OFF TOPIC: Elephant abuse by Ringling Brothers Circus

Hidden camera reveals elephant handlers beating elephants with a sharp stick for no reason.

Pole used for beating elephants
Pole used for beating elephants

The world-famousRingling Bros.circus faces fresh accusations of animal abuse today after undercover videos show handlers beating elephants before they enter the ring.

The tape, made by a man who posed as a stagehand for six months, is likely to stir outrage and give animal rights activists new ammunition in their campaign against the circus that bills itself “The Greatest Show on Earth.”

The animals are seen herded together, wearing headdresses, while trainers stand around, appearing to randomly whip them with bull hooks across the head, legs and body. Loud cracking noises can be heard.

In one scene, a handler curses an elephant, saying, “F— you, fat ass” before using his whip to nonchalantly strike its trunk.

The elephants are led with a bull hook – a long pole with a metal point at the end – used to pull them by the trunk. DAILY NEWS