UK Labour Party diverts funds AWAY from fighting Muslim extremism

Following the example of the Obama administration, UK lefties say right wingers are more dangerous than Islamic terrorists.

UK Hate Preacher Anjem Choudary: The flag of Islam will fly over 10 Downing Street
UK Hate Preacher Anjem Choudary: "The flag of Islam will fly over 10 Downing Street

Labour was accused yesterday of a ‘ridiculous’ watering down of a scheme intended to prevent young Muslims turning to terrorism. Community cohesion minister Shahid Malik said he would be diverting money intended to prevent recruitment by Al Qaeda to tackle far-Right extremism. He also said the Prevent strategy would be renamed because its emphasis on ‘violent extremism’ had upset some Muslims.

Last night a former government adviser accused Labour of succumbing to ‘political correctness’ by ditching the emphasis on tackling Muslim extremism even though that was ‘the main problem’. Paul Richards, who worked closely with former communities secretary Hazel Blears, said it would be ‘dangerous at a time like this’ to divert some of the £45million budget away from Islamist extremism.

He said it was ‘ridiculous’ that ‘political ideologues’ had decided to divert scarce resources. Senior Tories branded the move a nakedly political attempt by ministers to woo Muslim voters.

Mr Malik spoke after a report by the New Local Government Network, a Left-wing campaign group, said the Prevent strategy had ‘stigmatised’ Muslims. He said: ‘We need to broaden things out. We cannot underestimate the threat from the far Right.’

Labour ministers were shocked by the success of the BNP in the European elections and by police intelligence that far-Right extremists are plotting terror attacks to damage race relations.

Former shadow home secretary David Davis said: ‘This is classic Labour – attack something on the Right to deflect attention from its own shortcomings. ‘Anti-terror strategy should be about saving lives, not scoring points.UK DAILY MAIL

Don’t smirk at Great Britain folks, the same thing is happening here, with Obama’s banning of the word terrorism in reference to Islam and Muslims. But it’s OK to call opponents of Obama’s Marxist policies, domestic terrorists.

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