“You’re not Muslim enough”

Ethnic Cleansing of minorities in Islamic Bangladesh. A horror picture of suffering and persecution in ‘moderate’ Islamic Bangladesh.

“Real” Muslims in Bangladesh tell the government that the peace-loving Ahmadiyya/Qadiani Muslims are not real Muslims and must be declared infidels or there will be blood in the streets.

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20 million Hindus have mysteriously vanished from Bangladesh.

In the course of Bangladesh’s 1971 war of independence, a large number of the Hindus were exterminated by the Islamist Pakistani government and their Bengali collaborators. Many of those twenty million Hindus were put to permanent rest in mass-graves in unknown places or mass cremated anonymously and unceremoniously or their dead-bodies thrown into the rivers. Many of them were forcefully converted to Islam. Many of their women were brutally raped and reduced to prostitution. And yet, many of them were victims of forced exodus to neighboring India, after Muslim hooligans evicted them penniless from their homes and properties.

In Bangladesh, minorities are “legally identified as enemies” in their homeland, where they have been living for many generations. Instead of protecting the minorities, the Government of Bangladesh tries to hide the whole gamut of torture, rape and murder incidents behind a fabric of lies.

The Constitution of 1972 pronounced secularism as a fundamental principal of state policy. Article 41 guarantees freedom of religion in Bangladesh and Article 12 has provided an interpretation of the principle of secularism that made Bangladesh a multi-religious society and maintained separation between state and religion. But this Article was discarded in 1977 and subsequent constitutional changes under military rulers compromised the principle of secularism and gave rise to religion-based politics. Gen. H. M. Ershed through the 8th Amendment declared Islam as the state religion.

Bangladesh is on her way to becoming a ‘Talibanistan’ and the state religion Islam is helping the process by killing and displacing minorities, be it the Hindus, Christians, Buddhists or Animists. Islamic extremists often target temples, churches, and libraries etc. of minorities in an effort to eradicate their cultural memory. Islamic extremists have already formed a shadow government in Bangladesh. Roads of Bangladesh are shacked with the slogan “We are Taliban and Bangla Will be Afghan”. It’s long since democracy had died in Bangladesh and the Islamic theocracy had triumphed. In the near future, Bangladesh will become a major threat to world peace and security. ISLAM WATCH via Religion of Peace

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