United Nations prepares to stop Israeli ZIONIST COW insurgents, but not terrorists

UN troops ready to combat a bovine invasion from Israel by building a fence to guard the pond that has been victim to repeated attacks by the Zionist terrorist cows.

Although the United Nations failed to prevent 15 Lebanese citizens from crossing the border into Israel last week, a UNIFIL force in southern Lebanon is trying to stop Israeli cows from drinking the water of a pond on Lebanese territory near the northern border.

A Lebanese website reported Friday that Spanish and Indian peacekeepers had offered to build a metal fence which would encircle the pool, preventing the Israeli cows from drinking its water and allowing Lebanese shepherds to come to the area with their herds.

The proposal was made in a meeting between senior UN officials in southern Lebanon and the leaders of one of the villages in the area. About a year ago, Spanish troops fired at a bull who had crossed the border from Israel to Lebanon and was making his way to the pond. The bull was shot to death after attacking a UNIFIL force and goring vehicles. YNET NEWS

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