SOMALI MUSLIMS, get out of my country!

Why the hell does the Minneapolis Airport hire these Islamic fundamentalists in the first place?

Since 2001, we have had 5,000 instances of Muslim cab drivers at the Minneapolis- St. Paul Airport refusing to transport passengers carrying alcohol. One woman was denied passage five times in a row before — by cab drivers before she finally found someone who would tote her home. We have cab drivers

These people are not roaring drunk, they are folks coming back from Napa Valley, from France, with a bottle of wine in a duty free bag. But that’s not all, Muslim cab drivers refuse to transport blind people with seeing eye dogs.

Is it true that the government, the local government said we should put little lights on top to say we`ll take alcohol, we`ll take blind dogs or not?
I should point out too that about three quarters of our cab drivers at the airport here are Somali Muslims. This is a large proportion of the people who drive cabs. There was an attempt by the Metropolitan Airports Commission to solve this problem, to accommodate these folks. And yes, they did suggest a pilot program involving two colors of top lights on cabs who would and who would not transport people with alcohol.

They bitch about their freedom of religion in this country, something none of their craphole countries offer. But how about our freedom not to have their gutter religious practices imposed upon American citizens?