EU joins UN and Obama In Demanding An End To Israeli Control of Jerusalem

Instead, “Jerusalem should be run by the UN.” Gee, just think about all the UN resolutions against Israel they could concoct then.

On the same day that Palestinian President Abbas emphatically stated that he will not take right of return off the table, the European Union’s Foreign Policy head Javier Solana said that the United Nation’s Security Council should fill the lack of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians by passing a resolution imposing a deal: “After a fixed deadline, a UN Security Council resolution should proclaim the adoption of the two-state solution.”Solana argues for all issues including so-called refugees, borders, and Jerusalem to be determined by the United Nations. In short the dismemberment of the State of Israel will be preformed by the anti-Israel United Nations.

So we have the European Union, Obama, and the United Nations all primed to force Israel to give up defensible borders, its control over Jerusalem and its borders.  In addition, the Palestinians will be accepted as full members of the United Nations. In return for all these goodies, the Palestinians do not have to do anything: They do not have to accept a Jewish State and they do not have to stop killing each other.

We have warned that Israel’s worst nightmare was about to become a reality. In its 61 year existence Israel has never faced such animosity from the United States and the International community. (Then again, the U.S. has never had a Muslim President until now, and the EU has never been so close to losing their sovereignty to Muslims)

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Liar-in-Chief Obama had a whole different message when he was courting the Jewish vote. How quickly they turn.