“Jerusalem cannot be regained without thousands of martyrs”

Or so says Tawfiq Tirawi, Security Advisor to PA President Abu Mazen. But there is nothing to be “regained” as Jerusalem has never belonged to the Arabs.

But I’m sure Israel will be willing to make martyrs of anyone who tries to steal it again.

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Why the Arabs WILL NEVER accept a Jewish state.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has demanded that the Arabs accept Israel as a Jewish state. That’s a demand that the Arabs are incapable of accepting – ever. Mordechai Kedar explains why.

Thus, according to Islam, the State of Israel is not legitimate. From a religious point of view, Judaism is void. The Jewish nation is an invention of the Zionist movement. The land called “Israel” is considered Islamic Waqf land, consecrated for Muslims.

Netanyahu’s insistence on recognition of the state as a Jewish nation-state contradicts the Islamic faith, and questions the very essence of Islam, whose relevance is based on the invalidity of Judaism (and Christianity as well).

Therefore, there is no escape from the conclusion that Israel’s struggle for survival is religiously based, even if externally it assumes the form of a territorial struggle. It does not matter what its size, Israel will never gain recognition by the Arab and Muslim world as a legitimate state. Similarly, international documents which legitimize the “Jewish State,” such as United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 of 29 November 1947, are viewed by Muslims as illegitimate.

Recognition of Israel as a legitimate Jewish nation-state has no hope or chance as long as Islam perceives itself – and itself alone – as “the true religion with Allah.” BESA

“There is an Islamic Doctrine which forbids the ideology of land for peace.”

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