CNN tells us “America can’t have another generation of Muslims who hate it.”

In ‘honor’ of the 8th anniversary of 9/11, Christine Amanpour, CNN’s resident IslamoFascist apologist says, “9/11 better have taught us a lesson that we ignore Muslim resentment of America at our own peril.”

Amanpour comes from an Iranian background.

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour explores the battle for the next generation of Muslim hearts and minds in a special TV event.

This is just another in a long list of major media outlets  such as TIME and NEWSWEEK  declaring the end of American leadership and suggesting that the United States submit to dhimmi status under Islam, and in doing so, Islamic sharia law. We ignore doing so “at our own peril” according to CNN.

The timing of the Crescent News Networks latest propaganda should not be overlooked. It appears just weeks before the anniversary of September 11 – the date of the largest, most horrific terrorist attack on U.S. soil by Muslims in the name of Allah and Islam, resulting in the deaths of thousands of Americans.

In CNN’s ongoing promotion and protection of Islam, they also refused to utter the words Islam or Muslim in a special about Islamic honor killings. Thanks to: CREEPING SHARIA

Isn’t it nice to have an Iranian telling us how we should submit to the Islamic world? Personally, I’d prefer to have them hate us, it’s so much easier to kill them that way.

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