Pakistani Police brutalize Christians after robbing their homes

Local police entered a Christian village in Pakistan, arrested several men, and dragged women out of their homes and through the streets by their hair.

The village of Ali Nagar is a suburb of Wazirabad, in northern Pakistan, and contains a slum populated by around 100 Christian families – nearly all of whom are sanitation workers. Several days before the raid, Muslim sanitation workers accused the Christians of not keeping the sewage lines clean enough. After the Christians protested the accusation, the Muslims filed a complaint against the Christian workers living in Ali Nagar.

Though the Muslims’ accusations were unfounded, police immediately acted on the complaint and raided the slum with an elite unit: “The police raided and ransacked Christian homes and stole our valuables, including cell phones, cash, jewelry, and other expensive household items.

Police beat 11 Christian men who protested the raid and then threw them into police vans. They were all taken to the police station and later thrown into jail.

The police also grabbed the women by their hair and dragged them out of their homes and into the street, where they “ripped apart” their clothes as they mocked them, calling them “choohra” (a derogative word for “Christian”). They arrested at least six women.

When ICC contacted the police, they claimed that the purpose of the raid was “to arrest men involved in bootlegging.” The government has ignored the incident.

“This shameful violation of justice and Christians’ human rights illustrates how the Pakistani government sanctions and participates in the regular persecution of Christians. PERSECUTION.ORG

Even after all that, those Pakistani Christians were luckier than these:

But this is no different than what goes on in EVERY country where Muslims are the majority. But they justify it because the Qur’an calls for the killing of all non-believers.

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