ATLAS SHRUGS’ spot-on take on the ObamaNazis

Pamela Geller sticks it to the “thugocracy” of the Muslim Marxist Obama and his attacks on the “ANTI-REFORM MOBS” aka all us right wing domestic terrorists.

Gotta love a New Yawka with big cojones! Check out her website: ATLAS SHRUGS

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President Obama made up as the Heath Ledger-era Joker, with the word "socialism" emblazoned below. The new poster has two basic thrusts: Obama is a socialist, or a crypto-socialist; and he's somehow like the Joker, unpredictable and dangerous. The anonymous poster, found in Los Angeles, has been the talk of the blogosphere.

SNOOPER-IN-CHIEF gets his tactics from the Gestapo, from the KGB.

Go ahead, put me on your enemies list, you fascist slug.