LIBERALS, ACTIVISTS, AND GAYS top the Obama Medal of Freedom list

It reads like a far-left, celebrity-worshipping who’s who: two gay activists, four feminists, two far-left Hollywood actors, an anti-Semitic fan of Arafat and defender of Palestinian terrorists, a Muslim, a bloated drunk driver, and a token liberal Republican.

Yes, there are a few token deserving awardees, but  they’re window dressing for the vast majority of the choices, all of whom are well out of the mainstream.

*  Ted Kennedy: Well-known, bloated drunk driver/murderer/womanizer who is the father of the current Obamacare BS.  Has done more to TAKE AWAY our freedom than any other Senator in modern times (other than Sen. Barack Obama).

* Harvey Milk:  First openly gay politician elected to office in San Francisco.  This award is Obama’s way of giving his gay supporters “something” without giving them gay marriage or any of the things they want. Milk’s gay activism has led to enormous government controls on the freedom of employers and institutions to hire and promote as they wish.

* Billy Jean King: Lesbian and feminist activist in women’s sports who tried to prove women are better than men by beating old man/senior citizen on tennis court. This is also a way of giving the gay’s “something, ” without actually giving them anything.  And it’s a way to be “down with the lesbian struggle.”  If he gives the award to a gay, he’s gotta give one to a man-chick, er . . . lesbian.  King’s activism in the Women’s Sports Foundation–which she helped found–has limited freedom in high school and college sports all over America in the form of Title IX.

* Desmond Tutu: Open anti-Semite, lover of Arafat, and defender of Islamic terrorism and Palestinian homicide bombings, who was part of the movement to bring Communism to South Africa.  Hmmm . . . Can someone please tell me what this guy did for America? He didn’t bring freedom to South Africa, and he certainly hasn’t done a thing for America (except collect enormous speaking fees).  He supports the Islamic forces of tyranny opposed to freedom.  South Africa’s Jesse Jackson.

* Muhammad Yunus: Ah, a Muslim he can get away with supporting. Yunus found a clever way to get more of American tax money in the form of “micro-loans” for Muslims to start small businesses in Africa, the Mid-East, and other Muslim nations. The program is being touted as a way to reduce terrorism.  But, actually, it has enabled many extremists–most of them Muslim–to get U.S. taxpayers to subsidize their businesses.  Yeah, let’s hear it for “Freedom”!

* Sandra Day O’Connor: Yet another feminist activist.  Snookered Ronald Reagan into a Supreme Court nomination, then became one of the Court’s most extremist, liberal activists (and a friend of Hanoi Jane Fonda). Was deciding vote in affirming colleges’ right to practice racial and gender preferences/affirmative action in admissions.  One of liberals’ fave Republican Supreme Court choice.  Her decisions took away more of our freedoms.

* Jack Kemp:  The late Republican Congressman, HUD Secretary, and Veep nominee is liberals’ favorite pseudo-conservative. He opposed cracking down on illegal aliens and securing our borders, opposed English only, supported affirmative action, friend of Louis Farrakhan.

* Sidney PoitierMinority actor, America-basher and liberal activist.

* Chita Rivera: See above description for Sidney Poitier.

* Rev. Joseph Lowery: Co-founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and led the civil rights march at Selma, but essentially turned into a less famous version of Jesse Jackson.

* Mary Robinson: Feminist activist who became first chick President of Ireland, United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights (1997-2002)–under whom human rights abuses, particularly in Islamic countries, increased markedly, because she looked the other way and picked on Israel, instead;  activist on global healthcare (read: ObamaCare), and honorary chair of Oxfam International–the notoriously anti-Israel group that aided Palestinian terrorists with food and supplies.

* Nancy Goodman Brinker: Feminist activist who founded Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure to help fund breast cancer research.  Her efforts and lobbying have led to the lion’s share of government cancer research money going to breast cancer at the expense of other cancers that harm far more Americans, like pancreatic cancer (where few advances have been made in treatment b/c of this).

And now for the token deserving recipients (and here all four of the choices are–by design–minorities, including women and the disabled):

* Dr. Stephen Hawking:  Disabled physicist is known internationally as one of the most brilliant scientists, due–in no small part–to his ability to explain his physics and other scientific theory to non-academics, everyday regular people, and kids.

* Pedro Jose Greer, Jr, MD:  Cuban-American doctor who founded a medical clinic which provided free care to over 10,000 homeless people in the Miami area.  Will it still be around if we have ObamaCare?  Don’t hold your breath.

* Dr. Joseph Medicine Crow:  A genuine American hero, this last living Plains Indian war chief fought in World War II and stole fifty Nazi SS horses from a German camp.  (His grandfather was a scout for Gen. George Custer.)

* Janet Davison Rowley, MD:  Internationally known geneticist’s studies into human genetics and chromosomes have increased the survival rate of those affected by leukemia, lymphoma, and other cancers.