“Peace in our time.” Neville Chamberlain lives

Talk about refusing to learn from history, UK Foreign Secretary actually believes there is “moderate’ Taliban.

As the deadliest month for coalition forces in Afghanistan nears an end, and amid signs of dropping public support in Britain for the war, the British government is prodding the Afghan government to court “moderate” elements among the Taliban. “We will not force the Taliban to surrender just through force of arms and overwhelming might,” he said. “Nor will we convert them to our point of view through force of argument and ideological conviction.”

“In effect Miliband is saying that Britain and the United States must be willing to place cooperative, supposedly more reasonable wings of the Taliban back in local power in Afghanistan,” Heritage Foundation scholar Nile Gardiner argued on the Daily Telegraph Web site Tuesday, saying that was akin to “putting the Nazis back in office after the fall of Berlin.”

Gardiner said coalition troops were not dying in Afghanistan “to facilitate the return of a medieval-style government steeped in barbarism where women are treated as fourth-class citizens and individual liberty is non-existent. It would be only a matter of time before an Afghanistan dominated by ‘moderate’ Taliban returned to its old position as a safe haven for al-Qaeda to launch attacks against New York, Washington or London.” CNS NEWS

Then again, the American President is equally clueless. And the Taliban are mocking him.