G. Gordon Liddy argues Obama’s illegal alien status with Chris Mathews of pMSNBC

The mere fact that the liberal media are even discussing the issue proves that the Obama Birth Certificate controversy is alive and well.

Thank you WORLD NET DAILY and others for keeping up the pressure to establish Obama’s legitimate birthplace.

UPDATE: World Net Daily being censored from search engines? Obama birth certificate links buried on Google News site.

On a story that no news organization has followed more closely than WND – questions surrounding Barack Obama’s birth certificate – one of the Internet’s top news portals, Google News, is now placing dozens of sources and even left-leaning blogs higher in the search rankings than WND.

So appears to be Bing, the new Google competitor.

Weeks ago, when WND was one of the few sources for news information about President Obama’s eligibility controversy, a search for “Obama birth certificate” on Google News would have produced dozens of WND story links.

Today, however, typing in “Obama birth certificate” and sorting by relevance leads to a long list of links apparently deemed more “relevant” than WND’s coverage. WND