For all you former 24 fans…

THE WANTED could be an interesting new alternative, now that the show 24 has become nauseatingly politically correct. Of course this show is on NBC, so I don’t hold out much hope.


The truth is the real weapon in this redefining news series that follows a Navy SEAL, a Green Beret and a dedicated journalist as they hunt down accused war criminals and terrorists from around the world. Each episode is an eye-opening look at the teamwork it takes to break through the red tape and secrecy that allow these men to live in plain sight in the U.S. and Europe.

FIRST EPISODE follows Mullah Krekar, the founder and leader of Ansar Al Islam, an internationally designated terrorist organization that has been accused of killing hundreds of Americans and other Westerners. Krekar has been called “Bin Laden 2.0” as well as an “Islamic Nazi” and yet he has been living free in Norway — this after the Norwegian Supreme Court declared him a threat to national security and ordered him deported. In “The Wanted,” viewers will be taken inside intelligence briefings in the Middle East and surveillance operations in Krekar’s community in Oslo. THE WANTED

The media seem to hate it, so it might be worth a look:

NY TIMES “Reality show gimmickry”

BALTIMORE SUN “An embarrassment”

MIAMI HERALD “Sleazy” “Cheesy”