DISGUSTING! AUSTRIAN leader prosecuted for speaking the truth about Islam

Austrian authorities have prosecuted the leader of the right-leaning Freedom Party of Austria for saying, “If the Prophet Mohammed were alive today, he would be considered a child molester.” Austria, she warned, faced an “Islamic immigration tsunami.”

England is gone, the Netherlands, Belgium, and France are not far behind, and now Austria has gotten on its knees, put its head on the floor, ass in the air, and submitted to the will of Allah. You deserve what you get, you stupid liberal terrorist-sympathizers.

Authorities claimed this was inciting religious hatred, but some say the move sacrifices people’s freedom of speech. In 2008, Susanne Winter became a hate figure among much of Europe’s Muslim community.

“Over the past 10 years we’ve become the third largest party in Austria, so I know people agree with us. ‘Mainstream’ parties are trapped by political correctness. We don’t play on fears, we raise the genuine concerns of normal people,” Winter says.

Austria’s politicians and its president, however, were swift in their condemnation. A two-year suspended sentence for inciting religious hatred and a €24,000 fine followed. Austria’s Muslims feel bolstered by her punishment – a victory in the fight against, what they call, an increasingly dangerous trend spreading across the continent.

Yet others have seen Winter’s case not as an attack on Islam, but on freedom of speech. A German alternative news website backed her and, for similar reasons, reprinted the controversial Danish cartoons of the prophet Muhammad, two years ago, saying it was fighting to protect traditional European values. “If you are a woman, a Jew or a homosexual, you have problems with Islam. We feel that all these archaic ideas are against what we believe are human rights,” Dr Christine Dietrich from the “Politically Incorrect” website says. RUSSIA TODAY

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