Complete guide to ISLAMIC FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION. Yes, it’s primarily a MUSLIM thing.

Today, an estimated 130 million (Mostly Muslim) women have undergone sexual mutilation.

It is performed in many African countries, including Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Chad. It is also a tradition among Muslims in Malaysia and Indonesia, and in a number of countries in the Middle East, including Egypt, the UAE, and parts of rural Saudi Arabia. Lately, it is happening to Muslim girls in Western countries.

Thousands of girls mutilated in Britain: The National Health Service is offering to reverse female circumcision amid concerns that there are 500 victims a year with no prosecutions.

The NHS is to advertise free operations to reverse female circumcisions, with experts warning that each year more than 500 British girls have their genitals mutilated.

Despite having been outlawed in 1985, female circumcision is still practised in British African (Muslim) communities, in some cases on girls as young as 5. Police have been unable to bring a single prosecution even though they suspect that community elders are being flown from the Horn of Africa to carry out the procedures.

Sarah McCulloch, of the Agency for Culture Change Management UK, said that every year more than 500 British girls were having circumcisions. “A lot of them are done in the UK, but some still travel overseas,” she said. “What the communities do is they gather

together and collect money to pay for the ticket for a ‘doctor’ to come from Somalia, Sudan, or whatever,” she told The Times. “And when she arrives here, she goes to a house and has the girls brought to her.Times ONLINE

Ayaan Hirsi Ali  explains that many Muslim clerics endorse female circumision to repress sexuality in young girls, depriving their right to pleasure and causing extreme pain, and even death. Many girls die from hemorrhaging  and use of non-sterile instruments.

It appears to be driven originally by men’s desire to have power over womens’ sexualityto remove fear of paternity uncertainty by keeping women chaste and uninterested in love affairs, but the practice has become so old and rooted that it is now perpetuated by womenupon women in many places.

There is no mention of it in the Koran, and only a brief mention in the authentic hadiths, which states: “A woman used to perform circumcision in Medina. The Prophet said to her: ‘Do not cut severely, as that is better for a woman and more desirable for a husband.’ But because of this still debated hadith, some scholars of the Shari school of Islam, found mostly in East Africa, consider female circumcision obligatory. The Hanafi and most other schools maintain it is merely recommended, not essential.The small girl’s torn genitalia are stitched with thorns and her legs tied together to reduce blood loss. Many die.


More than 90 percent of Sudanese women undergo the most severe form of circumcision,known as “pharaonic,”orinfibulation, at the age of seven or eight, which removes all of the clitoris, the labia minora, and the labia majora. The sides are then sutured together, often with thorns, and only a small matchstick-diameter opening is left for urine and menstrual flow. The girl’s legs are tied together and liquids are heavily rationed until the incision is healed. 


During this primitive yet major surgery, it is not uncommon for girls, who are held down by female relatives, to die from shock or hemorrhage of the vagina, urethra, bladder, and rectal area may also be damaged, and massive keloid scarring can obstruct walking for life.


After marriage, women who have been infibulated must be forcibly penetrated. This may take up to forty days, and when men are impatient, a knife is used. Special honeymoon centers are built outside communities so that the screams of the brides will not be heard. Sometimes the husband traditionally runs through the streets with a blood-stained dagger.

Female genital mutilation is carried out for cultural and religious reasons. Women across the world are affected by the practice which is widely recognized as a violation of human rights.

“I heard the sound of the dug blade sawing back and forth through my skin,” The woman used thorns from an acacia tree to puncture holes in her skin and sew her up, leaving a tiny hole the diameter of a matchstick, through which urine and menstrual blood could dribble.

“My legs were completely numb, but the pain between them was so intense that I wished I would die.” Five-year-old Waris was left in a hut to recuperate her infibulation.

Uncircumcised girls are seen as unclean and treated as outcasts. For more than 20 years Dirie suffered health problems from her radical circumcision. Menstruation was a long,  agonizing process each month, as the menstrual blood backed up in her body.

Egyptian Muslims Explain Why They Circumcise Their Daughters.

5/17/08 “Conservatives in the Egyptian parliament have made female genital mutilation (circumcision) legal again in Egypt.” Following are excerpts from a television program about female circumcision in Egypt, which aired on Al-Mihwar TV on May 10, 2007. Female Circumcision of Egyptian Muslim women has been adopted and promoted by various groups within Islam.The practice of circumcision in Islam comes from the Hadith, Shariah law, and the consensus of Islamic communities.

“I was unable to see, and somehow my breathing seemed also to have stopped. Yet I imagined the thing that was making the rasping sound coming closer and closer to me. … At that very moment I realized that my thighs had been pulled wide apart, and that each of my lower limbs was being held as far away from the other as possible, gripped by-steel fingers that never relinquished their pressure.

I felt that the rasping knife or blade was heading straight down towards my throat. Then suddenly the sharp metallic edge seemed to drop between my thighs and there cut off a piece of flesh from my body.

I screamed with pain despite the tight hand held over my mouth, for the pain was not just a pain, it was like a searing flame that went through my whole body. After a few moments, I saw a red pool of blood around my hips. I did not know what they had cut off from my body, and I did not try to find out. I just wept, and called out to my mother for help.But the worst shock of all was when I looked around and found standing by my side. Yes, it was her, I could not be mistaken, in flesh and blood, right in the midst of these strangers, talking to them and smiling at them, as though they had not participated in slaughtering her daughter just a few moments ago.”  FGM


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  1. A lot of comments from Muslims and non-Muslims; it’s not the religion that is the issue here. People are the problem; some people choose to follow what they believe is true Islam.
    Before judging Islam do some research and then say if Islam is to be blamed or it’s a human error in understanding the Islamic ruling. Islam does not say to perform FGM nor does it say to go and harm a non-Muslim or even a Muslim (terrorism is forbidden – killing/causing physical or emotional harm to a human is forbidden unless you use self defence to protect yourself (this does not give you the right to kill).
    I ask you this; what religion does not have the minority of people who are very extreme?
    Christian/Hindus/Jews and the list goes on – the bigger the religion the bigger the problem.

    • Steve, Do your research! Islam IS the problem. If radical Islam is only 10% of Muslims, how could it be that 150 Million have misinterpreted the Koran in EXACTLY the same way?
      By the way, by being so misinformed, you have become a large part of the problem yourself! Your stupidity only encourages the savages.

  2. Muslims attempting to ruin the world? And for what, you dont even understand your own religion, so how the hell can you presume to understand another. We all hate you, far more than you hate us, your work is wasted trying to convince people like me your ancient beliefs are even remotely relevant in this millennium. Grow a brain. Think for yourself for once. Dont believe what your clerics say to you. Once you come up with an original idea, which for most ragheads will be nigh impossible anyway, largely because of the fact that you have been brainwashed since birth. Im sick to death of hearing muslim this, muslim that, and im in New Zealand. This is bullll shittt. Keep pushing white people and see what happens. We have been far too tolerant, but let me tell you, tolerance has its limits.

  3. Muslims are like parasites…like what they are doing in europe …eating it from inside…europe will be lost in a few years…

    • Historically, the first mention of male and female circumcision appears in the writings by the Greek geographer Strabo, who visited Egypt around 25 B.C.

      “One of the customs most zealously observed among the Egyptians is this, that they rear every child that is born, and circumcise the males, and excise the females,” Strabo wrote in his 17-volume work Geographica.

      A Greek papyrus dated 163 B.C. mentioned the operation being performed on girls in Memphis, Egypt, at the age when they received their dowries, supporting theories that FGM originated as a form of initiation of young women.

    • Muslimes are doing exactly as instructed by the koran,
      enter the country and destroy it from within.
      About time the cancer which is islam is cut away.

  4. For me when I’m in bed with my wife I think there is nothing better than to see the enjoyment on her face when we are having sex. If she had been mutilated in this way there would be nothing but pain and misery for her. Call me old fashioned but if you love someone don’t you want to give them pleasure not pain. I can only assume then that these men see women only as objects and possessions that are traded for money or for a way to get a passport into one of our countries and as for doing this or allowing this to be done to your child beggars belief.
    Children are innocent, loving and trusting of their parents. They look to you for comfort and protection. I and most western parents would willingly die for our children to protect them. I cant imagine what goes through a young girls mind when she is in such excruciating pain to see her mother calmly watching and allowing this to happen to her.
    I accept not all Muslims are like this but you have the power to have this stopped in your country.
    Remember evil prospers while good men do nothing.

  5. This is just disgusting. They have no right to mutilate anybody’s body! Will these people ever grow up!!

  6. muslim men follow some idiotic old ideologies.
    they are just….. OLD by their doings( which ranges from FGM to terrorism)

  7. In Bangladesh and in Porkistan oh sorry pakistan the retarded muslims run mass atrocities against Hindus, Buddhists & Christians without any mercy. They talk about brotherhood and fight amongsts themselves (Shias and sunnis). According to Google, Porkistan is the no. 1 country to search for “Donkey sex” & “Horse sex” so what more can you expect from these retarded faggot muslims. They talk about culture and marry and bang their own sisters and cousins. And Ali how do u think that it grows at a fast rate pls do ur homework the muslims in porkistan and Bangladesh forcefully convert non-muslimms into muslims scaring them for their lives. Islam is the synonym for virus which is harnful but grows at a fast rate as well and soon an antidote will be discovered against this so suck ur dads dik untill then Ali. Keep up the good work BareNakedIslam by unmasking these devils in front of the whole world.

  8. The nature of prejudice entails an ignorant, self-righteous, narcissistic mind, and that can be found in all religions.

    • I bear witness that there is no god but ALLAH and that MOHAMED (S.A.W.) is his Prophet. Tell me any other religion with such a strong declaration. All other religions worship objects and idols

      • I honor God. Millions of Christians also honor Him. We do not idolize objects. We worship God. We would also die for Him. Many Christians have. We don’t believe in judging others or being hateful to others. Many people call themselves Christians who are not. Christians are true to Jesus’ teaching. The definition of a Christian is someone who walks with Christ. If you are not walking with Him you are not a Christian. He died for us and we would do the same.

  9. We don’t have to meet you all. We see what you vile Subhuman Creatures get up to every day. If you were Descent Human Beings you would Denounce Islam and all its Deviant Practices and LIES. Not to worry Islams end is coming. Enjoy your false religion while you still can.

  10. Please all people hate on this site state your religion and show us what makes yours better please leave all harmful words out of it then we can see which id right (by theyway I am 100% American and follow no religion to stop people from thinking that I support either side of the argument) My you all discover marijuana and just chill out and please don’t ban me just be cause you don’t agree with me be more mature please:)

      • no matter how they lie the lie to cover up lies islam is based on killing for allah to get sex bottom line

    • You can’t make peace with evil. Making peace with evil is weak. Not choosing a side is choosing a side. Peace makers with evil have sided with evil. BTW Marijuana lowers the IQ, cause man boobs and impotence.

    • I’m a christian, Im the kind that believes the KJV bible is without error, and I trust that Jesus was sinless and took away my sins so I could be saved. I do not hate anyone, I just dislike their religions. I just find it sad that there’s 1.5 billion Muslims and there all gonna burn in hell because of a fucking war-lord sandmonkey that wanted power so he started his own religion.
      I think Christianity is correct because its the only religion that doesn’t require anything on your part except faith. All other religions require you to trust in some man but Christianity calls you to trust in god

      • How do you claim to be christian, in line with the very same religion of the peaceful prophet JESUS (peace be upon him), and afterall you call those who claim a different religion than yours sandmonkey ( which implies the racial trait of your character) which in turn contradicts the core teachings of Christianity. Every religion has a requirements and a religion without requirement is fruitless, because the essence of religions is elivating humans to higher moral levels .

    • Hi I am not interested I any debate but I was just curious about that discussed process …mr Richard(DICK) Don’t tell any disgrace to any religion . Because it is not the religion that tells about that kinds of practices but that are done by the stupid mullahs
      And mr DICK as your name means it don’t tell any hanky panky about any religion ..

  11. I live in a state with (unfortunately) a large population of these nasty rude and lazy people. A nurse in the maternity ward told me that the Somali women come in with their genitals mutilated and many of them have been born here, so my guess is that they have been sliced up in a dirty apartment, so disturbing.

    quran-8:39 ” wage war on non-muslims and kill them until they submit and the only religion is islam”. quran-48:29 ” muhammad is god’s apostle.Those who follow him are ruthless to the unbelievers but merciful to one another” quran-5:51 “believers,take not Jews and Christians for your friends.They are but friends and protectors to each other”.quran-8:12 ” i shall terrorize the Infidels. so wound their bodies and incapacitate them because they oppose allah and his apostle”. quran-5:60

    • Hitman – hope you’re still alive. I have the utmost respect for your courage in speaking out, in what must be the most difficult (& dirty) circumstances.
      Stay safe. May you find a way to escape, the daily horror. I’ve been having very bad nightmares about these people, for a very long time. It was before I knew anything. I know this site gives a very accurate view of the subject, its just what I’ve seen in my nightmares. How terrible to actually live it. I wish we could rescue those trapped.

  13. I am a Muslim girl and this is not true
    This may be a cultural thing but it is not an Islamic practice
    Just because there are a few bad Muslims that does not mean all are

      • First post this comment if you have the courage.
        I feel sorry for your limited ability to use the gift of God upon every human he has graciously bestowed (which is intellect). Leave the cage of racism, both ethinically and religiously you and your alike have trapped yourselves in. Try to travel out from your country, which I bet you have not even ventured out of your town once to interact and study societies in their own geographical settings to apprehend the line between social traditions and religious teachings, which are deeply inter-woven to be noticed by a close foreigner, let a lone a far and fanatic as well as a racist foreigner.

        • Islam is a religion, not a race and it practices FGM, indeed FGM is prescribed both by Muhammed and all Islamic sources. That is the issue. You wither think destroying female sexuality is a good idea, or you do not. As a Muslim, you have to approve of it, or you are in breach of your faith. Therefore, just on this one point, and no other, you are a hater of women who delights in their pain and rape, and are therefore detestable and inhuman. You have no right to start acting as if those who loathe the practice are ignorant when it’s up there for all to see, and you should be grovelling in shame not attempting to exonerate yourself by making out there’s some ‘racial prejudice’ going on here. Maybe someone should castrate you, see how it feels, and call you unclean, and rape you day and night and force you into a black shroud, and rape you some more. You DISGUST me.

    • I am asking Riya. Why didnt you respond the specific clauses of quran which HITMAN has quoted? why? Quran alwys says kill non-muslims its a religion of hatred and blood, do you agree or not? Answer me.

    • I want to see the Islamic ruling banning it. Oh wait there isn’t one! Going along with evil, and looking the other way is agreeing with the practice.

    • Riya…It may not be true in your particular part of the world, but I assure you that in other parts of the Muslim World, this happens on a routine basis.
      Not all Muslims are bad…you shouldn’t take this site as an insult…rather you should see it as an opportunity for education!

  14. Come on now , ive sat and gone through all these replys to each other and the only thing that really stands out is alot of people being very racial . Yes FGM is wrong and you have the right to say but less of the racial nastyness

    • dessa, perhaps your attitude would change if this disgusting /revolting/barbaric procedure was carried out on you by one of these delightful excuses for human beings………

  15. Come on now , ive sat and gone through all these replys to each other and the only thing that really stands out is alot of people being very racial . Yes FGM is wrong and you have the right to say but less of the racial nastyness

  16. I just wanna slap the shit out of a woman wearing a burqa, grab her by the shoulders and yell “WHAT’S YOUR MAJOR MALFUNCTION, NUMB NUTS?” How the hell can women let themselves be treated like that?

    Dalia, YOU’RE the stupid bitch for falling for this shit. Ali, there’s a wide-open space in Hell waiting for you. And Tahir, if you’re Muslim (as your words imply), YOU’RE vile. You and all your hijab-wearing kind.

    FUCK MUSLIMS. FUCK ISLAM. Proud infidel right here.

    • Keep talking shit about Islam when you don’t know a single fuck about it I bet your fat and siting on a couch at home just hating the only place you mjslim hating bitches go to find stupid stuff is the internet go and talk to a real Muslim instead

      • So many, many, MANY LIES on your part, “Alana”!!!!!

        We know FAR more about your EVIL, SEVENFOLD-ACCURSED Islam than what you can imagine!!! We’ve read the Qur’ân, Hadith and Sira (some of us have read them in their entirety – and we know well about the ‘abrogation’ principle!!); some of us have travelled in your accursed countries and have watched you in your monstrosities, hatred against everything and everybody “un-Islamic”, &c., &c.!!!!

        We know all too well how you MONSTERS are forbidden to think for yourselves and have to leave everything to your “clerics”, who – more than anything else – want to return the world to prehistoric times!!!! You’re so totally accustomed to being PRISONERS without any freedom for yourselves, where every last single facet of your lives has to be ruled by that OGRE Mohammed, that you can’t bring yourselves to open your eyes when given the opportunity!!!!

        That’s PRECISELY why you and your ilk DON’T BELONG anywhere other than in your dar al-Islam!!!! That’s why, since you’re so fanatically determined to exterminate everything and everybody non-Moslem, we have to DEFEND OURSELVES and stop you from coming out of your Arabians deserts and steppes!!!!

        Enough of us have even had the supreme misfortune of having to interact with “real” Moslems – and what we’ve heard, seen, tasted, smelled and felt ensures we NEVER, EVER WANT to cross paths with you for the rest of time!!!! Consider yourselves lucky that you have FAR TOO MUCH territory in your hands: stay in it and don’t provoke us, lest you otherwise find yourselves losing it all!!! Thank goodness 6,000,000 people RENOUNCE Islam every year…

        allahu asghar, allahu skatta, allahu shaytan, Yahweh (YHWH) akbar, Ya’sua bin Yahweh!!!! MARGBAR ISLAM!!!! [“allah” is the basest, “allah” is the lowliest, “allah” is the DEVIL, Yahweh is the greatest – and Jesus is His Son!!!! DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!]

      • A real muslim tried to steal an old man’s life savings because he was a Christian and it’s a jizya. That old man was a poor man and he worked for years for that money. He got up every day at 5 am and went to work. By a miracle, the money was recovered. The Saints are on our side. That Islamic jerk is now in jail where he belongs. He’s on his way to hell for stealing money from the elderly.

      • أنا مسلم. أوافق على أن ذلك هو دين شرير ويغلي على مؤخرتي من العالم. لا أستطيع ترك لأنهم سيقتلونني.

        TRANSLATION: Our Muslim. I agree that it is a religion of evil and boil on the butt of the world. I can not let go because they would kill me.

  17. This is absolutely disgusting I have 3 daughters myself and it makes me physically sick they all need fuckin shooting the dirty bastards. Can sum1 tell me exactly y they wud do this its nt stopping them from gettin pregnant it’s pointless just cruelty at its worst. The Muslim faith isn’t a nice faith at all but I’m nt gonna tar everyone with the same brush but come on seriously even if u are Muslim open your fuckin eyes for fuck sake!!!!

  18. i do not know if I should roll on the floor laughing or roll on the floor lauging after reading what is written on these pages. I mean on the one hand you Islam haters have “exposed” a “vile” practise in which muslim men are mutilating their muslim daughters” … and on the other you say that, “Muslims are vile creatures. They are scum and … It’s time to rid the world of their filth.(Gerard)” … Your hate has made you all gooey in the mind … i mean, you want muslims destroyed in this insatance becasue Muslims are destroying/mutilating their own? There are those you hate for something they are doing, doing which is destroying them and you want them destroyed for it … logic of hate mongering!

    • I guess I have compassion for the helpless like children who have no choice in the matter. I do not hate people, I hate Islam. So sue me.

    • hey Tahir no use talkin to u., you are one among them, u will not understand the concern of 1 human for another

  19. Dalia,you sound like a brain -eatin amoeba. Don’t think you have done much reading of the Black Book yourself,the quran ?? quran-8:39 ” wage war on non-muslims and kill them until they submit and the only religion is islam”. quran-48:29 ” muhammad is god’s apostle.Those who follow him are ruthless to the unbelievers but merciful to one another” quran-5:51 “believers,take not Jews and Christians for your friends.They are but friends and protectors to each other”.quran-8:12 ” i shall terrorize the Infidels. so wound their bodies and incapacitate them because they oppose allah and his apostle”. quran-5:60 “Jews as apes and pigs”. alhamdililah janaba heads (quotes of the Black Book )

  20. What a deadly thing for God sake they have Reason too to do it !
    Ali you have ugly face , go n get surgery then only you have to follow Islam !

  21. I would like to say a verse of quran or a hadith that allows this act. pls provide an evidence. just because some muslims do it it does not mean its part of islam
    People have mixed in their culture into islam

      • …not quite… men do not know women’s anatomy and where pleasure resides… even less in an islamic society… it is done by mothers, aunts and grandmas…

      • BareNakedIDIOT go read a book or sumin lmAo… u like sum bored retarded person…

        1stly its clear u hav absolutely no idea wht religion is, hw cud u possibly understand Islam or even remotely attempt to theoretically explain it.

        u need to back the f__k up…maybe kick ur shoes off nd watch sum Johny Bravo or Barney or sumin…cos evidently Islam is a way too complicated topic for u..

    • does it make so much difference WHO does the barbaric procedure? Actually the women often do it… as they have a better knowledge of the anatomy? perhaps, but the main reason they do it is tradition for they are brainwashed into thinking it must be done and actually the men do not want to witness it going on so it is simply the norm for the female elders to do it while the men are absent.

      The Africans that fly their daughters to Africa when they are 6-10 years old to have the filthy procedure done are criminals and should be punished very harshly indeed for it, if they faced a very significant spell in prison for it, they would more than likely stop doing so. Any African Muslim mother flying out to known FGM countries should be heavily monitored. A black African muslim flying out to a part of Africa where this evil deed is common all of a sudden when their daughter(s) are near puberty should raise alarm bells.

  22. I’m was a muslim, but I chose to not to be anymore since my 18th. I’m 22 now. I’ve never been circumsized and my parents didn’t kill me for my choice (for those who think every random muslim would kill their daughter to restore their ‘honor’ I asked my dad once what that’s about. He answered: ‘People like that are idiots.’) to not be a muslim anymore. I never wore a hijab, but neither do my nieces, who aren’t circumsized either.

    So actually I haven’t been in contact with any of the things stated on this site. I went to school, I’m an art teacher now… I’ve had boyfriends and my parents know that. They let me make my own decisions.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that people who believe in the Islam aren’t bad people. So, you thinking it’s a horrible religion, please don’t outcast people in your life just because of their religion. There are good muslims, like there are bad christians. There a bad muslims like there are good christians.

    Also, my familymembers are muslim and they all think circumcision is sick en disgusting. They all think revenge for honor is sick and they all hate muslim extremists.

    Also, the reason I don’t believe in the Islam anymore, is because I simply don’t think God exists.

    • Until you renounce islam and cease defending it and its rapist vile perverted sadist paedophile prophet in any way, you will be a enabler.

      A enabler is the lowest form of musloid, they are the gate keepers to the coming infestation, they help keep the door open whilst the rest of the really dirty cockroaches sneak in,enablers are the ones the islamoids use to confuse the stupid kuffar on the horrors to come and the left use to show the false face of shitlam.

      I admire the true mudslimes the ones that shout the words and actions of the foul prophet, the jihadis and the imams that preach death, they may be many things but they do not lie about their faith.

      The dangerous ones are the enablers, they take the benefits of our equal rights for men and women, free speech and freedom of thought, but then they watch as others fellow humans, suffer in such abject horror as a result of islam and the words and actions of mohammed the putrid, they also help others to be a caught in the web of death whilst staying away from it themselves.

  23. You’re sucha stupid bro go fuck yourself for hating Muslims guess what we love haters you know why cuz we don’t care about what haters say about us cuz we’re so busy with those who love Islam who understand real Islam not fake one that y’all trying to go behind and make ppl hate us .. Each day there’s a thousands of ppl becoming a Muslim everywhere on the earth. And let me tell you this I’m a Muslim girl why my family or none of the ppl I know have done this .. Don’t say stuff you don’t know .. Things stupid like that can cost you a lot latter on .. I bet you hate Muslim cuz of your craziness .. Just to let you know I’m American Muslim and I’m so proud .. I wish you can read Quran and see what does Quran have we love peace not war and there’s a lot of proves here and there in the Quran I bet you need to know more about Islam before you judge kk

    • okie dokie. If Islam is so great, then why don’t your clerics reverse the teaching that apostates should be killed? Why isn’t freedom of religion allowed? Here’s a hint: eveyrone would convert out of Islam that’s why they have to be kept there by force.

    • ISIS is providing a wonderful opportunity to all Muzzie women of Mosul to show their loyalty to Allah. I request them to extend this Free offer to all Muzzie and dhimmi women of this world. And burqas, niqabs and hijabs please hurry before it is too late.

  24. Its truly sad when an entire religion has to be hated because a of the archaic actions of somebody that many good people have nothing to with. I wonder how Catholics would feel if I were to start a website that showed the millions of children that Catholic Priests have been raping for decades if not hundreds of years. I in no way support the mutilation and rape of children in any way shape or form. But if you want to point this out in one religion then point it out in all religions. Most of the countries committing these atrocities like Egypt, Saudi Arabia are long time allies of the USA and England etc. and receive billions of taxpayer dollars every year to continue this perverse way of life. Instead of blaming all of Islam why don’t we all stop COMPLAINING about the problem and actually do something. I’ve been to Egypt many times and and I and my wife educate and inform Muslim families about how unnecessary and un-Islamic this ritual is. Nowhere does it state in Quran that female mutilation is a practice to be done to women. Point out the facts without twisting words to suit your own agenda and you might just get your message across to the right poeple and begin to heal a great festering wound. SPouting hate to people who already hate only makes the problem grow…it doesn’t solve anything.

    • Why don’t you create a website that shows with evidence, all the priests, rabbis, and other non muslim men that have committed crimes against children.
      I would assume you will be supported by this website, I do not think the kind people that run this site support child abuse and would gladly welcome any thing that highlights it.
      However the problem you will have that the prophet himself was a Paedophile, Rapist, Child molester, Murdering, Slaver, its in your shit infested scriptures we can read it for ourselves.

      People may want to create a website that shows the crimes of paedophiles, this website highlights the crimes of Prophet Muhammed (may a thousand litres of camel faeces be upon him), his alter ego allah and his gang of murderers and bandits, you know, the sort of men who would willing give their 6 year old child to a 54 year old paedophile to abuse and then rape or take advice in how to rape captives or murder mothers with children suckling etc. etc., also known as the first muslims.
      This fantastic site and many others like it (growing by the day) protects the memories of his victims, the victims of rape, murder, torture, and other abuse. On here the people abused by the deviant paedophile sadist muhammed are shown for the humans they were, they are given a voice in the swaths of the islamic bullshit sullying them ,the crimes committed against by the vicious paedophile rapist prophet mohammed are remembered not praised.

      • Hey you shanker, wanker,you piece of devil shit, I can’t wait for you and others like you to die. If by the mercy of ALLAH THE ONE AND ONLY GOD, I do get admitted to heaven then I will request him to allow me to visit skum like your’ll in hell so that I may partake in your’lls eternal punishment. All the devil’s like your’ll will never be able to tarnish the DIVINITY OF ALLAH THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD AND HIS BELOVED MESSENGERS AND SERVANTS. So not keeping in Islamic principles, I would say go and eat shit and die you faggot.

        • ‘zat you pedo-momo ? How they treating you down under ? Hot enough you you ? Djinns giving you plenty of attention just like you deserve ? Found out that shit pisslam you spewed and all those brain-dead asswipes follow to the letter has them all flaming laughing ? Yes ? Well enjoy and won’t see you anytime soon, never in fact.

        • Well hello there,person with the name of the putrid prophet mohamed (may the effluence of numerous farmyard animals be upon him) .. Thank you for your kind words, albeit fairly typical for a follower of the abuser of Aisha, they are absurd threats and fantasy’s of watching snuff porn with the colossal pervert prophet mohamed (may pig faeces be upon him), in his eternal whorehouse.

          I see you make no actual point or defend dirty mohammeds fantasy in anyway, as I said above a typical qurantard reply.

          Unfortunately threats only work when there is the possibility of them being taken seriously by the person being threatened, i think you will find you are out of luck and all you have is your own snuff porn fantasy.

          I admit though, I have been known to introduce lady palm and her five sisters to the “Major General” in my trousers especially when Miss Shanker is away, but much much less then when I was a teenage boy, when I am sure you could say it was a hobby :-)..

          I see your prophet liked to put his between the thighs of his 6 year old bride to be..Thankfully, I am normal and not a child molesting sadist pedophile, like your filthy prophet (may the police be called upon him) was..

  25. Lol barenaked I bet you mommy and daddy were never around so ur taking this out on other people. Makes me laugh that us actually take time out of your day make up this crap. Ur just scum exactly the people you act to hate publically. Any hu nobody should face these horrors and atrocities. Dislike all extremist behaviors. Good going ali. Compassion is key.

    • Thank you for the support Double A. I’ve tried to talk to the admin of this site, but he/she won’t take me seriously. And now the admin hasn’t even answered my last comment on this post. I think that means that they know that they can’t say anything about that, and that they are wrong. Inshallah, some day everyone will understand the truth. 🙂

      • Hi Ali, I don’t have any hatred for your religion but your leaders need to eliminate radicalism. It’s been present in all society’s and religions at some point in history. The root of the matter is the base goodness needs to overcome the evil. If the Islam religion can control itself then the good of Islam can survive. If you rely on outsiders to control your problems then we just see Islam itself as a problem and try to erase it all. To me you have to stand up for yourselves and root out this problematic behaviour. Besides I believe ISIS kills far more Islams than I Infidels like myself. If good Muslims don’t stand up for and improve they’re own culture, we will! It will be brutal and definitive! Unfortunately we can’t from the outside determine who is good or bad so when we move to control the situation we will have to control all of you! This in my oppinion would be disastrous so please move to control and destroy the radical factions of your society. I respect your rights to believe in what ever you want! Please respect my right to not believe.

    • Are you stupid, Alice?
      Muslims are vile creatures. They are scum and have no place in our western civilisation. It’s time to rid the world of their filth.

      • Gerard, you’re the retard. Who do you think creates the laws and traditions in that world? The mothers only allow it because they have no choice, they don’t want their daughters to be outcasts.

        • I understand that some of you are angry that they such things, but please don’t blame islam for this matter. I am a muslim myself, and female circumcision is not an islamic law at all. The people who do this most likely have misinterpreted the quran (though female circumsision isn’t mentioned anywhere there). There is no such rule for it, and it is every womens own choice to do it or not. As for male circumcision, there is a rule in islam, however if a doctor or the parents of the child believe that it will hurt them (the child) a lot later in life they don’t have to do it. Also people who convert to islam later in their life don’t have to do it, as long as they clean their penis regularly (cleanliness is very important in islam). Most muslim parents will circumcise their child as a baby because it will hurt less, than having to do later in life. They also think that the child will most likely do it later in their life, so to spare them of some pain they will do it to them as a baby. However some muslim parents will wait until their child can decide for themselves. I am a male and my parents did this for me, (I also know alot of others whos parents waited). I was circumcised when I was 13, and they asked me first if I wanted to it. I chose to do it, as islam encourages it, and I wanted to do as my religion says (my own choice). I was able to masturbate before I got circumcised, and I have masturbated after I did it. It didn’t feel any different to me (general feeling of it or the orgasm). I don’t know if everyone has it this way, or if the doctors who did it for me just did a very good job, but it hasn’t affected my penis negatively as far as I see it. Sorry for making this so long, but what I’m trying to say is that islam isn’t really how the media shows that it is. Most muslims try to balance their religion with the modern world, but those who take it too far are the only ones the media shows. Also Jihad doesn’t mean physical violence, it actually means to discuss and debate islam, for the better of the religion, so that others are able to understand it better, and it is a form of missionary work. Terrorist attacks are an example of how the word has been misinterpreted, these people aren’t really muslims, as it is haraam to kill innocent people. Also it is disliked by Allah to hurt someone unless they began to attack you (physically). (It should be done as a form of self-defence). I hope this post has given you a better view of islam, and again sorry for making it to long, so thank you if you read through the whole thing. May Allah bless you, and guide towards the right path 🙂

          • Ali, don’t waste your time here. We have heard all your taqiyya and kitman hundreds of times and nobody here is buying it. Take your Islamopropaganda to the Daily Kos where they eat it up.

          • I was not trying to lie or trick you. Everything I said in the previous post was true, or at least what I believe. There are many articles here saying that muslims hate all non-believers. That is not true, and I agree that if someone were to judge someone else by their beliefs that is wrong, but you are doing the exact same. Just because I’m muslim, you instantly start to think that I’m trying to deceive you. A fifth of the world is muslim, and the religion is still growing. If there are so many of us, and we are all evil (according to you), then wouldn’t their be more destruction in the world than it is now? Not everyone is the same. There are bad people who claim to be muslims, and they are kind muslims. There are bad people who claim to christians, and there are kind christians. Just because someone isn’t doing good deeds, it doesn’t mean that their belief is to blame. And even if they say that they are doing it because of religion, they are most likely using their religion as an excuse.Take your time to understand someone first, and then judge them.

          • So what you are trying to say is that you have met every muslim on the planet. I don’t think that’s possible.