Who are the real Nazis here anyway?

From Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs, “The nerve of these thugs. They are fascists. Ridicule is a rule for radicals, a tactic.”

A tactic that Thug-in-Chief Obama perfected in his community organizer days.

The Puffington Ho ran a pic cropped of a young boy holding up his arm in what they call a “Hitler salute,” when, in fact, he is holding up a sign, NOT MAKING A SALUTE.

Here is what evil-tongued left wing liars wrote: In one image, a young man with a shirt that reads “Hitler Gave Great Speeches Too” is photographed making what looks like a Hitler salute. TalkLeft blogger Jeralyn Merritt interviewed the teen, who told her was 16 and hailed from former Gov. Sarah Palin’s hometown of Wasilla, Alaska. The progressive website FireDogLake, has more. This sweet boy should sue. It is libel. He should sue every blog that ran this fallacious smear, and I have a screenshot of every blog that made the accusation. Every one. If any Atlas readers have this fellow’s contact info, please email me, I have the screen shots and the owners of every blog that libeled him. atlas_shrugs

Democrats shout down Steny Hoyer (Democrat) at town meeting.

“Why would you shove a trillion dollar policy down our throats in 2 months when the President took 6 months to pick out a dog?”

Barbara Boxer (Democrat) has a problem with “well-dressed protesters.”

“Protesters want to hurt our President.” Damn right, we do. We want to cripple his policies AND his not quite legitimate presidency.

DNC attack ads call protesters “angry mobs.”

Pot, kettle, black.

AARP bites the heads off people who disagree with Obama DeathCare.

When they can’t answer prople’s questions they pack up their toys and walk out of the meeting. Attendees continue the meeting without the AARP Obamabots. The old folks know what they’re talking about and the liberals don’t like it. Quote of the day: “Anything that is worth having isn’t free.”

Frothing-at-the-mouth Keith “Countdown to no ratings” Overbite demonstrates why his network is in last place among cable news networks.

Wisconsin Democrat is target of rage from protesters demanding, “READ THE BILL!”