or tactics, but due to being allowed to keep going, they have now gained in technology. Israel, on the other hand, has kept every single promise they’ve ever made with people who won’t even recognize their right to live and breath. Every single one. American Chronicle

Israel needs to do some floor wiping with the whole Arab world again.

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