BRITISH ANTI-ISLAM Blogger’s life threatened by Muslims

You may recall the story about LIONHEART Charges of stirring up racial hatred dropped posted here a few weeks ago.

Now Lionheart tells us that police have given him an official warning of threats against his life.

Bedfordshire police have now officially warned me that there is a threat against my life. The police, through fear of upsetting ‘community cohesion’would not divulge where the threat has come from, only that my actions through this blog and the street protests have upset certain (MUSLIM) sections of our society who, now want to harm me.

I wonder whether the Daily Mail article linking me to the fire-bombing of the Mosque in Luton, which I had absolutely nothing to do with, had anything to do with this threat against me?

Is it any way to live in our own country; being threatened by invading militant Moslems who want to take our country over? Is that not an act of war against the British people? The police tell me I cannot even carry a weapon to protect myself?

Civil war is here, but people are yet to wake up to the reality of that fact. They are currently fed the lies and are supressed from being allowed to speak about the truth they are now experiencing, by being branded racists and neo-nazis if they do.’Islam and Moslems bring enrichment to our society’ they tell you, and those who disagree are racists!!!

Yes, they are going to take your country over, implement Sharia law, and subdue the population into a position of dhimmitude. That is the enrichment they bring to your society.

The future of these Isles, and its inhabitants are reliant on the people of this generation. The future is either going to be an Islamic one or Chistian one, and there is no middle ground because Islam is on a religious mandate to stamp out the light of Christianity upon these shores, and if it achieves that aim, darkness and Islamic suppression will cover the land where your future descendents reside. LIONHEART UK

Civil War in Great Britain has begun.

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