UK DHIMMI POLICE will force NON-MUSLIM female officers to wear MUSLIM HEADSCARVES when entering mosques

They are expected to put the scarfs on shortly before they enter the mosque, in keeping with Islamic custom. Do male police officers have to wear skullcaps when entering a Jewish synagogue? I think not.

There are two versions – one matches the black of a police officer’s uniform, while another goes with the blue uniforms worn by community support officers. The headscarves are being given out by Avon and Somerset Police, and have the force’s emblem sewn on. Mrs Roberts said: ‘It recognises and respects the cultural and religious practices of our communities. This is a very positive addition to the uniform and one which I’m sure will be a welcome item for many of our officers. (Oh, bite me)

Islamic custom expects women to cover their head inside a place of worship. (They aren’t worshipping there, they are doing business)

Rashad Azami, Imam and director of the Bath Islamic Society, said: ‘It is highly pleasing to see that Avon and Somerset Constabulary is introducing specially designed head coverings for female officers. (I bet it is, raghead)  This will go a long way in encouraging a trustful relationship between the police and the Muslim community. The police have been working closely with the Muslim community for the last few years.

Avon and Somerset Police caused a race row two years ago when it rejected 186 white job applicants at the first stage of selection. The force received 800 applications for 180 jobs and ‘deselected’ white males to increase ethnic diversity. Chief Constable Colin Port apologised.

This year, the fire service unveiled full-length skirts, hijab headscarves and long- sleeved shirts for Muslim women recruits to wear in fire stations and for events such as school trips. UK DAILY MAIL

UK Police adopt uniform hijab (headscarves) for female Muslim recruits.

And whom will they protect in your next terrorist attack?

Police have opened the door to female Muslim recruits by incorporating the hijab into the uniform. The force has become the latest to approve a design for a headscarf suitable for officers on patrol.Senior officers believe the lack of the option has deterred applications from the considerable number of Muslim women who choose to wear the hijab.

Superintendent Geoff Feavyour, who leads the Leicestershire Constabulary recruitment team, compared the development to the incorporation of the turban several years ago, which removed a barrier to the recruitment of male Sikhs.(Sikhs aren’t blowing up your trains and planes, idiot)