How about NEVER, is NEVER soon enough?

Israel’s response to Obama re: his demand that all construction in the Jewish capital of Jerusalem be stopped.

Whoever decided to make the ‘settlements’ the issue was looking for a fight. As to the claim that there was no deal between Israel and the United States on letting the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria live normal lives, the administration is out and out lying – and everyone here knows it.

When the editorial staff of Haaretz, a bastion of Israel’s hard left, pens three opinion pieces criticizing Obama in the space of 10 days, it ought to be clear even to left-of-center American Jews that Obama has an Israel problem.

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These are the terms, Obama, take it or leave it.

# Recognition of Israel as a Jewish state. Without this step, the aftermath of any “peace” agreement would be additional decades of Arab effort to destroy Israel in all but – temporarily – name.

# Absolute clarity that a peace agreement ends the conflict and all claims on Israel. Otherwise, the Palestinian leadership and much of the Arab world would regard any “peace” agreement as a license for a new stage of battle, using Palestine as a base for renewed attacks and demands.

# Strong security arrangements and serious international guarantees for them. Have no doubt, these will be tested by cross-border attacks from Palestine.

# An unmilitarized Palestinian state (a better description than “demilitarized”), with the large security forces they already have, enough for internal security and legitimate defense but not aggression.

# Palestinian refugees resettled in Palestine. The demand for a “right of return” is just a rationale for wiping Israel off the map through internal subversion and civil war.

While most Israelis would likely agree with these points, I would add a couple of others that seem to reflect a broad consensus of Israeli society. First, that Jerusalem will remain the undivided capital of Israel with Jews free to live anywhere in Jerusalem that they choose. Second, that Israel will not return to the 1949 armistice lines and that it will continue to hold whatever territory is necessary to guarantee its own security. H/T ISRAEL MATZAV

And if one needs any more evidence that God is on Israel’s side….ISRAEL DISCOVERS GAS!

The Houston-based Noble Energy company, drilling for Israel’s Delek fuel company, announced that it has discovered a huge deposit of natural gas under the Mediterranean Sea near Haifa. Infrastructures Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer (Labor) said that the find was of “historic proportions,” and that it could change the face of Israel’s economy.

Eighty-seven billion cubic meters, or nearly 3.1 trillion cubic feet, of high-quality gas are estimated to be in three deposits in the Tamar Drilling site, which is named for Delek owner Yitzchak Teshuva’s granddaughter. Teshuva said that the find marks a “historic milestone and a great holiday for Israel,” and that he has no doubt it will “supply Israel’s energy needs for many decades to come.” Israel National News

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