MINNESOTA WAL-MART bows to Islam, bends over to accommodate Muslim demands for special prayer times

When CAIR makes demands, the ACLU is silent but would be there in a heartbeat if it were Christians making the same demands of Wal-Mart. BOYCOTT ISLAMO WAL-MART!

DEARBORNISTAN, MICHIGAN WAL-MART features hijabed salesgirls and halal food, but dont expect them to speak English there
DEARBORNISTAN, MICHIGAN WAL-MART features hijabed salesgirls and halal food, but don't expect them to speak English there

ST. PAUL, Minn., July 20 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MN) announced today that a Wal-Mart store in that state has agreed to accommodate a Muslim employee’s right to pray in the workplace. CAIR-MN said the religious accommodation came after its intervention in the case of a Muslim Wal-Mart employee who was reportedly fired for violating a new supervisor’s ban on prayer during work breaks. A previous supervisor had allowed the worker to perform his daily prayers.

Following discussions between CAIR-MN and local and national representatives of Wal-Mart, the Muslim worker was re-hired and allowed to perform his prayers during breaks. “We appreciate Wal-Mart’s handling of this case and its willingness to accommodate the religious practices of employees,” said CAIR-MN Civil Rights Coordinator Zahra Aljabri..PR NEWSWIRE

As if that isn’t disgusting enough, On August 4, CAIR-MN will offer a workshop in St. Paul, Minn., called “Positive Interactions: Working Effectively with Muslim Employees,” which will outline the religious practices of Muslims and how they can be accommodated in the workplace. Working Effectively with Muslim Employees

What the Hell ever happened to immigrants learning to work with American customs?  

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