Movie Dog named ‘Anwar Sadat’ has Egyptians outraged!

Talk about an over-reaction….A Hollywood film character’s dog named after late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat has led to a court case being filed by a lawyer for one of Mr Sadat’s daughters.

A character in I Love You Man says he named his dog Anwar Sadat because he looks “exactly” like the former leader. The lawyer, Samir Sabri, has demanded an inquiry into the showing of the film and asked the US embassy for an apology, Masrawy website reports.

Several Egyptian bloggers say the film is an insult to their country. In our culture, describing a man or a woman as an animal, especially a dog, is considered a huge insult, a sign of disrespect and rudeness. President Sadat was the president of Egypt, its representative and icon. Regardless of his policies inside Egypt I believe it is an insult to all Egyptians. I would even say an insult not only to us but to the Arab world as a whole. OBSERVERS.france.24

I say, Get over yourselves, you Arabs are not that important in life.