Now, wearing a bra in Somalia is considered ‘UN-ISLAMIC!’

MOGADISHU – al Shabaab (Somali branch of al-qaeda) Terrorists have banned women in areas under their control in Somalia from wearing bras, calling it un-Islamic.

The witnesses reported that al Shabaab young fighters were stopping women in Mogadishu and in other areas under their control and telling them not to wear bra or they would face punishment from them.

“It is a taboo subject to ask a lady about her garments and it is against the Islamic religion and the Somali culture,” said Terrorist ·Sheik Abdikarin, who requested only his first name to be printed. The group started in Marka town in southern Somalia operations of removing silver and gold teeth, pulling out gold teeth with pincers, from the people in the town.

Shabaab Terrorist Ali Mohamed Hussein, al Shabaab governor of Banadir region ordered women in Mogadishu to cover their heads, and also ordered business people to close their businesses at the time of prayers. Their interpretation of Islamic Sharia has shocked many Somalis, who are traditionally moderate Muslims. TERROR FREE SOMALIA via Religion of Peace