U.S. is discussing financial sanctions AGAINST ISRAEL

Apparently the Obama administration put this story out there, so I guess they are lying when they say such discussion is “premature.”

It is “premature” to talk about placing financial sanctions on Israel to get it to stop building beyond the green line, State Department spokesman Robert Wood said Tuesday night.

Asked at a press briefing whether the US was considering putting financial pressure on Israel to get it to comply with US demands, Wood said: “It’s premature to talk about that.” “What we’re trying to do,” he said, “is to create an environment which makes it conducive for talks to go forward.” JERUSALEM POST (An environment which demands nothing from the Palestinians but forces Israel  to sacrifice its own security and give up its land to appease the Arabs)

Dennis Ross (former Middle East Advisor to Bill Clinton and now to Barack Obama) from 2001

Dennis Ross revealed a sensational fact which he discovered about the so-called peace negotiations. “Chairman Arafat could not accept Camp David,” he declared. “It was too hard for him to make this decision because when the conflict ends, the cause that defines Arafat also ends.”  What this manifestly means is that Arafat, after all, is not such a bad fellow, but suffers from a psychological block that he can’t overcome.

What this psychobabble does mean is that Ross is trying to avoid telling the truth about American policy. One well-known part of the truth is that he and his colleagues have been nourishing the legend that all that’s needed for Arafat to make peace is that Israel make major surrenders of territory, jeopardize its security and blot out the testimony of Jewish history. The other part of the truth is that Ross and his colleagues in the State Department have got it all wrong. Arafat has no intention of making peace with the State of Israel. Dennis Ross

And nothing has changed today: “Fatah, like Hamas, will NEVER recognize an Israeli State.”

At Camp David in 2000, Ehud Barak offered the Palestinians virtually everything they claimed to be seeking — a sovereign state with its capital in East Jerusalem, 97 percent of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, tens of billions of dollars in “compensation” for the plight of Palestinian refugees. Yasser Arafat refused the offer, and launched the bloodiest wave of terrorism in Israel’s history.

To this day, the charters of Hamas and Fatah, the two main Palestinian factions, call for Israel’s liquidation. “The whole world” may want peace and a Palestinian state, but the Palestinians want something very different. Until that changes, there is no two-state solution.

“There is an Islamic Doctrine which forbids the ideology of land for peace.”

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