Muslim Cleric calls on “President Hussein” to blame Jews for 9/11 and apologize to the Muslim world

Abd Al-Jalil Al-Karouri asks, “Are 19 young men from the Islamic world really capable of destroying America? Can they really cause all that ruin there? Can such a thing happen, Mr. Hussein, President of America?”



“They call a man after his father, don’t they? Then why shouldn’t we call him by the name [Hussein], which belongs to us? They stress the surname, rather than the first name. It wouldn’t be a mistake for our media to call him President Hussein.”

“We consider this (9/11) to be a Jewish conspiracy. 4,000 Jews were absent from work in this usury center – these two buildings in Manhattan were the World Usury Center. 4,000 Jews were absent from work, so that 4,000 Americans would die. The [Americans] must study the issue of 9/11, so they can apologize for it, just like they apologized for the invasion of Iraq.”

“Obama’s arrival in the (Middle East) region is like the arrival of Alex Haley from “Roots” in Africa in search of his forefathers. [Obama] has ideological roots, because his father is one of ours, and his religion, originally, is our religion. he has a longing for these roots. Otherwise, he would not display such a yearning.” MEMRI H/T Religion of Peace

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