26 MUSLIMS confess to planning SUEZ CANAL ATTACKS

Twenty-five Egyptian suspects and one Palestinian who were detained in Egypt have confessed to planning attacks on Suez Canal shipping and oil pipelines on behalf of al Qaeda.

Our military sources report that this week an Israeli nuclear-capable Dolphin submarine escorted by a missile vessel transited the Suez Canal on the way back to its Mediterranean base from a Red Sea drill that took place off Eilat last month. Marine transport insurance sources remarked that if al Qaeda terrorists had succeeded in its purpose of sinking ships and blocking the canal, through which one-tenth of global seaborne traffic passes, oil prices, insurance fees and cargo rates would have hit the roof.

The leader of the al Qaeda cell was an Egyptian, Mohammed Fahim Hussein. The Egyptian interior ministry reported Friday, July 10, that the equipment seized in their homes showed they were able to make their own remote-controlled bombs. DEBKA