CAIR claims FBI “tricked” North Carolina Muslim (alleged) terrorists’ family

OK, boys and girls, can everyone say “lawsuit?”

Sabrina Boyd, the wife of terrorist Daniel Patrick Boyd and the mother of terrorists Dylan and Zakariya “Zak” Boyd, claims authorities told her that her family had been injured in a car crash Monday. She said a man, wearing a bloody shirt, and a law enforcement officer told her their vehicle had been sideswiped by an 18-wheeler. “That the truck was overturned, and none of them had seat belts on. It was grave, and they were bleeding, and I needed to be rushed immediately to Duke Hospital, Sabrina Boyd said during an interview Tuesday with CNN.

Sabrina Boyd said authorities drove her, along with her daughter and pregnant daughter-in-law, to Durham but parked behind the hospital. They were then taken out of the vehicle, separated and handcuffed

When the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization, heard Sabrina Boyds claims, they demanded the U.S. Department of Justice investigate. “It is hard to describe how, how devastating that would be to any family, said Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations. “This is what we are calling a cruel trick played on the family members. (NO, this is what we call good police work post 9/11)

North Carolina (alleged) Terrorists denied bail. IslamoWife claims husband and sons are innocent, and all the guns and ammo in their home were being used as practice for the boy scouts.

Men arrested last week on suspicion of plotting a “violent jihad” overseas had weapons, thousands of rounds of ammunition and $13,000 cash in their home, an FBI agent testified in court Tuesday. An FBI agent testified he considers Daniel Patrick Boyd and six others “a risk of flight” who should be denied bail. On a tape made in May 2009, the elder Boyd talks about getting the money needed to wage jihad and hitting Wells Fargo trucks and banks. He makes reference to how he had robbed a bank in Pakistan.

In the search of the Boyd home the FBI says agents found:

• Several weapons;

• 27,000 rounds of ammunition, including some armor-piercing types;

• $13,000 in cash. In addition, Dylan Boyd had a deposit slip for $16,000;

• Four gas masks;

• A book called “Emergency Response to Terrorism,” which Sutton said would be useful to someone trying to counter law enforcement;

• A document described as a fatwa (Muslim religious edict) of jihad (holy war) against America. It includes the assertion that the killing of Americans and their allies “is an individual duty for every Muslim.”

• An old identification card. Sutton said an FBI linguist says it reads “monotheism, jihad and power. … No God but God. Mohammed is his messenger.”