In the ‘moderate’ Islamic state of Turkey, there are more than 4 Honor Killings per week

Why should the EU grant membership to a country where hundreds of women are killed each year for forming relationships, seeking divorce, or because they’ve been victims of sexual assaults and rapes? More importantly, why is President Obama strong arming Europe to give TURKEY EU membership?

Only last year more than 200 women and girls were killed in Turkey in the name of honor. In one graveyard is the body of 35 year-old mother Asegul Alpaslan. She was killed after being suspected of having an affair with another man. Her husband stabbed her with a knife more than a dozen times in front of her five children. But she is the one seen as a dishonor to her family, not the husband. Nobody visits her grave.

In Turkey, it is not just a woman’s infidelity that’s considered to be a dishonor. Girls have been killed for being raped, disobeying their husbands, or simply talking to a man in the street who’s not a family member. If the women don’t obey the rules, then they deserve to be killed, for example, in the Ulfa region a girl was killed because she went to the cinema. RUSSIA TODAY